Episode 79: 5 Shifts to 7 Figures

Crossing the million-dollar milestone is about more than money.

In fact, earning 7 figures doesn’t happen by focusing on revenue growth alone. 

Instead, it’s the result of a combination of business & mindset shifts.

After working with business owners for more than 15 years, I’ve seen so many entrepreneurs struggling to scale their businesses because they are so focused on revenue growth instead of making the right shifts in mindset, strategy & execution. 

On this week’s episode of The Elevate Effect™ podcast, I’m sharing the top shifts and approaches of 7-figure CEOs. 

This episode will be covering the core shifts every 6 figure business owner needs to make to scale your company to 7 figures.


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • 5 Shifts That Separate 6 & 7-figure Entrepreneurs

Hey. Hey. I want to tell you something that you need to grasp if you wanna scale your business, and here's what it is. It's not the money that makes you a 7 figure CEO. It's the 7 figure CEO level business and mindset shifts that make you the money. There are a lot of entrepreneurs who are struggling to scale their businesses because they haven't made the right shifts in their mindset, their strategy, and execution. And after working with business owners for more than 15 years, I can tell you that there are a few shifts that are the differences between six and seven figure CEOs. I'm gonna share 5 of those with you, And I want you to really soak these in, come back and relisten to this if you need to.

It takes Hearing them and implementing them at different layers, sometimes for them to really like settle in and for you to break through. The 1st shift is from working hard on many things to working less on the right things. And at this point in your business, you've heard others say it, But sometimes you hear things so frequently that you start to dismiss it, and you say, I haven't heard and you start to say, I've heard this Before and tune out. Your brain tunes out. I want you to really listen. The 1st shift is going from working hard on many things to working less on the right things. A few things about this. 7 figure entrepreneurs got to where they are because they understood that you can work less By doing more of what works and cutting out the rest, they got there because they focused on What really drove the majority of results, they got there because they simplified.

They got there because they understood and dropped All of the beliefs that you have to work harder to earn more, and that takes a lot of mindset work just to make that shift. I had a client of mine, and this was maybe just a couple of months ago, and she was telling me that she's just working so hard in her business. She's working so many hours, and she was ready to see a shift. And when we started to talk about how Her business operates. We got into a conversation of values, and I asked if she had values. And she did. And I was like, Great. Can you share with me what your values are so we can really start to manage the business around those values? And it was such an eye opener for her because when she revisited the values, she noticed that in the wording, it talked about how They are a company who works hard.

And she realized that she had built her business and the culture of her team around this value to work hard. And there was more to that value, but just those 2 words, she was living out. So I really want you to take a look at your values, your beliefs, your strategy, and simplify, reframe, and really make sure that you're aligned in a way that allows you the autonomy that you want. Shift number 2 is going from decisions based on feelings 2 data driven decision making. Data before decisions, my friend. In order to do more of what works And to cut out the stuff that's not working, you've gotta know what's working. Sounds obvious. Right? But a lot of 6 figure entrepreneurs are guessing at what's working, or they're doing things because they're guessing that it is working.

You need to know. You need to know That exactly what you're spending your time on, what you're asking your team to spend your time on is delivering an ROI. It's not enough to know that some of what you're doing is working and have no idea which part of it. You know, it's easy to know when nothing that you're doing is working. This is the hard part. You are successful. Your business is growing. You reached 6 figures, But now is the time to really dive in and figure out, okay, what's the part that's working and what's the part that's not? And keep doing what's working and cut the stuff that isn't.

We don't wanna cut out the wrong things in the way that you make sure that you're cutting the right things, spending your time on the right things, is by looking at data. 7 figure entrepreneurs are 7 figure entrepreneurs because they're looking at and making decisions based on key performance indicators. They're making decisions based on data. Shift number 3 is going from solopreneur to CEO. This isn't simply about hiring. It's about the mindset that comes with that, the mindset to let go. We've talked about how you need to let go and lead. 6 figure entrepreneurs often grow their businesses by doing things themselves.

They just take on more. They build their businesses With them in the center, only to trap themselves in the day to day hustle, but not 7 figure entrepreneurs. If you wanna reach 7 figures, then you're going to need to realize that hustling and working hard actually results in burnout. Again, this isn't something you haven't heard before, but don't tune out. I've heard too many stories of entrepreneurs who've reached Their breaking point and then finally figured out that in order to scale, they needed to build a team. That was the thing that maybe they were avoiding. It sounded like more work. There is again the mindset around their value in their business, around the quality of the work that they are handing off instead of doing it themselves, Around wondering what they're going to do if they hand off the work, it's time for you to step into your CEO role and learn how to let go and lead.

Shift number 4 is going from the mindset of getting clients to building a company. The journey to 6 figures is Often one of really just focusing on where to get that next client and how to get that next client. There's so much focus on marketing and sales and, yeah, those are critical skills to master, but focusing on marketing and sales alone Leaves you with some pretty big blind spots that will hold you back from 7 figures if not addressed. So, yeah, it's important to get clients. It's important to know where that comes from, but that's really only one aspect of your business. I'm gonna repeat that. It's only one aspect of your business. Marketing and sales is in everything.

It's important, but it's not everything. 7 figure entrepreneurs ensure that they have a strategy to bring in consistent clients, But they're also thinking bigger. They're also focused on everything else required to build a company. That means there are multiple departments in the business. Shift number 5 is going from me to we. I've met So many 6 figure entrepreneurs who have goals and plans in mind that are all about them, even as they add team members, They're still very focused on their own feelings, their own frustrations, their own goals. My clients come to me, and they are welcome to always come to me to share their feelings, their frustrations, and their goals. But once they are in a leadership role, I often have to remind them To take a step back, if you're feeling this way, what do you think your team is feeling? Or remember when the same situation happened in your business Early on, how did you feel then? What is your team experiencing? What are they thinking right now? How can you go and coach them and help them? Seven figure entrepreneurs understand the importance of having a we mindset, and that means the business is bigger than them alone.

I want you to hear this for you, the business, your business is bigger than you alone. And that means growth is no longer only about you. It's also about your team. You've been so focused on you and your audience. Now, you're really shifting, and you're focusing on growth for your team, their personal development, and their ability to impact the growth of your business. Impact is about so much more than you. It's about so much more than your team. It's helping them even understand that the work that they're doing can not only help them in their life, but also so many lives that can change because of the work they're doing.

Leadership is about more than leading your own company. It's about leading and advancing the industry that you're in. It's about changing lives inside of your company, outside of your company. It's about shifting from me to we. So I'm curious, have you made these ships? Have you made these shifts? I believe that every entrepreneur can scale from 6 to 7 figures, but these shifts are required to get there. I'm gonna close out this podcast exactly the way that I started with a reminder that it's not the money that makes you a 7 figure CEO. It's the 7 figure CEO level business and mindset shifts that make you the money.

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