Episode 64: The Freedom Test

Are You Sure Your Business Can Run Without You?

Before packing your bags for a well-deserved summer vacation, have you made sure that your business can can run without you? On this week’s episode of the Scale to Seven® podcast, I share with you the steps that you can take in order for your business to run smoothly even when you’re away.

Are you one of those entrepreneurs who can’t even imagine going away for a day because your business will implode without you? But wasn’t freedom the goal when you created your business?

As I record this episode, one of my clients is on maternity leave and her business is running without her. Leading up to her maternity leave, we prepped her business to be self-sustaining for weeks!

To help you achieve more freedom for yourself and your business, here’s an outline of the steps that I took with my client to prepare her business for her leave:

6 Ways to Make Sure Your Business Can Run Without You

1. Create systems.

Everything required to run the day-to-day of your business must be systematized so that the business doesn’t depend on you, or anyone else, to know how to do something.

2. Delegate.

Audit everything that needs to be done in your business and if someone else can do it, delegate it.

3. Batch create what ONLY YOU can do.

If there are things that only you can do like recording a podcast or creating a video, batch those ahead of time so that the work is done in advance.

4. Determine criteria for communication.

Limit your contact to ONE person who can reach out to you while you’re on vacation- only if needed. Talk with that person in advance on what warrants them reaching out. Then, unplug from all regular forms of business communication so that you’ll only be contacted when you’re really needed. If you feel like you need to regularly check-in, define specific times and communicate those times to your team in advance so they can be prepared to answer any questions and to give updates.

5. Check out.

Truly back off and let your business run without you! Trust your business, team and processes.

6. Don’t expect perfection.

Let your team work things out and don’t step in unless the business will truly implode.

Give your business the freedom test and see if your business can run without you. Enjoy your next vacation!

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