Episode 91: Simple Scales

Entrepreneurs often overcomplicate things.

They have multiple audiences, too many offers, too many goals and projects, complex pricing structures…and more.

And then, they wonder why their time is limited, they’re not selling out your offers, their clients are confused, and they feel overwhelmed and unclear.

Here’s the thing – Simple Scales.

If you want to scale your revenue, your impact, your freedom, the answer isn’t doing more.

It’s focusing on doing less, but better.


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why trying to do more is holding you back from making more money
  • The challenge with multiple audiences and too many offers
  • What you need to do if you want to earn more without working more

Welcome back to the podcast, y'all. I've got a story to tell you. It's gonna sound a little crazy, but it's a true story. One evening recently, my husband called me on his way home from work and offered to pick up dinner because both of the kids had after school sports and it was gonna be a busy night. He tossed out the idea of a new Mexican restaurant close to where my son was practicing, and I thought it sounded great. I remember looking at the clock a few times thinking to myself that he should be home by now. And then eventually, I heard the garage door open, and he walked through the door with the food. He handed me the ACP that I requested along with chips and queso.

Yum. Just absolutely delicious, by the way. But then, I noticed that he picked up hibachi shrimp for himself, from a different restaurant. And right as I started to Ask him why he went to 2 different places, my daughter walked in with a Happy Meal. And as if that isn't already crazy enough, He also picked up Subway for my son. Now, I want you to picture my jaw and eyes wide open, And my brain's screaming, are you kidding me? Why in the world would he go to 4 different restaurants On a busy weeknight when we could have all eaten food from the same place, no wonder it took him so long to get home. Later that night, when he said he didn't quote, unquote, have time to help with something, I held my tongue, but you bet I was thinking that he only needed to go To 1 restaurant to feed our family, and if he had, he would have more time. But today, there's something that I am not going to hold my tongue about.

Said with so much love, why do you do the same thing my husband did, except in business, By having multiple audiences, too many offers, multiple goals, and projects going on at the same time, Complicated and confusing pricing structures, and more, especially if you complain about not having enough time, or especially if you're not selling out your offers, or if your clients are confused about which programs they should join, Or if you feel overwhelmed and unclear about your business model. Again, all that said was so much love, But here's what I have for you today, simple skills. I want you to remember that, simple skills. You don't need multiple audiences, multiple offers, multiple goals, multiple pricing options to be successful. Just like my husband didn't need to go to multiple restaurants to feed our family, you can actually scale your business better and faster when you simplify everything. And so there are 2 things that I wanna dive into with you here. 1, I want you to know that more equals less. I know you're a high achiever.

I know that you wanna help more people. I know that you wanna make more money, But trying to do more is preventing you from helping more people and making more money. Trying to do more is not helping or getting you closer, And that's because multiple offers and audiences are like having multiple businesses. For every audience and offer you have, It's like adding another business. And unless 1 business is running smoothly, unless it's not dependent on you at all, Then adding a 2nd business, a 2nd offer, a 2nd audience, divides your focus, Requires more time, creates more problems, and costs you more to market, sell, and deliver results. So more actually equals less. And then the reverse is also true. Less equals more.

If you want to start hustling and get your business ready to scale, you need to simplify. A simple business model with 1 audience, 1 offer, 1 price point, 1 focus area at a time, A simple growth strategy with 1 goal, 1 strategy, 1 marketing channel mastered at a time, Simple processes and systems to make results repeatable both in your business and for clients. All of that, it's all about simplifying. The less you do, the more focus, better and faster results, Fewer expenses, less problems, increased impact, and greater freedom. Now for those of you who are multipassionate, This doesn't mean that you can never do that second thing that you want to do. I just want you to master One thing at a time. I want you to simplify your focus to make one thing successful, and then add on. It's okay to have multiple offers.

Once you've mastered the first, you can add a second. It's okay to have multiple marketing channels. Once you're successful with the first, you can add a second. But trying to learn, trying to optimize, trying to get results out of multiple Full audiences, offers, marketing channels, strategies, goals, that's going to complicate things. So if you wanna scale your revenue, Your impact, your freedom, the answer isn't doing more. It's focusing on doing less, but better. Remember, simple skills.

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