Episode 61: Launch Hangover

Making Sure You Launch Smoothly

Whether or not you launch smoothly determines which type of “Launch Hangovers” you end up with. Sometimes, it feels like an indescribable high followed by an intense crash! In this episode of the Scale to Seven® podcast, I share the two types of launch hangovers.

My clients who recently had a wildly successful launch caught me by surprise by using the phrase “launch hangover”. If launching isn’t new to you, you might be able to spill a few post-launch horror stories of your own. I was a bit triggered by this phrase, until I realized there are actually two very different kinds of launch hangovers:

Launch Hangover, Type #1: Behind the Scenes Is Chaos

The first type is the launch hangover I thought of first. It reminds of a college girl during finals week who had little sleep, wore the same clothes every day, and chugged energy drinks to make it through the week. She was all on her own because it was all up to her to pass her exams. Then one day, she wakes up with puke in her hair after partying too hard.

Does this kind of launch sound familiar to you? It’s the kind where you hustle to do too many tasks the day of, stay up until wee hours of the morning and get up early to do it all over again, face tech troubles and forget things. By the end of the launch, you don’t care how much you sold because you just want it over.

Launch Hangover, Type #2: Setting Up to Launch Smoothly

To me, the second type of launch hangover is like the morning after my wedding. I remember feeling like I was on cloud 9. I was exhausted, but in a different way. I planned all the details of my wedding well in advance and I hired people to execute the day of. I just showed up to do what only I needed to do- I walked down the aisle, said “I do”, danced, and stayed up late to celebrate it all.

This is the kind of launch hangover that I want you to have! As an integrator, I work in advance to streamline launches- systematizing, automating and delegating- so that my clients can enjoy the launch. This requires planning, assigning tasks, writing and scheduling launch content, setting clear roles for each team member, and prepping everything in advance so that there’s time to test before the cart opens.

A launch should look like this: staying up late but only so you could countdown and celebrate the launch numbers, taking note of – but not feeling crushed by the things that can be improved, and feeling exhausted from showing up fully and with wide-open energy and from giving your launch everything you’ve got!

My clients made over 6-figures in 5 days. The team celebrated every single milestone during the launch. We were literally counting down to our goal and watching as we blew past it. This is the what-a-launch-should-feel-like kind of a hangover!

'Do yourself a favor and prep for your launch ahead of time, so you can focus on showing up, going all out and celebrating during.' - Kathryn Binkley #scaletosevenClick To Tweet

Cheers in advance to your next successful, smooth launch! See you next week!

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