Episode 56: Honoring Your Emotions with Rachel Freemon Sowers


Managing Your Emotions in Business

Managing emotions in business can often get overlooked among entrepreneurs. It’s easy to assume that business is cutthroat and there’s no room for feelings. In fact, many people in the business world try to suppress and limit their emotions in an attempt to survive the pressures.

In this episode, Rachel Freemon Sowers sheds light on how you can leverage your feelings in your business in order to create more connection to yourself and others, and begin to honor your emotions.

Rachel’s Top Tips on Managing Emotions in Business

  • Rachel tells about being an “emotions strategist” and helping people in business leverage their emotions to propel forward and have the life they want.
  • Know the line between therapy and coaching, and discover why bridging the gap between your past and your present can lead to healing and moving forward.
  • Rachel and I talk about looking within ourselves and identifying and accepting our “light and dark sides” to prevent self-doubt, frustration and overwhelm.
  • I talk about my personal take on labeling our emotions as “good” or “bad” and on judging and suppressing our feelings.
  • Rachel shares Powerful by Design: The Collective where driven people work through their difficulties when they’re having them and consistently take action with fierce confidence to get the result they want.

About The Guest:

Rachel is a psychotherapist turned business strategist, dynamic speaker, truth teller, and entrepreneur. She is a trusted guide to intelligent, ambitious, and soulful professionals and online entrepreneurs who are looking to a make a massive impact in the world. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management, a Masters in Counseling Psychology and specialized PhD education in Mind Body Medicine and Integrative Mental Health. Over the last 18 years, Rachel has honed her craft and developed a highly impactful streamlined process that allows professionals and online entrepreneurs to remove the emotional and strategic barriers that are holding them back from having the business and life they desire.

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