The Secret to Selling a Program Before You Even Begin Promoting It

Do you have a fear of promoting your offers? Are you allergic to launches?

It is possible to create a launch that lights you up and one that gets your audience excited to hop on your next offer. And, you can do all of this before you even start promoting it to the masses.

Here are a few steps to successfully sell your offer 👉👉👉   Pre-Promo Style:

Pre-validate your offer.

Before you launch your offer, you need a deep understanding of your audience. What are their needs? What are their struggles? You’ll need to get in front of your audience, and let them know what you are working on. Ask 10 to 12 people to join you for a virtual focus group while you passionately talk about your launch. Tell them that you’re simply looking for feedback on your new program. The goal isn’t to make a sale but to gain genuine feedback on what resonates with them and what doesn’t. Offer an opportunity to join you inside of a virtual focus group in exchange for a complimentary strategy or coaching call to incentivize participation.  

Be specific about your target audience.

When inviting people into your focus group, you need to tell them exactly who this is for —> aka your target client. If you only work with clients who are stay-at-home moms with side hustles, then say that. This lets people know who your program is for and who it isn’t for. Accepting feedback from people who aren’t your ideal clients isn’t going to help you build an irresistible offer for your dream clients. So, don’t overlook or skip this step.  

Fill your focus group.

Now, how do you get the people in your focus group? I recommend starting with a simple post on social media outlining what you’re doing and who it’s for. If your description is specific enough to get someone to say, “That’s me,” then you’ve done it right. Offer them a time and place to meet you virtually (I use Zoom), a way to sign up and get reminders (I use Acuity) and start your preparation.

Bonus tip: Arrange your focus groups with people who are brand new to you. This isn’t the time to run to current or past clients, although you could reach out to them to let them know what you’re up to. They’re likely to know someone who fits your ideal client. Consider this your chance to expand your reach.

Prepare for the focus group session.

Before your focus group call, there are a few things you’ll want to do to ensure you get the most out of it. You don’t just need feedback – you need incredible feedback. And, this may be an opportunity for you to book clients on the spot. So, you’ll need to be ready. Start by writing your sales page from top to bottom. You don’t necessarily need registration links done but include your offer, the features, the benefits and testimonials as best you can.

Lead your focus group.

Now, it’s time to go live with your focus group. I promise – this isn’t as scary as you think. On the day of the call, you’ll simply show up, greet your participants, thank them for coming and go through the sales page step-by-step all the way down to price. See what resonates with them. Ask them for specific feedback on every detail of your program. This is an incredible opportunity for you to have a conversation with potential clients and tailor your program to fit their needs.

You’ll want to pay close attention to what they’re saying. This is key. You want your sales page to speak their – not your own. Ask them about the price points, the length of time and the deliverables you’re offering them. You’re the expert, so your vantage point of their pain points and desires may be different from how they would describe them to you. After all, this program is hopefully going to be for some of them. By the time you work through your sales page, someone is going to be interested. Remember, this is NOT a sales pitch. Keep the focus on collecting honest feedback, even though it is highly likely someone will want to sign up for your offer before you even launch it.

Bonus tip: If you use Zoom (or a similar platform) for your focus group, you’ll have the ability to record the call. So, you can go back and review the feedback carefully as you revise the language on your sales page in preparation for your launch.

Invite them to accept a FREE strategy call with you.

At the end of the focus group, you’ll want to extend the opportunity to accept the incentive you offered in exchange for their feedback. This could a be strategy call, a coaching call, or whatever makes sense for your specific business. By getting on the phone with them 1:1, you’ll be able to provide them with value as a thank you and get any additional feedback. You can ask things like: Did you have any more questions about the program? Or, is there anything else you want to talk through from the sales page? This is NOT a pitch or sales call. So, don’t go be pushy or sales-y. Simply think of it as an invitation to them if they want to know more about your offer.

Bonus tip: You can offer the starting price you listed on the sales page, or a percentage off or, even a bonus, as an additional incentive for participating in your focus group if they sign up for your program or service.

This strategy has worked for me, and has helped my clients see results. Clients who have used this strategy have been able to book a few clients in just from hosting a focus group and asking people for their genuine feedback.

It doesn’t have to be hard, and your program doesn’t have to be fully ready. Once you have your sales page up, you can literally find out what your audience is excited about when it comes to your offer and what you may want to consider tweaking (before you fully build it out).

You can create excitement around your next launch, even for YOU. You should feel confident and eager to sell your offer because you know your people actually want it.Click To Tweet

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