Episode 6: How to Create A Lead Magnet That Doesn’t Suck

Do you have a lead magnet but you’re not getting the leads that you had hoped for? In this episode, I share why your lead magnet sucks and what you can do to fix it! When I first started out in business, I created more lead magnets that I care to admit. Maybe you can relate… after all of that work, you put it out into the world and get a whopping total of 3 subscribers and that includes yourself and your mom! So what’s wrong? Well, you’re not alone and I am going to go over some tips on how you can create a lead magnet that YOUR audience finds irresistible! 

  1. Make it specific. Your lead magnet can’t be vague or focus on many different topics. It has to be super specific focusing on one thing!
  2. Provide real value. Some kind of a quick win, for example, a cheat sheet or checklist.
  3. Solve a pain point. Give people something they actually want, not simply need! Check out a previous episode where I talk about what your dream clients actually want! Episode 3: What Does Your Dream Client Want?
  4. Attract your dream clients. I’ve seen clients that have created a lead magnet that was too vague or too general. It was something that could help anyone when not everyone is your dream client, right? Remember your ideal client and cater to those people.
  5. Demonstrate credibility. Show your expertise and position yourself as someone with authority and experience around whatever it is that they need.
  6. Build curiosity. The title of your lead magnet should tease your audience a little! You want your dream clients to read what your lead magnet is but not have the all the answers just by reading the title. Leave a little to the imagination and build curiosity so that they actually want to download it and figure out what’s inside.
  7. Make sure it looks professional. First impression is everything right? If graphic design isn’t your area of expertise, you can still make your lead magnet attractive and professional-looking by using templates on creativemarket.com or by hiring a designer.
  8. Make it easily consumable. You want your dream client to be able to skim through it and have some takeaways within minutes. Think, immediate gratification.
  9. Make it relevant to the content before and your offer after. When you’re promoting your lead magnet, you’re going to attract people through content. That content should lead seamlessly to your lead magnet. After they download it and consume it, you want it to lead seamlessly to your offer. This alignment is an absolute must!

So maybe your lead magnet sucks. I don't know. Maybe this story is familiar to you. Here's what I know. When I first started out in business, I created more lead magnets than I care to admit. I created several, and I put them all out there, and maybe your story is similar to mine. You painstakingly created this lead magnet. You took the time to write everything, worded it all perfectly.

You took the time to try to make it look nice. You connected it with your email provider, built a landing page, Created the form. Created the confirmation email. You learn how to do everything from beginning to end to get the text set up And to get everything operating and you start to put it out there. But then you check back and you've got, like, 3 subscribers. One of those is you from when you tested it, and one is your mom. Thanks, mom. Right? So maybe you've got 1 person who actually opted in for real.

So this whole opt in thing isn't really working for you. It's supposed to be a lead magnet, but it's not really drawn anyone to you. It's not attracting your audience at all. So what's wrong? Is it really that bad? Probably. Probably is. But what is wrong? What's the problem? Well, tonight, that's what we're gonna talk about. Now if that story was at all familiar to you and you've taken all the time to create a lead magnet And then simply didn't get anyone to reply, respond, subscribe. Nothing was working.

You're not alone. It's happened to many of us. I, again, as I mentioned earlier, have created lots of lead magnets. And early in my business, I had some that I created that I thought were incredible, but, unfortunately, my audience did not because no one really wanted it. It was great that I created this opt in, this freebie, but even though it's free, no one wanted it. So I had to shift strategies and create some things that my audience actually wanted. And I've got some tips for you on how to do just that. So if your lead magnet sucks, again, you're not alone, and it's not too late to Shift gears and create something that is going to help you grow your list, get in front of the right people, attract them to you, and bring in those dream clients.

So first, if you're not clear on what a lead magnet even is, maybe you're listening to me, and you have no idea what I'm talking about. Well, a lead magnet is some sort of A PDF or a checklist. It could be an online course, a cheat sheet, some kind of a resource that you provide for free in exchange for someone's email address, and it's a great way to attract your audience and grow your email list. The problem is, oftentimes, they don't work. They just simply don't work, and so that's what we're gonna dive into. So if your lead magnet isn't working, then maybe it's for one of these reasons. Maybe and I hate to say it this way, but maybe it sucks, right, because it doesn't meet this criteria. So let's go through 9 different pieces of criteria that your lead magnet needs to meet in order to actually get people to want to download it.

Okay? So number 1, make it specific. Your lead magnet can't be vague. It can't be some random topics. It can't focus on several things. It needs to be super specific Focusing on one thing. And ideally, that thing relates to, number 2, providing real value. Some kind of either a quick win or it could be long term impact depending. A cheat sheet or checklist will provide that quick win versus maybe for a longer term impact, you have an online course that's free or something like that.

But either way, it needs to provide this real value that's focused on Outcome and results. Number 3, it needs to solve a pain point. This is where I messed up. I used to give people what they needed instead of what they wanted. Now go listen to one of my last couple of Episodes where I talk all about what your target audience wants to dive into and get some more clarity around that. But this is where I messed up. I would give people something that I knew that they needed, but it's not the thing that they wanted. It wasn't what was keeping them up at night.

It wasn't the thing that they were actually typing into Google and searching for. So you've gotta do that. You've gotta solve a pain point. Number 4, it needs to actually attract your dream clients. I've seen far too often where clients Come to me with a lead magnet already in mind or maybe already created, and it's something that it's so vague or Just something general that anyone could benefit from. Something like a lead magnet on time management, for example. Everyone can benefit from that. So it doesn't matter who downloads a time management lead magnet.

It could help anyone. Right? It could help everyone. But your target audience isn't everyone, and that's another topic for another day. So it needs to attract your dream clients. It needs to be, going back to number 1, So very specific that you know that only the people who are qualified and are your dream clients are the ones that would want it. Number 5. You want your lead magnet to demonstrate credibility. You want it to show your expertise, position you as someone with authority and experience around whatever it is that they need.

Number 6, build curiosity. So you want the title of your lead magnet to leave a little room for mystery. Leave something for the mind to imagine and play with. You've Probably heard that about the way that maybe you should dress as a woman. Leave a little something to the imagination. Well, guess what? Same applies with your lead magnet. Leave a little to the imagination, ladies. You want your dream audience, your dream clients to read what your lead magnet is, but not have all the answers just from reading the title.

So leave a little to the imagination. Build that curiosity so that they actually want to download it to figure out what's inside. Alright. Number 7. Make sure it looks professional. This may sound like a no brainer, but it's Super important. I've seen too many people try to design a lead magnet themselves, and, you know, that's okay if You're good at that kind of thing. But if you're not, then just that first impression of the way that your lead magnet looks will hugely Impact.

How many people download it? So make sure it looks professional. There are a few ways that you can do this. There are templates that you can purchase on something like creativemarket.com Or hire a designer. Hire a designer to help you. Make sure that it matches your branding and looks professional. Number 8, you want it to be easily consumable, something that Can be read and used within minutes. You want them to be able to skim through it and to receive some kind of takeaways Literally within minutes, you want some immediate gratification. And number 9, you want it relevant to the content before they learned about it as well as your offer afterwards.

So what do I mean by that? When you're promoting your lead magnet, you're going to use some content. And, ideally, that content will lead straight into your lead magnet. Whatever your big solution is that you help dream clients with, Ideally, your lead magnet ties into that somehow so that no matter what you talk about, it's a very obvious next step to download this lead magnet after they read your content. And then very similarly, after they download this lead magnet and consume that, obvious next step should be your offer. So you want these all in alignment to work 1 after the other. You don't want to Create, a blog post or Facebook Live or whatever content. Any kind of marketing content works. Let me give an example here.

Let's say you don't wanna create some content around how to figure out your target audience and then shift gears to a lead magnet all about time management and then to an offer all about how to launch. Right? What might make more sense is to create a blog post or Facebook Live about how to identify your target audience And then create a lead magnet about crafting an irresistible offer for that target audience. And then maybe your offer It's about launching. See how that flows better? So keep that in mind. You want your lead magnet to be relevant to the content before and your offer after. As a quick recap, here's how to know whether your lead magnet sucks or not. Here's some, tips to make sure that it doesn't suck. One, make it specific, focus on one thing.

2, provide real value, a quick win or long term impact. Number 3, solve a pain point. Number 4, attract your dream clients. Not everyone. It's gotta be your dream clients. Number 5, demonstrate credibility. Number 6, build curiosity. Number 7, make sure it looks professional.

Number 8, make it easily consumable. And number 9, make it relevant to the content before and your offer after. If you don't have a lead magnet, then I highly encourage you to create one. It's something that every online business owner needs. It's going to help you attract the right people to your business. It's called a lead magnet because it acts like a magnet to attract qualified leads for your business. So create that lead magnet. It's the 1st step in building a sales funnel, and sales funnels can be Incredible.They can impact your business in an amazing way. So that's the 1st step to draw those leads to you. There's a lot that you can do after that, but that's the 1st step. So go create that lead magnet and make sure it doesn't suck so that people actually wanna download it.

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