How to Accelerate the Buyer’s Journey with Content Marketing

Every client goes through a journey; in fact, you go through the buyer’s journey every time you make a purchase. Think about the last time you made an investment in your business – maybe you spontaneously bought a course or perhaps you were consuming content for months before ever making a purchase. Either way, you went through three stages to make the purchase.

Your potential clients do the same. And you have an incredible opportunity to better serve them at each one of these stages by offering valuable content that will help them feel confident about moving forward to the next stage. When done well, you can accelerate the buyer’s journey and start booking clients faster.

Let’s review each stage and the types of content to make available for potential clients in each.

Stage 1: Awareness

This is where your potential clients realize there is a problem. To grab the attention of potential clients in this phase, you want to speak to and amplify their biggest pain points and educate them on why that may be happening. What are the biggest mistakes they are making, or myths they believe? What is the cost of staying where they are? Address these in your marketing content and they’ll be ready to move onto the next stage.

Stage 2: Consideration

In this stage the buyer begins to research and consider potential solutions. During this phase, they are consuming more of your content, reviewing your sales page and maybe even contacting you with questions. So, you may want to have blogs, podcast episodes, or videos addressing major benefits of your solution, insights into your process or personal, values-based content to build the know-like-trust factor.

Stage 3: Action

In the third and final stage, your buyer makes their decision about whether or not to purchase. In this stage you want to ensure you have solid testimonials for review and a simple checkout process. You may also share demonstration videos with a sneak peek of what happens after they purchase, case studies with quantitative results and content addressing major objections.

Do you have content to guide potential clients and accelerate the buyer’s journey or do you have some areas to focus on a bit more? If you’re not sure, take an audit of your content and categorize each. See where you have gaps and start filling them in.

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