Episode 59: The Four Types of People Your Business Needs

Building the Right Team to Scale Your Business 

Building the right team to scale your business will make or break your ability to get to 7 figures without hustle or burnout. In this episode of  The Elevate Effect™ podcast, I share with you the four types of people you need on your team in order to successfully scale your business.

1. Visionary

This refers to the CEO or founder of the business. The Visionary is a high level, conceptual thinker who sees what is possible. They are the creative spark in the company!

More emotionally driven, the Visionary is responsible for casting vision, communicating values and shaping the culture of the business. Building external relationships and learning about their industry are also part of their roles. The Visionary thinks and rethinks what’s possible when expanding the business.

If you are an entrepreneur, the Visionary is YOUR role and this is a FULL TIME role. You have to let go of other roles and hire people who are better suited for those roles.

2. Integrator

The Integrator makes it happen. They are the right hand of the Visionary and serve as the COO. Usually, behind the scenes, they run the day to day of the business. The Integrator is responsible for growing the business, holding everything together and making sure everyone is held accountable.

They are more focused internally by creating clarity and building consistency in order to drive results. As opposed to the Visionary, the Integrator is more logically driven and creates efficiencies, processes and systems. Since the Visionary sparks a lot of ideas which may create chaos in the business, the Integrator serves as a filter by helping prioritize, removing obstacles and resolving issues.

3. Strategist

You need a Strategist for each major function or department (or even within each of the functions or departments) in your business. They are responsible for planning, managing and measuring results. They’re not best suited to carry out the detailed tasks, that’s why you need the fourth type in your business.

4. Tacticians

They are the ones who execute. They are told what needs to be done and they get things done. Tacticians are hard workers who carry out and complete tasks specific to their roles.

Do you have all four types in your business? Right now, you may be serving in all roles in your business and you might think that you are supposed to be great at all of them, but your business needs you in the CEO role. Hiring a team is not an overnight process, but you can start by making a commitment to take steps in the right direction today!

Listen to today’s episode to find out how to build the right team to scale your business!

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