Episode 87: All In Results

Being “All In” has been such a big part of how I create results in my business, and is a core value that I lead by in my business.

This episode kicks off a series through the end of this year to help you go All In on the results you want to create next year.

So listen in through the end of the year, and get ready to go all in on creating any result you want in business.


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Your business is perfectly designed to give you the result you have right now
  • Why revenue isn’t specific enough when you set a goal
  • How results are created —> understand this and you can create any result you want

Hey. Hey, everybody. Thanks for tuning in. I want to just celebrate and brag on my son for a moment. He just wrapped up his very 1st middle school football season, and they won every single game. I'm so proud of him. And, of course, I've got my, mom football hoodie with, you know, The logo on the front and the mascot, and there's a theme on the back that was their theme for this season, and it's all in. That was their theme.

And they certainly gave their all this season and it paid off. After the game last night, they actually all got together. All the boys huddled up. Moms had to take pictures, but then They started chanting all in. And, interestingly, I started thinking about how they created the result that they wanted by focusing all season long, their coach really intensely focusing on being all in and what that meant to them. And at the same time, all in is one of the values in my business. Being all in has always been such a big part of how I create results in my business. So that's the value that I share with my team and that we lead by and that we celebrate.

And so I decided to do something special for you all on this theme of all in, and that is a series of episodes all about going all in. So, I'm gonna challenge you to really listen in to all of the episodes through the end of the year on this topic of all in and get ready to go all in next year. I want you to start thinking and planning for next year and be ready to go all in on creating any result that you want in business. Now with that said, that means I wanna start by talking to you about how to even create results because you can go all in on creating any result you want, but you need to know how, and I'm gonna show you how in this episode. Now, before I do, there's a couple of things that you need to understand as prerequisites. So first, you need to understand that your business is perfectly designed to give you the result that you have right now. This isn't a new concept. I've talked about this in an episode before, but I just need to make sure that we start on the same page here and that you understand that if you want a different result than what you have right now, something has to change.

Something has to shift because if you keep doing more of what you're doing now, you're gonna get more of the same result. I'm gonna again talk to you in just a moment about what you need to look at shifting, where you need to focus on creating changes. There's no one specific secret or strategy. It's all about your approach. And I wanna talk to you about that. The second thing is you need to get clear on the result that you want. And again, there's another episode all about that and how you get to have what you want. You get to decide.

You get to determine what you want to create in this business. You get to create the results that you want. But that means you need to be very specific about what that result is. And here's the thing, there is no dollar amount that is specific enough for most of you as your goal. I know a lot of us talk about creating goals and we put a dollar amount on it. But if all you focus on is the dollar amount for the revenue that you want to create, that's not specific enough. And the reason why is because then you're tempted to create that revenue in a way that doesn't match how you want to sustain it. And this is so important.

You'll take shortcuts or you'll do things in the short term to create that revenue that you don't want to keep doing, you'll do things now that you don't wanna keep doing. But once you get there, if you created that revenue in that way, then that's how you'll have to keep going to sustain it unless again something changes. Let me make this more tangible for you. Let's say that you want to generate 500 ks in your business next year. Now for you, this could be any number. It could be 200 ks, 500 ks, 1,000,000, 2,000,000, it doesn't really matter, whatever your number is. Once you know how much you want to create, you've gotta look at how you want to create it and how you want things to be once it's created? Do you want to generate 500 ks while working 60 plus hours every week with every single cell dependent on you and a calendar full of client calls every week? Or do you want to generate 500 ks while taking every Friday off, never having to lead a sales call and having no more than just a couple of client calls on your calendar. There's a big difference.

So you need to really fully envision where you want to be and how you want to create and sustain this goal. A lot of you stop at that revenue number, but then you build your business in a way that doesn't match how you want to run your business or live your life once you achieve that revenue goal. Okay? So if you're clear on those 2 things that, A, your business right now is designed to get you the exact result that you're getting right now. And 2, But if you want a different result, you need to get really clear on what that result looks like. You need to get really specific. If you're clear on those 2 things, then you're ready for the next step. And that's to go all in on creating the result that you want. And here's how you're gonna do that.

You're gonna use something called the model. And this was created based in part on cognitive behavioral therapy and then coined as the phrase, the model, as a formula here that I'm gonna share with you by Brooke Castillo. And Brooke happens to own the school that I was certified through as a coach, and I'm licensed to share this information with you and I want to talk to you about how you can create the results you want using this model. So there are 5 things in the world, and everything in the world fits into one of these 5 things. It's either a circumstance, which is your current situation a fact. It can be proven. It's not debatable. There's no opinions.

There are thoughts about the circumstances. That's your beliefs about it, the things that your brain offers up for you to think about the circumstance. Then there are feelings, how you actually feel in your body when you have that thought. Next, there are actions that you take, things that you do, things that you don't do, things that your brain does when you feel a certain way, and then there are results. And what I want you to know about the model is that all of these elements work together. I kind of already shared some of that as I even explained it. Right? So whatever the circumstance is in your life, in your business, you'll have a thought about it. And then that Thought will create a feeling and that feeling will drive your actions and your actions will create your results.

But I really want you to see and understand your results come from the actions you take when you feel a certain way based on how You think about a circumstance, which means really your results are created by your thoughts. The good news is you get to choose your thoughts. Now your brain's going to offer you thoughts automatically. You can't control what your brain offers you. Those are unintentional, but you can work to increase your level of awareness so that you can kinda separate those thoughts and catch them in the moment and choose to think differently. Now, there's a lot that I could talk about here, but what I wanna focus on in this episode specifically is that you can go all in on creating any result you want if you get very specific about what result you want, and then work backwards using this model. In other words, no matter where you're starting at right now, No matter what happened in the past and no matter what happens moving forward, if you know the result that you want, then you can decide ahead of time what actions you need to take to get that result or inactions if there's certain things you don't need to do, and then figure out what you need to feel in order to take those actions and then what you need to think in order to feel that way. If you can intentionally choose your thoughts, then you can shift the way you feel in an instant.

You can take the action from a feeling that's actually productive, from a feeling that is from the right energy, the right motivation behind your actions to get the result that you want. Creating results is something you can control. I'm gonna let that sit with you. I want that to marinate a bit. But as a recap, your business is perfectly designed to give you the result that you are creating right now, the results that you have right now. And if you don't have your desired results, then first, you need to get more specific about the results that you want. And then you can go create the results that you want using the model, using your thoughts, intentionally managing your mind, deciding ahead of time what you want to think so that you can Feel the way that you need to feel to take the actions to create the results.

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