Gaining Clarity, Seeing Results: How a 4 Question Quiz Can Reshape Your Business For the Better

Have you ever driven with your head out the window?

No, not to be silly, or mimic the family dog- but because you literally couldn’t see out the windshield… I mean, YIKES… that’s dangerous!

And yet, that’s exactly what I did one morning when I was running late… again… because an unexpected frost (I mean, it was winter, so not that unexpected, but it’s my story) covered my windshield before work.

Of course I tried everything first: cranked up the heat, put on the defrosters, and scraped that sucker, still… I knew I HAD TO GET GOING…

But I was stuck.

And oddly enough, business isn’t that much different.

Without CLARITY in your business (aka seeing through the windshield) you are either stuck where you are- or forced to drive recklessly forward.

For the record, neither of these are great choices.

Instead, you need to have the ability in your business to see the road ahead, but unlike a big chunk of ice on your windshield, sometimes those hurdles can be hard to identify unless you know what you’re looking for.

And this is what I do every day with my clients: help them to find clarity– because believe it or not MOST business owners do operate without a clear vision… and that will lead them nowhere fast.

Are you ready to start seeing things a bit clearer?

Here are 4 questions to ask yourself surrounding 4 of the greatest obstacles in business: success, target audience, offers and strategy. Run through each of the following four questions for each of the obstacles above and you’ll be one step closer to figuring this whole entrepreneurial thing out- Promise ; )

  1. QUICK… Can you immediately ENVISION in great detail what…
    1. Success looks or feels like to you.
    2. Your target audience looks like.
    3. Offers you have or want to have.
    4. Your strategy is for all of the above.
  2. Is it in WRITING?
    1. Have you written down what success means to you?
    2. Made a vision board or my personal favorite, a Pinterest board?
    3. Mapped out your offers?
    4. Documented your next steps?
  3. Can you explain it CLEARLY to a 12-year-old child?
    1. I’m talking without industry jargon.
    2. Without confusion.
    3. Can you explain what your offers, target audience or strategy is so that a kid can understand?
  4. Do you know WHY?
    1. Why is that your definition of success?
    2. Why are those your offers or strategy?
    3. Heck… do you even know WHY your target audience is who they are in the first place?!

The thing is that if you don’t have something clearly defined, then it becomes downright hard to achieve it, right?

  • If you don’t have success defined… how will you get it?
  • If you don’t know your target audience… how will you reach them?
  • If you can’t explain your offers… how will you sell them?
  • If you don’t have a strategy… how will you ever move forward?

It’s time you get the clarity and momentum you need to truly get “unstuck” in business… and also avoid silly things like driving with your head out the window.

Time and time again, I see that “ah ha” light bulb go off for clients usually after just our initial session. For once, they’re understanding the steps needed to move forward, and together we work towards mapping out the: who, what, where and why of their business.


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