Mastermind for multiple 6 and 7 figure business owners 

Build a High-Performing Team

Elevate to CEO

Scale Your Business & Your Freedom

it's time to remove yourself as the bottleneck 

You're making money, good money, in your business.

You're ensuring your clients are getting amazing results.

And you're consistently expanding your reach and impact.

But, that's the problem.

YOU are the one making sure it all happens. And you are tired.

Even if you have a team, they're dependent on you for ev-er-y-thing.

And you're scared to step away too long or let go of too much, because you're the one holding it all together. You're ready for a team you can trust.

Imagine what could be possible if you had a high-performing team you have full confidence in.

If you want to set up your business to get results without sacrificing your freedom...

You can't rely on the approach that got you to 6 figures.

Your business has changed, and your leadership, strategies and team need to change with it.

You know how to get results yourself.

But now, you need to learn how to achieve results through other people.

Hey there, CEO

It's absolutely possible to build a team that gets results.

But every high performing team needs a high performing leader.

That's Where The Elevate Effect™ Comes Into Play

In this 6 month program you'll join a tight-knit group of ambitious entrepreneurs who are motivated to take their companies to new heights.

This coaching program will teach you the strategies and systems to become a leader that elevates everything and everyone they interact with, while honoring the individual visionary you are!
  • You can develop effective leadership behaviors, while confidently stepping into the CEO role
  • You can create systems and processes that automate your business, creating growth that's sustainable for the long haul
  • You can build a high-performance team, freeing up your time to create and strategize
  • You can design your ideal schedule around the key activities that will light you up (and let go of the rest)

And, you don't have to do this alone!

Just like these incredible clients

Michelle Vroom

CEO of Vroom Communications

"I can honestly say Kathryn has been the biggest game-changer in my business."

"Kathryn has helped me double my revenue to $320k by hiring team members and becoming the leader I always knew I could be. Thanks to Kathryn's honest, tough love approach, I  have learned how to keep emotions from getting in the way of my business and am making big moves to grow a sustainable, thriving business long-term. I can't say enough good things about Kathryn - her support will take your business to levels you never imagined!"

Seanna Asper

CEO of Cultivated Strategy

"She is great at helping get into the nitty gritty of business details and also at taking a step back and looking at your leadership and mindset as a whole."

"Prior to working with Kathryn I was in the process of making the first hire in my business. I was still at the point of doing everything myself and my business lived in my head. I didn’t have clear documentation or processes in place for anything in my business. Hands down the biggest win I had from working with Kathryn was getting organization in place and building out well documented processes to help me scale. Kathryn is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to business processes, team management, and company leadership. She is great at helping get into the nitty gritty of business details and also at taking a step back and looking at your leadership and mindset as a whole."

It all happens through my reliable, proven framework, The Elevate Effect™

When you have this winning system of leadership tools and strategies you'll create a team that is:

  • Profitable - Instead of a team that costs you money, you'll learn how to lead a team that makes you money
  • Productive - You'll be clear and confident on how to manage a team that is efficient and effective at getting things DONE
  • Passionate - You'll build a dream team who cares about the work they're doing and wants to stick around to be a part of the culture you're creating and the impact you're making

Learn the strategies and frameworks I've used to help leaders scale their businesses

...and their freedom!

If you don’t know me by now, I’m Kathryn - your (soon to be!) business and leadership coach. 

I've been in the business of growing businesses for 15+ years. With a background in marketing and operations consulting, I've led cross-functional, high-performing teams to scale hundreds of businesses.

I've served as a Chief Operations Officer for $300K - $2M companies, and have been coaching and teaching online business owners how to lead effectively and scale their businesses since 2015.

Stephanie Skryzowski

CEO of 100 Degrees Consulting

"You will be set up to achieve literally ANYTHING you desire in your business!"

"Before working with Kathryn my business was growing, but a little haphazard, without strong systems, procedures, and organization in place. I was working a lot, often not focused on the right things, and my mindset had put invisible limitations on my business’ growth. Kathryn has helped me elevate my mindset and realize my limitless potential. She has shown me what’s is possible (answer: ANYTHING!) with the right systems and structures in place. We have a brand new organizational design which has helped us streamline our client work and provide better services to our clients. We have stronger software systems, onboarding processes, and everything is documented.

If you're thinking about working with Kathryn... Run, don’t walk! She has been a major part of our expansive growth. Between the game-changing mindset work and her incredible brain for systems and processes, you will be set up to achieve literally ANYTHING you desire in your business!"

With transformational leadership, sustainable growth strategies, high-performance teams, and scalable operations you can scale your business and become the CEO you know you're meant to be (without sacrificing your freedom).

Here's a Quick Look at What you Get Inside The Elevate Effect™

The Elevate Effect™ Curriculum

You'll have access to my proven process, The Elevate Effect™, and get a library of trainings, templates, and worksheets to implement each element of the method.

Weekly Live Group Coaching

You'll get the support, guidance, and coaching you need on everything related to elevating to CEO and scaling your business.

Private Community

You'll get a private network of high-level entrepreneurs who are aligned with where you are at in your business. This community will cheer you on and help propel you to the next level.

It's not your average business coaching program. But don't take my word for it. here are some of my clients' results.

Jennifer Campbell & Annie Brees

CEO & COO of Balance365

"We accomplished more working with Kathryn in the first 4 months than we did in the last 5 years."

"Before hiring Kathryn, we had a lot of amazing ideas but very little direction as to how to put those ideas into action in a consistent, scalable manner. It often felt like we were working really hard with little to show for it.

Kathryn has improved nearly every aspect of our business. We have clearly defined roles and responsibilities for the leadership team and departments. We have streamlined communication, improved and created multiple systems and automations, and have consistent yearly and quarterly goal-setting sessions to ensure that priorities are set and plans are put into action to achieve our goals.

Now our more ambitious financial goals don't seem so far off."

Maria Platusic

CEO of Platusic Design

"I now act with intent and purpose"

"Prior to working with Kathryn Binkley I found that my business lacked the strategy and direction it truly needed. After working with her, I now act with intent and purpose, providing my business with actionable steps to move forward.

Ultimately, it's always a great decision to invest in yourself and your business- and if there's anyone to help get you there, it's Kathryn. Her 'above and beyond' approach to coaching and willingness to share her knowledge is refreshing and incredibly appreciated."

Erin Walker

CEO of High Tide Learning

"In the first 6 months of 2021, we've already topped our full 2020 annual income."

"We were stuck - not sure what to do next or where to take the business. I was frustrated and didn't have a solid plan for growth. I needed to do something different but I couldn't put my finger on what our next steps needed to be. In hindsight, I didn't have the foundational pieces I needed before the business could grow... I just didn't know that at the time.

In the first 6 months of 2021, we've already topped our full 2020 annual income. We also landed our first large government contract.

It has been an incredible year of growth for our business and I can't say enough about the impact that Kathryn had in pushing us to be our best. It's 100% because of her that we're on track to double our annual income in 2021. Her processes, support and vast business experience have been key to our success and have put our business in a place where it can scale successfully.

I see even bigger growth in our future thanks to the strong foundation that Kathryn has helped us create."

For sustainable growth, we go right to the source - YOU (the CEO). If you want to grow your business, YOU must grow. 

Here's how we help you do it:

  • We don't slap quick-fix Band-Aid solutions on your business. For sustainable growth, we go right to the source - YOU. If you want to grow your business, YOU must grow.
  • I know you're busier than the NYC Grand Central Station! While some programs focus on scaling your business as fast as possible (leading you straight to burnout), this program helps you scale sustainably... while freeing you up to work ON your business. Not IN it.
  • This program will kick YOU, your business... and your results into high gear. The focus isn't on consumption of content; you'll learn and achieve more by taking action.
  • None of what I teach is based on theory. I share proven strategies and systems that I've implemented with hundreds of leaders throughout my 15+ year career growing businesses.

Want to Make Sure The Elevate Effect™ Is Right For You?

Well, are you...

  • A visionary entrepreneur (coach, consultant, agency owner, service provider) who is ready to take your online business to the next level?
  • Already making 6-figures or more and know you're capable of leading a multiple 6 or 7 figure business (You just need tough love and to get out of your own way)?
  • Working harder, but your business isn't getting the results you want?
  • Ready to scale your revenue without working more?
  • Ready to build a dream team to help you transform your vision into reality?
  • Yearning to step into your CEO self concept and reclaim your freedom?

If it’s a resounding YES, then The Elevate Effect™ is without a doubt for you! 

If your YES is echoing for miles but you still have questions…

Get your answers here.

Do I have to be a 6-figure business owner to qualify?

The Elevate Effect™ is designed for entrepreneurs who have already crossed the 6 figure line. It focuses on scaling with a team, which takes strategies, systems and skills that are different than what's needed to get to 6 figures. By accepting someone who's not where they need to be for this program, I'd run the risk of them falling behind because they are in a different stage of business.


What kinds of entrepreneurs will be in this program?

The Elevate Effect™ will be full of ambitious entrepreneurs who have already hit 6+ figures. They’ve built the foundations of their business and achieved that level of success, but they’re not ready to quit. They want MORE. MORE impact, MORE growth, and MORE freedom. And they’ll stop at nothing to get there. If that sounds like you, you’ll fit right in. 

Can men join?


When will I start to see ROI?

We've set up the program so that you can implement it and start seeing results within 90 days. However, the answer varies depending on how fast or slow you implement. Some CEOs see huge wins right away, while others need some time to see tangible results. 


What exactly is included in The Elevate Effect™?

  • Trainings, templates and worksheets to help you implement The Elevate Effect™
  • Weekly group coaching calls to get the support, guidance, and coaching you need on everything related to elevating to CEO and scaling your business
  • Private community to continue discussions on hiring, team building, struggles & wins, sales & marketing, systems & operations, and anything else in between

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