Your 7-Figure Scalability Factor™ Is...


Do you feel like you’re bailing water out of a leaky boat just to stay afloat while your team members stand around waiting to find out what size bucket they can use to help? 

Do you feel like you work 25-hour days just trying to keep up?

Do you as the CEO have to answer questions and explain EVERYTHING many times over? 

Autonomy is SOO important because, without documented systems and a high-performing team, you feel like you're stuck on a hamster wheel, getting nowhere fast.

It's time to ...

  • Stop trying to do it all yourself and develop a team that's in it with you and has your back
  • Step away from ‘hand-holding’ by developing systems that streamline processes and free up your time as CEO so you can focus on company growth ---> or take that long awaited vacation
  • Trade in chaos for a clear organizational structure that can and will scale with you

Freedom can be found through structure.

Three Strategies to Increase Autonomy So You Can Scale from 6 to 7-Figures...

1. Business to Company

The way you structure your business is a key factor for determining the degree with which you can scale. Organizing the projects, strategy, team, systems and data in your business by its core functions - growth, operations, client success - will take your business from chaos to control and will stretch you to start viewing your business as a company.

2. Repeatable Results

Want to know the difference between you running your business and your business running you? Systems. Every single day, you’re doing things in your business to achieve specific outcomes. Now it’s time to document those steps - in other words, create systems - so you can delegate and automate the work and achieve repeatable results without sacrificing your time.

3. Hat Reassignment

If we looked at an org chart for your business, would your name be listed multiple times? Are your business goals impossible to achieve without you? That’s because you’re wearing many different hats all at once - and likely not wearing your CEO hat nearly enough. It’s time to reassign some hats by hiring and delegating to a team you can trust. It’s time for you to let go & lead.

Meet Kathryn.

Business & Leadership Coach, CEO whisperer, former COO, fiercely independent sweet tea sippin' southerner, mom to two pre-teens, wife to a civil engineer, and more...

Full disclosure: I spent years hustling my way to success, believing I had to choose between financial and time freedom.

My first performance review in my marketing agency days, I was told I was a clockwatcher for leaving work on time, and that sent me down a path of trying to prove my worth by working longer and harder.

It wasn’t until nearly a decade later that I decided that I was no longer willing to settle, and made it my mission to show online business owners how to lead more effectively and scale their businesses from 6 to 7-Figures without sacrificing their freedom.

Ready for 7-Figure Scalability?

Autonomy is one of the three Scalability Factors™ every successful CEO masters on their way from 6 to 7-figures. Want to master all three - Alignment, Autonomy, and Accountability™? 

We’ll show you how.

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