Still Doing Things You Hate? Here’s How to Fix It.

Let’s talk about what it means to build a business that lights you up.

Scratch that.

Let’s talk about what it DOESN’T mean.

….‘cause some of us are getting trapped by things we hate, and that’s just not sustainable.

It also happens to be something you have full control over and can change with simple decisions.

I know the traps, and trust me, I’ve been caught by ALL of them.

But, I’ve also learned some valuable lessons that I’m sharing with you today.

>> So, let’s dig into 3 MYTHS that are probably holding you hostage and exactly what you can do to break free.

Myth # 1:  I know how to do this, so I probably should just do it myself. >> FALSE

(Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.)


Do you see me waving my finger at you? —> because I am. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you have to. You are the owner of your business. You get to decide what gets done, how it gets done and who does it. Sometimes (most times), that may mean outsourcing is your best option, so you’re not spending too much time on things you don’t enjoy.

Don’t enjoy creating social media content? Outsource it. There are so many virtual assistants out there who love creating content and would be happy to take this off your hands. Not a fan writing your own sales copy? Hire it out!

When you allow yourself to say I NEED HELP, it doesn’t make you weak or less of an entrepreneur. It puts you in the boss’s chair and allows you to do the things you’re actually passionate about doing. So, stop confusing your know-how for things that need to be piled on your to-do list. Kill the guilt of thinking you’ve got to do it all because you can. Hear this: You don’t!

Myth # 2They’re doing it, so I should probably do it too. >> FALSE

(Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you should.)


Getting sucked in by what everyone else is doing? This one’s a triple no. Remember, what works for someone else’s business may not work for you. The thing about online entrepreneurship is that everyone has a new method for success. Do this thing to get new clients. Do these 10 things before you launch your new product. Go live and post on social media this many times per day. Just writing it here is exhausting!

Set goals for what you want to accomplish and only do things that align with those goals. That means you must establish clear boundaries when FOMO and Shiny Object Syndrome show up (and they will). You will always see the next big solution or checklist or method or formula —> and you don’t have to do ANY of them…unless it feels right to you. Unless it helps you meet your goals.

You’re not wired like everyone else, so stop acting like it! Find what works for you and do that. So, if you’re an introvert who loves sleeping in and hates live video…stop forcing yourself to do lives. And, please, stop bending for clients to take morning calls when you’d really rather start your business day at noon. I’m giving you permission (but you don’t actually need it).

Myth # 3I think I should do it, so I MUST do it. >> FALSE

(Just because you think you should, it doesn’t mean you have to.)


Overdosing on should’s? Big no-no. I need you to do something. Right now. Make a decision. Decide that you’re no longer available to do things you don’t want to do. Things that…

> Don’t inspire you.

> Drain you.

> Burn you out.

Those things? Drop ‘em. They’re not even worth it. We both know you’ll end up resenting those tasks and any clients you take on under conditions that don’t align with you. That’s not why you started your business. And, that’s not how you have to run it.

Yes, building a business takes a lot of work. And yes, there will be days where you work longer hours than your 9 to 5. But don’t confuse those days with creating a business foundation that isn’t a good fit for you. You don’t have to do webinars, run challenges or create a FB group…if that’s not your thing.

You get to make your own rules. So, stop obligating yourself to things you don’t want to do. It’s not mandatory. No one will fire you from your business. You’re the BOSS. Act like it!

And one more thing…

Doing MORE does NOT lead to SUCCESS and HAPPINESS. You can hit the pause button on looking for more things to do, more courses to take, more social media platforms to show up on. That’s not the answer.

You can start exactly where you are with the tools you have.

You can build a business that lights you up.

You can create a path that works for you.

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