How to Ditch Fear and Create Success

The number one word I hear most when it comes to building a business is FEAR.

  • Fear of visibility.
  • Fear of selling.
  • Fear of making mistakes.
  • Fear of criticism.

Fear is the brick wall you hit between your brilliant business idea and actually making it all happen.

Fear is the brick wall you hit between your brilliant business idea and actually making it all happen.Click To Tweet

Want a hard truth?

There’s no quick fix.

We all experience fear, to some degree, when big dreams are at stake.


…because making big dreams a reality requires a level of action that takes us outside of our zone of comfort. That comfort is like having a comfy bed in a warm house at night. Yet, the action required for success is more like being in a sleeping bag in the wilderness. You literally have no idea what will unfold on your path to freedom and fulfillment.

Fear will always show up, regardless of what level you reach in your business, but you don’t have to submit your dreams to it. You don’t have to throw up our hands and walk away from your goals.  

You don't have to submit your dreams to fear.Click To Tweet

I’m sharing three truths to help you ditch fear and create your success.

Truth 1: The pain of where you are now has to be more than the pain of where you want to go.

I want you to get to the source of your FEAR.

Are you afraid of success?

Not sure if you’re really worth the money you’re charging?

Still avoiding visibility?

Confused on exactly how to land your ideal clients?

These are all real challenges, but there’s also something interesting about the source of fear. Your fear is often much deeper than what’s on the surface. If you’re avoiding getting visible online in order to achieve your results, maybe you have a fear of criticism from others. Maybe your confidence needs a reboot. Knowing this can help you zero in on those emotions and flip your mindset around them.

Have you ever found yourself working on #allthethings and wondering what you actually achieved? Fear can hold you hostage to activities that aren’t actually moving the needle in your business simply because you’re afraid to do the rest. So, you start tweaking your website, re-designing lead magnets and keeping busy with things behind the scenes so you don’t have to show up.

Getting to the source of your fear is a start, but the other piece is getting honest with yourself about your goals. You have to decide that you want it more than you’re afraid of it. You have to choose to move towards your goals in spite of your self-doubts. You’re in control of your results. You’re in control of the outcome of your fears. Will you let them overpower you, or will you lead with confidence and make it happen?

You have to decide that you want it more than you’re afraid of it. Click To Tweet

Truth 2: You have to take action if you want results.

The only way to work through your fear is to just do it. You have to take action if you want results. You and I both know it isn’t easy to take action, but weigh that against the cost of NOT taking action.

Most women I talk to who struggle with fear are just not sure what will come of their action. They don’t want to get it wrong, so they play it safe…which often leads to zero action.

Success doesn’t work that way. You will, undoubtedly, make mistakes – and lots of them. But, that isn’t a bad a thing. That’s how you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t. It’s how you’ll figure out what makes your business stand out and what your clients actually want from you.

Action is what will lead to your income goals met + the lifestyle changes you’ve been craving.

Truth 3: Do it scared.

So, you’ve decided you want it more than you’re afraid it.

You’ve learned that action gets results.

Now, it’s time to make moves. And, yes, that means doing it afraid.

Scared to promote your services? Put the offer out there anyway.

Scared to sell to clients? Book sales calls anyway.

And do it consistently.

Whatever it is that scares you, that’s going to grow your business, I want you to jump in with both feet and embrace the discomfort.

Trust the process because success doesn’t come easy.

And guess what…

You don’t have to do it alone.

It’s time to ditch the fear and create the success you’ve been dreaming of, and I’m ready to see more entrepreneurs like you win.

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