Episode 92: Inner Game

Earlier this year I had the privilege of talking to my son’s travel baseball team about some of the concepts I teach business owners.

You see – just like business – baseball is as much about the inner game than the outer game.

And this group of talented athletes were losing some games – not because of their skill – but because of their mindset.

So – I showed them that just like getting in reps with hitting, putting in work to improve their pitching and fielding – they need to focus on their inner game.

Creating success is about the inner game. 

No matter how talented or experienced you are, the inner game can determine whether you take home the win.


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • 4 different aspects of mastering your inner game
  • The difference between innate value and achieved value
  • How to develop trust in yourself
  • Why winning and owning your results go hand in hand


Featured on the Show:


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If you've listened to the podcast and follow me on Instagram, it doesn't take long before you hear me talk about my kids playing sports. For one because it's such a big part of the stage of life that I'm in right now, running to practices and games and to because there are so many great parallels between sports and business. Now often I use those sports analogies to talk business. But earlier this year, I had the privilege of talking to my son's travel baseball team about some of the concepts I teach business owners. Because just like business, baseball is as much about the inner game as the outer game. And this group of talented athletes were losing some of their games, not because of their skill, not because of their experience. But because of their mindset. They'd show up one day ready to play, get an early lead, and bring home the win the very next day, they play the same team. And after a couple of errors, or a bad call, or a couple of runs on the board from the other team, they get down on themselves, start blaming the Empire, or getting their heads and end up beating themselves. That's right. The other team didn't beat them, they beat themselves. So I spent about an hour with the team, showing them that just like getting in reps with hitting or putting in work to improve their pitching and fielding, they need to focus on their inner game. Creating success is about the inner game, no matter how talented or experienced you are, the inner game is still important, and can determine whether you take home the win, or the dub, as they call it. That means winning in business also comes down to your inner game. So I want to look at four different aspects of mastering your inner game today, in this episode. First, you need to know your value. And when I say know your value, I'm talking about your innate value, the value that you have, just because of who you are, just because you exist, not your achieved value. Many of you focus on your achievements. And whether you accomplish something or not determines how valuable you perceive yourself to be. Just like the kids, if they go up to bat and they strike out. If they allow themselves to believe that they're less valuable because of that one at bat. Then of course, that's going to impact the rest of the game. And it's not true, their value doesn't change because of one error, or because of one strikeout and neither does your value. So it's your job, to create sufficiency to believe you are enough, even when you don't win. Even when things don't work out the first time, or the second time, or the third time. It's not about what you achieve, your value always remains the same. And when you do well. The other part of knowing your value is giving yourself credit, no more glossing over your achievements and giving your credit away. No more saying that it was a fluke, or no more saying that someone else's contribution is what made it successful. I want you to look at why you successfully created the result. And I want you to know that it's probably more about who you were showing up as than how you achieved it. If you want to dig more into that I actually have a whole episode on how versus too so go take a look back at that. The second aspect of mastering your inner game is trusting yourself. I want you to look inside yourself for answers first, before you can ask someone else what to do. Or try to reverse engineer what someone else is doing. I want you to ask yourself what you know to be true. Instead of relying on someone else to tell you every move to make, ask yourself what to do. This also means looking for all the reasons that you're right, and that you're on the right path, you're on the right track before all of the reasons that you're wrong.

Then, if you want support or coaching, ask for it. When you look for the answer yourself first, and then you ask for supporter coaching, and tell them the answer you came up with and get feedback on that versus just having them tell you what they would do, or what they think you should do. That helps you learn and develop. It builds your confidence by coming up with the answer first, and then getting feedback or coaching. It helps you build trust in yourself. So go find the answers by looking inward and trusting. Third, I want you to take responsibility, have your own back, be your own hero, know where results come from your thoughts, by the way. And instead of blaming or trying to change circumstances, take responsibility. If things aren't going right, if you don't have the result that you want, know that those results are something that you can control. Own your feelings, own your actions, own your results. And ultimately go all the way back to own the thoughts that are leading to those feelings. Because you create them, you create your thoughts, your feelings, your actions, your results, own the outcome, even when it's not the outcome that you want. What I mean by this is really taking responsibility, even when things aren't what you hoped for. This doesn't mean that you're criticizing or judging yourself. There's no beating yourself up. That's not the point here. Instead, it's about creating awareness for why you don't have the results you want. Creating awareness of your thoughts. So stop searching outside of yourself for the secret strategy, or the right actions, or stop trying to change who you are to be like someone else. Because none of that is what creates results look inward at the thoughts that you have. Because those are what are leading to your results. And fourth, this last piece of what I want you to master is how to free yourself. And real freedom comes from being you doing what you really want to do instead of what everyone else says that you should do. Doing what you really want to do instead of even what you think you should do. And ultimately, being who you really want to be instead of who everyone else tells you you should be. You need to determine your priorities, determine your boundaries, and follow through. Follow through, on and being you.

You can master those four things. Knowing your value, trusting yourself taking responsibility and freeing yourself, then that's going to help you master your inner game. And that will of course help you create success. Success is part inner game and part outer game, and you need both. But what I can tell you is if you master the inner game, you'll develop the outer game, you'll take the right actions, you'll get the results. But it all starts with your inner game. Remember, your value is innate. It's not based on what you achieve, who your being is what you should focus on, versus how. I want you to answer your own questions. To develop trust in yourself before you go seek the answers outside of yourself. I want you to own your results, no matter what they are, and free yourself from all of the shoulds, just show up and be you. If you're ready to go All In on yourself, master your inner game and create true freedom. Join me in the scalability factor. We have just a couple of more weeks before the New Year and before the all in talent kicks off, which is happening exclusively inside the program. Once you enroll, you'll choose one big goal to go All In on for 90 days. You'll get a bonus workbook to guide you through the entire 90 day process. You'll also get weekly coaching to show up to live calls and get your questions and get coached through your inner game. And you'll also get a community for daily coaching to stay on track and then the best part, you'll have access for life. This is a lifetime program and you can follow the same 90 day process over and over again. So go ahead, go check out kathrynbinkley.com/scalability. And I'll see you inside

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