Episode 66: It Gets To Be Easy

Scaling a Business With Ease

Scaling a business looks different when you’re going from 6 to 7 figures. Sure, you can scale a 6-figure business with hustle – in fact, that’s how most entrepreneurs do it. But once you reach somewhere between 100K – 400K in your business, you hit a wall. You run out of time and energy to grow that revenue. That’s when you need to change your scaling model so it aligns with the life you truly want to live. 


Easy. Fun. Light. Inspired. 

There’s something very interesting that happens when we start anything new. With any new program or project, our brains immediately judge the idea and decide whether to move forward. Often, our brains decide it’s too hard. In this episode of the Scale to Seven® podcast, I share with you how to figure out what will feel easy, fun, light and inspired so you can move forward.

What’s feeling hard to you right now? Maybe you’re like the clients I work with every day who find it hard to make pivots in their businesses, manage their teams, or sell their programs. I want you to think of the thing that you’re putting off and spending countless hours on, letting it drag on way longer than necessary – or the thing that you’re dreading.

Do you have something in mind? Now, what if it were easy? Because it gets to be easy! In fact, it is easy- it’s your brain that is making it harder than it needs to be.

A Real Life Example

A client of mine recently told me how easily she can book clients into her program, but a week later she came back and told me how hard it was to sell that same program. It’s funny how she had a change of heart, so I reminded her and we talked about how it could feel easy. Because truthfully, it’s just all in her head.

She wanted to change the program she was promoting, but I saw a thought pattern. I predicted that if she switched gears, she would get excited again in the short-term, and then as soon as things weren’t going perfectly – she’d decide it was hard again.

'When we have the mindset of things being too hard, we continually come back to it. We can change external circumstances thinking that's going to solve the problem, and it doesn't.' - Kathryn Binkley #scaletosevenClick To Tweet

Hint: Scaling a Business With Ease Depends On Your Mindset

Again, it gets to be easy. It’s your choice to make it hard or to make it easy. When it starts to feel hard, ask yourself, “What if this were easy?” Then start moving forward! Don’t hold yourself back from taking any action because you feel it’s too hard. It doesn’t mean it will always be easy. Of course, there will be discomfort and struggle sometimes, but you need to push through.

Stop overcomplicating things and start having some fun! Choose easy. Go ahead, take action and get it done. Keep in mind, it gets to be easy.

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