How to Reach Your Full Potential and Experience Success

Mwaaahh ahhh ahhh… anyone else have their fair share of scares this Halloween?!

I know our house had plenty of fun, candy and, well for me, a revelation or two.

See, while we were hitting up the costumes stores, making Halloween treats and talking about what to be this year, our daughter decided she wanted to be something that I totally didn’t see coming…

A scary clown.

And no- not like oh, that’s kinda cute, kinda scary… like actually, full blown scary. Care to see??

Yep, that’s what my precious, innocent, 6-year old daughter decided she wanted to be.

And while we were (thankfully) able to move her into a “friendlier” direction– aka something that wouldn’t scare Mom- I was truly intrigued by her choice.

So, of course, we talked about it, and I asked her “does that not scare you?” And her answer… with clearly all of her infinite 6-year-old wisdom:

“Nope- because it’s not real mom.”

Ummmm… WOW, insert instantaneous blowing of the mind —->> HERE!

I was truly taken aback by that. Here was my young daughter, able to differentiate make believe from reality, and in the process, not let it hold her back.

Yet… here we are as entrepreneurs, doing the EXACT OPPOSITE!

We don’t use the same logic as my daughter; instead, we let illusions or our fears stand in our way.


Did you ever stop to think about just how much that’s holding you back in business?

A little while ago I did a blog about the 6 Common Fears of Entrepreneurs… and while I won’t go into it in depth here, these are the ones to look out for: Failure, Other’s Opinions, Inadequacy, Financial Instability, Unknown and Success.

It’s these made-up beliefs that aren’t based on our experiences or founded in truth that keep us from truly reaching our full potentials.

I once heard someone say this about fear: There is the rational type that provides us with the “flight or fight” mentality, essentially keeping us alive.

 Or, there is the irrational fear that keeps us from truly living life.

WOW… That keep us from truly living life.

 Are you ready to live life to the fullest? To reach your full potential and experience success- both personally and professionally- like never before?

Here’s how:

1. Feel It

First and foremost, forgive yourself for feeling bad about fear. Everyone… and I repeat everyone… is afraid of something. It’s ok to feel that fear, but you should never let it hold you back.

Spoiler Alert: IT NEVER GOES AWAY. In every phase of business (and life for that matter) it will present itself in different ways. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing either… maybe it means something incredible is about to happen.

I can’t even tell you how many times in business I have felt both excited and scared- at the same.exact.time. <<—– It’s totally possible, I promise.

2. Manage It

BUT… you need to learn how to manage it. You have a choice here: you can either run and head for the hills OR you can see the potential through the fear and make it happen.

Do you know what the antidote is to fear?

3. Take Action

That’s right… just like Nike always said: “Just Do It.” The best way to make the fear go away is to DO IT SCARED ANYWAY. Don’t let it stop you in your tracks- instead, take that first baby step, scared or not.

Can I push you a bit this week? Can I ask what YOU would do right now if you weren’t scared… and how do you feel it would impact your success?

Would you jump on a Facebook Live? Be a guest on a podcast? Hire a business coach?

No matter what little thing you decide to stop hiding behind, the results have the ability to be HUGE for your business. This is YOUR day to say ‘adios fear!’- and take the action you know will yield incredible- and maybe a few unexpected- results!


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