Episode 60: Create Your Future Org Chart (and start using it today)

How to Make an Org Chart and Why You Need One

“How to make an org chart” is one of THE most underrated (but important!) questions you can ask in your business. Whether you’re the only person in your business or you’ve hired several contractors or team members, you NEED an org chart. In this episode, I talk about why you need one and how you can create one that is simple and highly effective. 

3 Reasons Why You Need an Org Chart for Your Business

1. It provides tremendous clarity around how your business is structured and therefore, how your work, projects, files and more should be organized.

2. It assigns clear accountability in your business. It lets you know who is responsible for each and every result, project, task, and ultimately, the management of all of the people along the way.

3. It points out inefficiencies.

If you don’t already have an org chart, I’ll help you create yours today! I share with you a common structure that I implement with my clients.

It would be really helpful to listen to last week’s episode where I discuss in detail the four types of people you need to scale to 7-figures.

Here’s How to Make Your Org Chart

Your chart will start with the Visionary, who is typically the founder and CEO, at the top. Below the Visionary is the Integrator or COO who manages the day-to-day and reports directly to the Visionary.

Under the Integrator, I recommend starting with these three departments, all of which will have a director role that serves as a strategist and manager for the department:

1. Growth

This includes marketing and sales. It is responsible for growth in both reach of your prospective clients and revenue.

2. Operations

This handles all necessary functions for running the day-to-day of the business, as well as efficiency and quality control. It supports both growth and fulfillment initiatives.

3. Fulfillment or Client/Customer Success

This involves delivering the promise made to your clients/customers. Under this department is where all of your services, programs and products are managed and fulfilled. It is responsible for customer experience and retention.

Under each department, list the specific roles for the tacticians in your business. They are the team members who handle specific roles or tasks under each department. When doing this, DO NOT think about the people already on your team or list their names, but instead map it out based on roles.

Don’t structure your business around your team. Align your team members to the structure that your business needs. As a Visionary, you may be serving in multiple roles in your business because you haven’t yet hired someone in those roles. When you learn how to make an org chart based on roles and not team members, you’re able to see where the gaps are.

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