Episode 88: 4 Stages of Scalability

I wasn’t a big worrier but I was a big researcher. I was the oldest of 5 kids – so it was rare for something new to happen that I didn’t expect. 

In the same way, once you grow your business to $100k you think you know what it’s like to make $100k and that the next $100k will be the same. And when it isn’t, you think something is wrong.

I’m here to tell you – nothing is wrong. 

It’s normal. It means your business is growing and getting ready to scale.

And there’s a difference in scaling – and getting ready to scale.

In this episode, I want to break down growth into 4 scalability stages. 


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Difference between growth and scaling
  • 4 stages of scalability
  • Scale your revenue. Scale your impact. Scale your freedom. 


Featured on the Show:

Hey, everybody. I am sitting in the mountains recording this episode for you with a beautiful view out the window. There's just cool, crisp air, beautiful colored leaves. It's a gorgeous setting, and I just love to get away. I really encourage you to take the time to do the same when you get a chance. There's nothing like it for me. It just gives me this burst of creative energy, And I definitely was excited to channel that because I have some incredible things that I'm working on for you that I can't wait to tell you about. Now, in the meantime, today, we're continuing with our all in series that started last week, and we're gonna continue that through the end of the year.

There's an area today that I want to challenge you to go all in on. But the thing is you may not even know it's a thing. And that means you might think something is wrong. I remember when my children were little. I wasn't a big worrier, but I was a big researcher and I was the oldest of 5 kids. So it was pretty rare for something new to happen that I'd never experienced before when it came to kids. So when something did happen that I didn't expect, my husband and I would call the pediatrician's office. And once, I don't even remember exactly what happened.

It was so long ago, but I remember vividly this moment of sitting in the rugger with my daughter, who is my 2nd child. And my husband was on the phone calling the pediatrician's office. He got a nurse on the phone, and we began to explain what was going on, only for the nurse to say, This is completely normal. I immediately replied, but how is this normal? This didn't happen with our son. And in that moment, I realized that for something to be normal didn't mean that it also had to happen in every single instance. Right? Such a simple concept, but in that moment, I just expected that everything normal Already happened. We've already experienced it. And if it's something new, that means something's wrong, something's not normal.

In the same way, Once you grow your business to 100 k plus, you think that you know what it's like to make 100 k, and that the next 100 k will be the same. And then when it isn't, you might just think something is wrong. And I'm here to tell you that nothing is wrong. It's normal, and it means your business is growing and getting ready to scale. But there's a difference in scaling and getting ready to scale. Now in episode 58, I talked about the difference between growth and scaling. But, today, I wanna break down growth even more into four scalability stages. Alright.

Stage 1 is value scalability. And the goal in this stage is to establish product market fit and learn to make your first 100 ks. So this is an area where maybe you've already passed this. But if so, you wanna make sure that you've already proven that the concept that you have for your business will work. You validated and sold a 1 to 1 offer, you've created $100,000 in value exchange. In other words, your audience was willing to give you $100,000 in return for a solution that you've created. And so there was an exchange of value there as you learned what works to get clients, how to help your clients get results, to gain experience, and knowledge. And, honestly, this first 100 k is the hardest part.

But once you've validated, once you've established that product market fit, in other words, you know that you have a solution that you can sell, that people want. Once you've done that and you've made that $100,000 in value exchange, then you're ready to move to stage 2. Now this is where I start working with most of my clients. They've already validated their offer, and now they're ready to start scaling, or they think they are. They think they're ready to scale, but what they really need to do is get their business ready to scale. And so stage 2 is all about offer scalability. The goal of this stage is to create a scalable, repeatable, profitable business model. You want to remove yourself from delivery as much as possible so that client results aren't dependent on you.

During this stage, I like to help my clients double their revenue without actually doubling their work. They learn to make that same 100 k and more over again, but this time with a scalable offer. And what that means is they actually increase their earning potential for every hour they work. They're going from 1 to 1 to 1 to many. Now a lot of my clients at this stage come to me and they're used to charging high ticket, and so they're used to prioritizing their one to 1 services or coaching. And when they start to transition from 1 to 1 to 1 to many, it feels unnatural maybe in part because the price point is lower. But I want to encourage you to do the work and look at your hourly rate when you're working 1 on 1 versus in a one to many offer. And you'll see that you're actually able to earn more per hour with a scalable one to many offer.

You can go from 10 k months to creating 20 k plus months while working less. In this stage, you're getting your business ready to scale by creating a scalable business model and transitioning out of 1 to 1 work. And that scalable offer means that you're creating a signature process and either creating some kind of a group program, a one to many offer, like a course, a program of some kind, or maybe even going to an agency model. There are different ways that you can create a scalable business model, and this is where you decide. Okay. Once you've got your scalable offer, you're ready for stage 3. This is all about sales scalability. The goal here is, again, a scalable, repeatable, and profitable element of your business, but this time, it's marketing and sales.

You're removing yourself from marketing and sales as much as possible so that selling isn't dependent on you. You learn to make money by selling in a scalable way. So first, in stage 1, you learned to make 100 k period. Second, you learned to make that money again, but with a scalable offer. Now you're learning to make it all over again, but by selling in a different way. You're creating a dependable growth strategy that isn't reliant on you. You don't have to show up every day Even if you're the face of your business, many of you have personal brands. You can grow your business.

You can market and sell without you having to show up every day. And the people who tell you otherwise aren't in stage 3 yet, and that's okay. You do need to show up every day earlier in your business. But as you go on, that isn't sustainable. So we want to create a marketing and sales strategy that will continue to drive revenue even if you take a break. Even when life happens, good or bad, you can take that time off. You can go on vacation. You can take the time to heal, and you can still make money.

We're transitioning you from selling one to 1, whether on sales calls or in the DMs, and you're gonna learn how to sell 1 to many. Once you've done that, you're ready for stage 4. This is all about team scalability. The goal in this final stage of scalability is to elevate to CEO, learn how to make money by leading a team. I want you to notice how many different ways you're learning to make money. You learn to make that 100 k, then you learn to make it with a scalable offer, and you learn to sell it in a scalable way, and now you're learning how to lead of a team and allow the team to make the money. This is moving you out of implementation, out of management, out of strategy and vision within specific departments. You're learning to systemize, hire, delegate, and lead a team to the results that you want.

So now you're no longer managing the marketing, the selling, the delivery, that's handled by the team members who you're managing. You're freeing up even more time and you're handing things off. That means your focus is really now on scalable operations. So you've created scalable delivery and scalable client results, and I like to refer to that as your client success department. You've learned to create scalable marketing and sales, which I refer to as your growth department. And now in this stage, you're creating scalable operations. You're leveraging systems, team, data. You're improving execution, and you're learning to lead not just the doers in your business, but you're learning to lead leaders.

You're no longer just delegating tasks. You're delegating results. You're delegating management. Once you've tackled each of these spaces of scalability, then you're actually ready to scale. You're ready to scale your revenue, you're ready to scale your impact, and you're ready to scale your freedom. Scaling is different than growth. And, again, we've talked about this in a in a prior episode, but I just want to repeat here that scaling is different than growth because scaling is all about making more money and helping more people while working less. You don't have to do more.

You don't have to invest more. You get to focus on making more money and helping more people without investing more. So your next all in challenge is to go all in on the stage that you're in. The biggest mistake that I see around all of this is that you either get too far ahead of yourself or you want to revert back to a prior stage because that feels easier or more certain. If you want to keep moving forward, if you want to get your business ready to scale, figure out exactly where you are, which stage are you on, and go all in on mastering that. When I talk about slowing down to speed up, this episode is so much of the reason why. You're gonna feel like You're rebuilding your business. You may even feel like you're starting over, but you have to focus on the progress that you're making in the stage that you're in and recognize that the wins to celebrate your business, the progress that you see isn't always going to be revenue.

Sometimes, it's making that same amount of revenue, but in a different way. Because as soon as you learn to make that same 100 k in a new way, you're that much closer to scaling it. You're gonna do that 1 at a time through each of these stages. Now the thing is, as you do this, You're going to learn how to make more money. You're going to actually grow your revenue. It's not quite scaling. You're still getting your business ready to scale, but I guarantee that as you go through this, you won't just make this same exact amount over again. There may be a season where you do, but over each of these phases or stages, you're going to learn so much that, naturally, Your revenue will increase even if you're not focused on trying to make more, but you're trying to just make it in a new way.

So as a recap here, there is a difference between growth and scaling, and the 4 stages of scalability are all about getting you ready to scale your value, your offer, your sales, and your team. Once you've made money, you have to learn to do it again and, again, at each scalability stage, and then you'll be ready to

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