Episode 69: Becoming A Mind Reader


Do you really know your target audience? On this week’s episode of The Elevate Effect™ podcast, I talk about how you can go beyond the facade and understand your target audience on a deeper level.

Learning about their demographics isn’t enough. You might also be figuring out their psychographics (values, attitudes, pain points, desires) or behaviors (where they hang out, what they like to do, their hobbies, their daily routine). But again, is this enough if you want to change their lives? You need to understand how they are thinking, before you try to sell them anything. Buyers are liars, but not necessarily intentionally.

“To understand what you need to tell your audience, you must first understand what they are telling themselves. Many people are telling themselves a story – a story that may not even necessarily be true.” – Kathryn Binkley #theelevateeffect

For example, a potential client might say, “I’m going to try doing this on my own”. A typical entrepreneur might try to sell them something and explain how it’ll get them results faster. Meanwhile, the prospect is doubting whether the result is even possible for them at all and is feeling afraid to waste an investment.

“It’s your job to know what your audience is thinking. You need to become a mind reader. Mind readers change lives. Knowing what your audience is actually thinking will help them get out of their own way and start getting results.” – Kathryn Binkley #theelevateeffect

Do your research. Talk to your audience, put yourself in their shoes and plan ahead to really understand what they may be thinking.

You need to focus on the very next step – what’s the smallest next step that you want them to take? It’s just clicking on an ad, just opting in, just reading the page…

Here are 5 things you need to understand about your target audience before you can ask them to do anything:

1. Current Situation

Where are they now? What’s their current situation?

2. Thoughts

What are they telling themselves? What are their fears? doubts? What do they need to think to move forward?

3. Feelings

How do they feel now? How do they need to feel to take action? How do they want to feel?

4. Actions

What are they currently doing (or not doing)? What actions do they need to take?

5. Results

What are their current results? What results do they want? What results can they expect? What’s possible for them?

You can change lives and make a difference by looking behind the curtains and reading between the lines. Knowing your target audience at a deeper level is how you can get them to take action.

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