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Scale from 6 to 7 Figures

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Most Entrepreneurs Say 6 Figures Isn’t All It Was Cracked Up to Be

You scrapped and scrambled your way to 6 figures (or multiple 6 figures!). But now that you reached it, you STILL feel stuck, lost, and even panicked in your business. 

Your profits are bleeding out faster than your revenue can keep up with, 

Everything looks fine and dandy on the outside, 

But inside your business…

You’ve hit the Dreaded Profit Plateau.

As the CEO of your 6 figure business, you know results are dependent on YOU. 

But you don’t have time to make them happen. 

Heck, you don’t even have time to strategize a plan! 

It kills you to think that you’re the limiting factor in your business.

But, I’ve got news for you.

Scaling to 7 figures doesn’t have to mean working more...despite what the entrepreneur world will tell you.

The 7 figure CEO doesn’t have to juggle glass balls all day long. 

The 7 figure CEO isn’t...

  • Full of ideas & visions, with no clear plan to put them all in place 
  • Doing alllll the things, all at once
  • Avoiding building a team, afraid their worth is tied to day-to-day busywork
  • Sacrificing family time for work, telling herself she’s doing it FOR them
  • Neglecting time to work on herself or plan her business vision

Turns Out, You Don't Have to Settle

This doesn’t have to be your life anymore. Don’t let hustle culture tell you how it’s done. 

You can build a team that handles the day-to-day in your business, freeing up your time to create and strategize. 

With well-oiled systems and processes, you’ll create growth that’s not only scalable, but sustainable for the long haul.  

You’ll make a broader impact on your industry…

...while exercising and eating healthy, 

...taking real vacations with your family,

... and actually affording the lifestyle you want (hello, 7 figures!).

That's Where Scale to Seven® Comes Into Play

Alongside a tight-knit group of ambitious 6 figure entrepreneurs, you’ll learn the systems and processes to scale your business to 7 figures - without sacrificing your freedom. 

You don’t have to spend more time marketing or obsessing over your brand aesthetic. 

You don’t have to “take one for the team” and fill your day with your company’s drudge tasks. 

You don’t need another my-way-or-the-highway coaching program. 

You get to be honored as the individual visionary you are, so you can build a strategy that integrates your unique business goals.

Michelle Vroom 
CEO of Vroom Communications

"I can honestly say Kathryn has been the biggest game-changer in my business."

When I first started working with her, I was barely making $1,000/month. Now, I've hit $320k this year. 

Kathryn has helped me scale by hiring team members and becoming the leader I always knew I could be. Thanks to Kathryn’s honest, tough love approach, I have learned how to keep emotions from getting in the way of my business and am making big moves to grow a sustainable, thriving business long-term. I can’t say enough good things about Kathryn - her support will take your business to levels you never imagined!

It all happens through my reliable, proven framework, The 7-Figure System™

When you have Alignment, Autonomy, and Accountability™across every major function of your business (Marketing, Sales, Operations & Client Success), you'll get:

  • Clarity - You'll be clear and confident on your next right business move, so you can stop wasting time second-guessing, and get results faster 
  • Scalability - You'll build a dream team who makes the day-to-day happen without you so your business doesn't fully rely on you
  • Sustainability - Consistent, repeatable, lasting results... predictable income is your new normal

You'll become the leader and CEO you know you're meant to be and spend your working time on things that light up your soul.

But let's not stop there.

Weekly Live Coaching

Get coached by Kathryn on all things 7-Figure CEO and scaling your business: Marketing, Sales, Operations, Client Success, Vision, Mindset, Strategy, Structure, Systems, Team, Data, Execution & Leadership 

Replays of all calls are available in the membership portal.

The 7-Figure System

"There are golden resources in Scale to Seven®!"

Access to a library of business trainings, templates, and worksheets to implement each element of The 7-Figure System™ across every major function of your business - Marketing, Sales, Operations & Client Success. So you can Scale to Seven® with proven systems and strategies.

Private Community

“It’s life-changing to know I’m not alone with my thoughts and struggles.”

Private Slack Community to get support and share wins with your peers. You ask questions about all the things that come up when scaling a business - marketing & sales, systems & operations - you name it.

Here’s what clients are saying so far:

  • “I'm telling you, not only is [Kathryn] addressing your problems but she's also addressing everyone's problems. It opens up a whole can of worms and the conversation is so helpful.”
  • “Everyone in the group is very aligned. We're all ambitious entrepreneurs that are not only wanting to scale to a number but to scale for family and time freedom”
  • “The group is phenomenal. [Kathryn] touches on every part, makes everything very clear - easy steps to figure out your vision, where you’re going, and what's your 90 day plan.”

CEO Retreat

“I really loved the conversation around building a team at the CEO retreat. It was so helpful for me.”

Every six months you'll be invited to a Virtual CEO Retreat to reflect and evaluate, get inspired, plan for the next six months, and level up!

Learn the strategies and frameworks I've used to help businesses double & triple their revenue...

And cross that million-dollar benchmark!

If you don’t know me by now, I’m Kathryn - your (soon to be!) business and leadership coach. 

I've been in the business of growing businesses for 15+ years. With a background in marketing and operations consulting, I've led cross-functional, high-performing teams to scale hundreds of businesses.

I've served as a fractional Chief Operations Officer for $300K - $2M companies, and have been coaching and teaching online business owners how to lead effectively and scale their businesses since 2015.

But my business didn't always run smooth-as-butter like it does now.

I left the corporate world to stop working 60-hour workweeks and have time to spend with the family I was doing it all for in the first place.

But as an entrepreneur I realized I was overworked and burning out - only this time I was doing it from home instead of at the office! So I developed the 7 Figure System™ to get out of the weeds of my business and become the CEO that can lead my team to 7 figures. 

When I constantly saw other business owners in the same stress boat, that’s when I discovered my life mission:

You can run a high level, high income online business without sacrificing your time and freedom. You don’t have to settle. 

And I’m here to help you stop the cycle.

“But Kathryn, I’ve heard that promise before. I scaled all the way to 6 figures and I’m still lost in the weeds of my business.”

I hear you. Here's how Scale to Seven® is different:

  • We don't slap quick-fix Band-Aid solutions on your business. For sustainable growth, we go right to the source - YOU. If you want to grow your business, YOU must grow.
  • I know you're busier than the NYC Grand Central Station! While some programs focus on scaling your business as fast as possible (leading you straight to burnout), this program helps you scale sustainably... while freeing you up to work ON your business. Not IN it.
  • Coaching and development for you (the CEO) and your second-in-command (Integrator/COO) ----> We keep you in your CEO role from the get-go, not stuck managing the day-to-day. (If you don't have a second-in-command yet, don't worry. We'll help you with this inside Scale to Seven®.
  • This program will kick YOU, your business... and your results into high gear. The focus isn't on consumption of content; you'll learn and achieve more by taking action.
  • None of what I teach is based on theory. I share proven strategies and systems that I've implemented with hundreds of leaders throughout my 15+ year career growing businesses.
  • No one-size-fits-all strategies here. No putting all of your eggs in one basket (whether that's ONE funnel, ONE source of traffic or ONE strategy). We will help you prioritize and focus one step at a time. But we also use an integrated and synergistic approach to leading and scaling your business.

A few Client Success Stories Include:

  • Was able to take almost a month off this June and the team still exceeded their sales goal,
  • Moved her family into their dream home,
  • "We're on track to hit the million-dollar mark this year and I feel I was conservative in my estimate!"
  • "I'm so excited to sit down and do work, I'm excited to promote my services and offerings and I feel the best I ever have in my career!"

Jennifer Campbell & Annie Brees 
CEO & COO of Balance365

"We accomplished more working with Kathryn in the first 4 months than we did in the last 5 years."

Jennifer and Annie (cofounders) were making $400k per year in their health coaching business.

They started out with a large social media following and email list, but a business model that wasn't easily scalable. The lines were fuzzy when it came to each of their roles in the company.

They felt lost and didn't know what to do next.

"Before hiring Kathryn, we had a lot of amazing ideas but very little direction as to how to put those ideas into action in a consistent, scalable manner. It often felt like we were working really hard with little to show for it.

Kathryn has improved nearly every aspect of our business. We have clearly defined roles and responsibilities for the leadership team and departments. 

  • We have streamlined communication, 
  • Improved and created multiple systems and automations, and 
  • Have consistent yearly and quarterly goal-setting sessions to ensure that priorities are set and plans are put into action to achieve our goals.

Now our more ambitious financial goals don’t seem so far off."

They’re now on track for 1 Million this year and are strategizing for 10 Million!

Erin Walker
CEO of High Tide Learning

"In the first 6 months of 2021, we've already topped our full 2020 annual income."

"We were stuck - not sure what to do next or where to take the business. I was frustrated and didn’t have a solid plan for growth. I needed to do something different but I couldn’t put my finger on what our next steps needed to be. In hindsight, I didn’t have the foundational pieces I needed before the business could grow....I just didn’t know that at the time.

In the first 6 months of 2021, we’ve already topped our full 2020 annual income. We also landed our first large government contract.

It has been an incredible year of growth for our business and I can’t say enough about the impact that Kathryn has had in pushing us to be our best. It’s 100% because of her that we’re on track to double our annual income in 2021. Her processes, support and vast business experience have been key to our success and have put our business in a place where it can scale successfully. 

I see even bigger growth in our future thanks to the strong foundation that Kathryn has helped us create."


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***Applying to join saves your spot and invites a no-pressure conversation between you and me to decide if it’s the right fit. 

Not Sure If Scale to Seven® Is Right For You?

Well, are you...

  • ...A visionary entrepreneur with an online knowledge/service-based business (e.g. coach, consultant, bookkeeper, OBM, Ads manager, course creator, virtual assistant, marketer, graphic designer, web developer, copywriter, etc.)?
  • ...Ready to scale your revenue without working more?
  • ...Already making 6-figures and know you're capable of leading a 7 figure online business (You just need some tough love to get out of your own way so you can scale to the next level)?
  • ...Ready to build a dream team to help you transform your vision into reality?
  • ...Itching to delegate results - not just tasks - so you can finally step into your 7-Figure CEO self, reclaiming your freedom and creativity?

If it’s a resounding YES for you, then you’re ready to ditch the Dreaded Plateau and Scale to Seven® figures! 

If your YES is echoing for miles but you still have questions…

What sets you apart from other coaches?

I don’t focus on just one aspect of business - no topic is off-limits for me. Instead of going to different coaches for mindset, marketing, strategy, operations...etc., I offer them ALL in my trainings and live coaching. 

How do you make time for me individually through the mastermind?

I ‘practice what I preach’ in my own business, so my team runs all the BTS of my business - freeing me up to give my BEST to my clients. I’m fully present in Scale to Seven®, and I’m HERE to support you. 

Why do I have to be earning 6 figures to qualify?

Scale to Seven® focuses on helping you scale from 6 to 7 figures. You can’t hit 7 figures if you haven’t crossed the 6 figure line yet. Scaling to 7 figures is completely different than scaling to 6. By accepting someone who’s not where they need to be for this program, I’d run the risk of them falling behind and things not making sense for where you are in your business. Once you’ve achieved that 6 figure goal, let’s revisit for the next mastermind! 

What kinds of entrepreneurs will be in this program?

This mastermind will be full of ambitious entrepreneurs who have already hit 6+ figures. They’ve built the foundations of their business and achieved that level of success, but they’re not ready to quit. They want MORE. MORE impact, MORE growth, and MORE freedom. And they’ll stop at nothing to get there. If that sounds like you, you’ll fit right in. 

Can men join?


Can my cofounder or second-in-command join?

Yes! Since Scale to Seven® helps you optimize every aspect of your business for growth, your relationship needs to be on par with your COO/Integrator/Second-in-command. Many of my clients have developed a healthy balance between the CEO and COO roles, creating even better-streamlined processes for scaling. 

When will I start to see ROI?

Ideally, within a couple months. The answer varies for everyone since we don’t do cookie-cutter strategies here. Some CEOs see huge wins right away, while others need some time to see tangible results. But Scale to Seven® is for long-term, sustainable scaling - NOT “quick wins” or “Band-Aid fixes.” 

What exactly is included in the mastermind?

  • Weekly coaching calls and group discussions on everything 7-figure related
  • 55+ trainings, templates and worksheets to help you implement the 7 Figure System™ across every major function of your business - Marketing, Sales, Operations & Client Success
  • Private Slack community to continue discussions on hiring, team building, offer creation, struggles & wins, sales & marketing, systems & operations, and anything else in between
  • Quarterly CEO Retreat to reflect on your past quarter, brainstorm the next quarter, and join your peers in leveling up!

Melissa Ronda

CEO of The Honest Weigh

"She Stretched Me to Think Bigger Than Ever Before"

"In my first session with Kathryn, we laid out my pricing strategy for my launch. The numbers we were talking stretched me to think bigger than ever before and it required some mindset shifts. We also worked through my content strategy to really get into my ideal client's head so I could address her inner talk head on in my messaging. Less than two weeks later I had sold 12 spots into my program!"

Maria Platusic

CEO of Platusic Design

"I now act with intent and purpose"

"Prior to working with Kathryn Binkley I found that my business lacked the strategy and direction it truly needed. After working with her, I now act with intent and purpose, providing my business with actionable steps to move forward.

Ultimately, it's always a great decision to invest in yourself and your business- and if there's anyone to help get you there, it's Kathryn. Her 'above and beyond' approach to coaching and willingness to share her knowledge is refreshing and incredibly appreciated."

I bet you've dreamed of 7 figures for so long now, that you can't clearly picture it in your head anymore.

Let me help you with that.

  • No more multiple hats in your business – you finally get to step into your role as full-time CEO.
  • Go from a 6-figure business (in constant chaos) to a 7 figure COMPANY
  • Rinse-and-repeat proven framework to create consistent, repeatable results.
  • Month over month. Without reliance on YOU
  • A simple plan to scale your business AND your freedom
  • That once-in-a-lifetime vacation ~ WITHOUT working or worrying that the business will implode while you're away ~ becomes a regular thing for your family
  • Be part of a community of CEOs who are or have been right where you are

Work less. Earn more. Shake up your industry with massive impact that changes the lives of generations to come.

Sounds too good to be true, right? 

It’s not. 

You’ve earned your way to 6 figures. That’s already more than 94% of female entrepreneurs. 

You’ve established that social media following. 

Grown that email list. 

You’ve built your business enough that you KNOW you can be the leader you’ve always known you can be. 

You’ve hit that point where you’ve grown as far as you can on your own. Now you’re at capacity. You’re wearing yourself ragged, and you need something to change. 

Like, yesterday

Now, let me ask you this:

Do you honestly believe if you keep doing things the way you are right now, that you'd end up at 7 figures and feel fulfilled, rested and still love what you do?

The only way to get the life and business you want is to do things differently.

Scale to Seven® will take you from 6-figure overwhelm to 7-figure freedom.

It's Time to Scale to Seven®, don't you think?

Christan Wilson
CEO of Christan Elise Creative

"She has this way of being equal parts strategy, mindset and (tough) love that met me exactly where I was."

"Working with Kathryn lit a fire in me! Her approach to business is so personalized. She has this way of being equal parts strategy, mindset and (tough) love that met me exactly where I was in my business. Kathryn walked me through setting up productivity systems, mapping out my services + prices and client attraction strategies that kept me moving forward."

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