How to Read Your Dream Client’s Mind

Have you taken a walk in your ideal client’s headspace lately? Do you know what their pain points are? What their dreams and goals are? If you don’t, then you need to take some time to answer these questions and clarify who your ideal client is. Knowing how to make your dream clients feel as though you are reading their minds is the best way to get and keep them on your books. When you know how to answer their questions and address their pain points without them having to say a word, you will find that your clients never want to leave you. Ready to dig in?

Who is your dream client?

You need to know who this person is, what they do and what they like. Think about all the questions you can answer in detail about your best friend, those are the questions that you need to have answers to regarding your ideal clients. Get as specific as possible about who this elusive person is. As you are thinking of answers to these questions, consider creating a client persona. Write down the answers and create a bio or a profile of this person. Once you’ve nailed down WHO you want to serve, move on the next question.

What are your clients’ biggest challenges?

What is keeping your ideal client up at night? What are they thinking about when they wake up at 3 a.m. in a panic about their business? Again, get specific about what is plaguing them. List out everything that they could be concerned with and need help with. Add this to the persona that you’ve created. Their challenges are going to be the first step you take in determining how you can help them.

What are their dreams and goals?

Every person has goals, dreams, a life that they desire to build. When you think of your dream client, what are their goals? Where are they headed in their life and in their business? Think of their short-term goals, their 5-year goals, their 10-year goals. You are working to truly dig in and understand your clients wants and needs and how you can impact them. The profile of your ideal client is almost complete at this point! You’ve figured out who you are targeting, what they want in their lives, and what is keeping them from succeeding. What’s next?

How can YOU help your ideal client?

Now that you know what their challenges are, how can you help them overcome those challenges to achieve their goals? What services are you offering that will be of benefit to them? Are you able to address all of their challenges? Should you? This is where you need to get very clear about your offers, and figure out how you can best serve your ideal client. Now for the question of questions!

Where does your client hang out?

This is one of the most often asked questions from new entrepreneurs, where can I find clients?  You have to fish where the fish are, so you need to know where to show up to meet your potential clients where they are. Put yourself in your dream client’s shoes, where would you spend your time? Consider what their day to day life entails, and then figure out where they go to look for solutions to their challenges.

With all of this insight about your dream clients in hand, you can begin to align your messaging, branding, offers and more. But, you have to know who you want to attract first.Click To Tweet

With all of this insight about your dream clients in hand, you can begin to align your messaging, branding, offers and more. But, you have to know who you want to attract first. Otherwise, you could potentially spend a lot of time and money attracting the wrong people and spinning your wheels in your business. So, take the time now to dig into who you want to work with going forward. When you are working with your ideal client, the work tends to flow and the enjoyment you find in the work that you are doing will be exponentially greater.

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