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Who's a good fit for The Elevate Effect™? The perfect fit is...

Already making 6-figures or more and has at least one team member (contractor or employee).

A visionary business owner who is ready to remove themselves as the bottleneck and step into their role as CEO.

Ready to build and lead a high-performing team to support them as they scale their revenue and freedom.


  • Tell the potential referral that you will make a commission if they enroll in The Elevate Effect™.
  • Be totally honest with them. Feel free to share your results and experience with them! 
  • Make sure any communications with a potential referral follow our Terms and Conditions.


  • Cold message people. Instead, make sure that they want to learn more before messaging them.
  • Continually message anyone if they are not interested in The Elevate Effect™.
  • Share any content or posts from the Course Content or the mentorship without permission from the Elevate Effect™ Team!