Episode 68: How vs. Who

3 Ways to Achieve Your Goals in Business

When it comes to ways to achieve your goals in business, there’s more to consider than traditional goal strategies. As the new quarter kicks off, The Elevate Effect™ podcast talks about asking the question WHO instead of how when planning to achieve a new goal or milestone in your business.

A typical strategic plan usually looks at where you are now, where you want to be and HOW you’re going to get there. But there’s a step that traditional strategic planning skips:

Before you decide how, focus on WHO. Who do you need to become to accomplish your goals?

I encourage you to do these 3 exercises to help you explore who you need to become in order for your business to grow:

1. Million Dollar You

Let’s say that your next revenue milestone is hitting your first million.

If your name were Molly, ask yourself: Who the Million Dollar Molly would need to be? What characteristics does she have? What does she spend her time thinking and doing? How does she make decisions?

Where do you need to grow to develop into Million Dollar Molly?

2. The Hat Exercise

Imagine different hats you could wear – firefighter, detective, surgeon, party hat, etc.

In order to reach your goals, what’s the one hat that you should:
-keep wearing?
-stop wearing?
-start wearing?

Maybe you need to keep wearing your party hat and focus on having fun in your business. Maybe you need to stop wearing your firefighter hat and stop running around and putting out all the fires. Maybe you need to start wearing a detective hat and figure out where you can optimize to get better results.

3. Self-Concept Exercise

Think of a mentor or an influencer or a successful business owner – someone you look up to who has achieved what you’d like to achieve. Then, think of a goal that you want to reach this quarter- it can be launching a mastermind, writing a book or doubling your revenue for example.

Choose one goal and have one specific person in mind. Imagine that this person had the same goal as you. I want you to notice your thoughts about this person trying to accomplish what it is that you want to accomplish. (For example: it would be easy for her, she’d sell out in a day…)

Now, examine your thoughts about YOU achieving that goal. Does it feel different for you? Why do you think differently about what’s possible for you? It all comes back to your self-concept. Who do you need to be to make it easy for you to accomplish your goals?

Ultimately, the best ways to achieve your goals in business are to focus on your personal growth. This will be the key to executing, following through, and scaling your business. Set clear goals for the quarter, but don’t forget to look at who in addition to the how.

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