Episode 63: Protect Your Energy

How to Protect Your Energy When Dealing With Customer Service Issues

Dealing with customer service issues becomes more and more necessary as your business grows and scales. Here’s a short but sweet episode of The Elevate Effect™ podcast where I dive in to these issues smoothly as you scale your business.

First… know that this is completely normal! More customers coming in will naturally lead to more complaints.

You cannot please everyone. Issues are inevitable. But there are rules you can implement that protect your energy in the meantime. 

3 Rules to Protect Your Energy When Dealing With Customer Service Issues

1. All customer service issues should be directed to ONE email.

Receiving customer service concerns should not be spread out over various platforms. Ideally, there should only be one hub or one email.

2. Someone else should field all those emails.

You should not even see them unless there’s an issue that must be escalated and there’s no one else to handle it. Your business cannot afford your non-customer service team members to be bombarded with customer issues that will cause them to doubt the transformation that you offer and to drop their confidence level and enthusiasm.

3. Set policies, draft templates to common issues, automate wherever possible and consistently enforce.

My advice is to implement these three rules now because one day you’ll need them. It’s safer to be ready now than to be sorry later!

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