Your 7-Figure Scalability Factor™ Is...


Do you feel like a kid playing Mario Kart jerking the wheel from one side to the other, except it's your business that's getting whiplash because you keep changing direction every time you have a brilliant idea? 

Do you feel like no matter how much you try to communicate to your team, you must be speaking a different language, because they just aren't delivering what you asked for?

Do you lose sleep trying to figure out what's the next right step in your business - because half of what you're doing is working, but you don't know which half? 

Accountability is SOO important because without the right follow-up and follow-through, it can feel like you and your team are all in outer space headed to different galaxies. 

It's time to ...

  • Stop avoiding difficult conversations by learning how to effectively manage even the most challenging team members 
  • Prevent confusion from blurry expectations and learn to harness key performance indicators to set clear, measurable goals
  • Get rid of the constant stress and uncertainty around hitting goals and build executable confidence in your team

"A culture of accountability makes a good organization great, and a great organization unstoppable."

- Henry Evans

Three Strategies to Increase Accountability So You Can Scale from 6 to 7-Figures...

1. The Bri Effect

Visionary entrepreneurs are great at coming up with new ideas and that often means starting a lot of new things. Can you relate? The question is, are you and your team finishing what you start? Lots of half built bridges will keep you and your team busy, but they aren’t going to get you where you want to go. Where do you and your team need to focus & FINISH?

2. Data Before Decisions

You want to move the needle and see actual progress toward your goals. How do you know where to double down, what needs a few tweaks or what should be cut entirely? You want to accurately assess your team’s performance. How do you know if they’re operating at their highest potential? It all starts with data. In order to do more of what works, you have to know what works - and that means data before decisions - always.

3. AAA Leadership

Leading involves alignment, autonomy - and ultimately accountability. But many entrepreneurs haven’t yet learned how to lead effectively. They either fear upsetting someone, being perceived as a micromanager, or they don’t take the time to coach and develop their team and experience high turnover instead. If you want to scale your business, holding yourself and your team accountable is an essential part of your role as the CEO. 

Meet Kathryn.

Business & Leadership Coach, CEO whisperer, former COO, fiercely independent sweet tea sippin' southerner, mom to two pre-teens, wife to a civil engineer, and more...

Full disclosure: I spent years hustling my way to success, believing I had to choose between financial and time freedom.

My first performance review in my marketing agency days, I was told I was a clockwatcher for leaving work on time, and that sent me down a path of trying to prove my worth by working longer and harder.

It wasn’t until nearly a decade later that I decided that I was no longer willing to settle, and made it my mission to show online business owners how to lead more effectively and scale their businesses from 6 to 7-Figures without sacrificing their freedom.

Ready for 7-Figure Scalability?

Accountability is one of the three Scalability Factors™ every successful CEO masters on their way from 6 to 7-figures. Want to master all three - Alignment, Autonomy, and Accountability™?  

We’ll show you how.

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