Episode 97: Results Without You

I’ve always been super independent.

Once I became a mom I encouraged independence in my children as well.

It’s something I’ve done from the beginning, and I suppose it’s just the way I’m wired, because I’m passionate about creating independent businesses too!

Just like I’ve taught my kids how to get results without relying on me, I teach CEOs how to grow businesses without relying on them.

Because if you want to scale a business, results can’t be entirely dependent on you. Otherwise, when you stop – your business stops. 

Your business needs to be able to create results without you. 


In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why it’s important that results aren’t dependent on you
  • Two types of results your business needs to be able to create without you
  • Why you need to know how to create these results first and what you’ll be doing once results no longer require your time



Welcome to Scale to Seven®! Your behind-the-scenes look at what it really takes to scale your business to seven figures. I'm your host Kathryn Binkley, business and leadership coach for online entrepreneurs. Here's what I know, building a business that will generate millions requires the mindset, strategy, and action of a future seven-figure CEO, starting now. Ready to Scale to Seven®? Let's go!

Hey, everybody, I want to tell you a little bit about my parenting style. But that's going to relate to the way that I do business as well. And an important lesson that I know I had to learn that I think you need to hear also. So I've always been pretty, super independent myself. And once I became a mom, I encouraged independence in my children as well. Once they could talk, I encourage them to order their own food at restaurants. And if they needed a drink refill or a dipping sauce, I taught them how to ask for it. When they were hungry, and thirsty at home, they knew where to find the snacks, and how to get their own drinks. And as they've grown, they've even learned how to cook a few things on their own.

If they wanted to spend the night made me with grandparents or a friend, they needed to pack their own overnight bag. Sure, by the way, we would double check all of this the process just like when you teach anyone how to do something we would supervise or we would double check. But we always taught them how to do these things on their own. Even like, let's say they had their own money. And we went to the store. We taught them how to pay for items themselves that they cash register. Or if they wanted to order something online, they didn't just tell us we help them navigate and add something to the checkout part.

It's something I've done from the beginning of parenting, and I suppose it's just the way that I'm wired. And didn't really think that it was a big deal or different until along the way. We just started receiving comments about our kids being able to do some of those things, like ordering their own food at a young age and things like that. And by no means am I saying that that's the right way. I don't think that this is the way it has to be. It's just my style, just the way that I am wired and the way that I approach parenting. But because I'm so passionate about creating independence, and I'm just wired that way, I think I carry that into businesses to think that's why I love what I do. Because I get to create independent businesses and give CEOs their freedom. Just like I've taught my kids how to get results without relying on me. I teach CEOs how to grow businesses without their businesses relying on them. And if you want to scale a business, if you really want to truly scale, not just grow, but scale a business, then results can't be entirely dependent on you. As long as you are the one whose time limits everything in your business, then your business is going to be able to grow, but not truly scale. Because eventually, your time will be the limiting factor. Maybe it already is. Maybe when you stop your business stops right now. And your business needs to be able to create those results. Without you even when you stop, whether that's vacation or whether that's time off or something that happens in life, your business needs to continue to create results. Now, I also want to be clear that this isn't necessarily right from the beginning. So if you're a brand new business owner, if you haven't yet learned how to do these things yourself, then just like my children couldn't feed themselves when they were infants. I needed to be there right. I needed to know how to feed them before I could teach them to feed themselves. But eventually of course they're ready for that transition and your business will be to I believe it's important for you to create the results yourself before you try to automate systemize delegate. 

Why? Because even though eventually results will won't be fully reliant on you, as a CEO, you're still responsible for the results, you'll also be leading your team analyzing those results, envisioning the future making decisions. And so you need to understand how to get results. You just don't have to be the one doing all of it. And there are really two different types of categories of results in your business that you need your business to be able to create without you. So let's touch on both of those. First, its revenue, and everything tied to revenue. Your business needs to be able to attract and convert clients, even when you're not working. And again, for those new business owners, don't rush too quickly to get to this phase, go learn how to market and sell yourself first. But once you're getting results, once your offer is validated, then it's time to either automate, systemize, delegate so that new clients can still come in, new sales can still be made, even when you're not working. Some people scale, their results around revenue, without them day to day hands on without their time when I say without you again, I really mean without your time without a direct correlation of trading your time for money. Of course, there's still things you've got to think about, make decisions about approve of or whatever set up and then beginning all of those things. But then, once that's done, you're not trading your time for money. So some of the ways that people have done that. When it comes to revenue, or things like sales funnels, or even hiring a team member, and delegating things that need to be done manually. Once you figured out your simple growth strategy, you want to start to remove yourself from it. So that revenue doesn't depend on you. The second type of result is client results.

This is especially tough for my service providers, my coaches and other experts for their consulting or education type offers. If you are someone who really resonates or really identifies as an expert, it may be hard for you to let go of client results. Maybe hard for you to step back and figure out a way for your clients to get results without you. And again, it's not without your knowledge, your process. It's distilling all of that either into something like a curriculum or a course, where they can follow along and get that information without you. It's where you can shift one step at a time away from one to one handholding, every, you know, conversation being unique and custom to the person to being able to really distill things into a process that you can teach in coach and in a consult on a one to many format. It's being able to teach what you know, to someone else on your team so that they can help your clients get the same results, even when it's not you.

And all of that might seem scary, especially like I said, for those of you who identify as experts. But if you want to make the biggest impact possible on this world with your area of expertise. And if you want more free time, and this is another area where you will trade time for money unless you let go. Unless you begin to set your business up to create client results without you so on both sides of the business, bringing in the clients and the revenue and then helping clients get their own results. Your business needs to be able to do both of those things without your involvement every single day. Now, again, I'm not saying zero involvement. It doesn't have to be nothing right. Maybe you go from having 30 one to one calls down to one group call per week and you're still showing up for that hour.

But even then, if you're not there, you could bring in another team member to coach or bring in a guest coach so that the program could keep running, even if you're on vacation, or even if you are sick. And that's the goal here, it'd be much more difficult if you got sick, to reschedule 31 to one calls, or bring in someone to handle all of those. So you're looking at how you can make your business scalable. By making sure that your business isn't dependent on your time. In order to scale your business, your business will ultimately need to be able to generate revenue and client results without being fully reliant on you. Your business needs to be able to keep running, even when you slow down. If you're ready to give your business, what I call the scalability factor, so that your business can create results without you visit kathrynbinkley.com/scalability, go check it out. Join me inside because I can help you set up a business where all of the results inside of the business don't depend on your time. And that means you can begin to earn more and work less. I'll see you inside or I'll see you right back here next week.

Hey, if you like what you're learning on the podcast, you have to check out The Scalability Factor™. It's my coaching program where I teach you how to create and sell a scalable offer so you can earn more while working less. Just head over to kathrynbinkley.com/scalability and I'll see you inside.


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