Episode 53: Turning Leads Into Instant Customers With Tripwires with Eden Fried


Using Tripwire Marketing to Earn Passive Income

Tripwire marketing (when done right) can be a great tool to quickly turn leads into customers and create passive income. Today’s guest on the Scale to Seven® podcast is Eden Fried, the “Digital Product Lady,” who specializes in paying the bills with passive income – without working for a boss. 

Eden’s Top Tips to Use Tripwire Marketing Effectively

  • Eden’s passion in teaching is what lights her up! She mostly loves seeing people’s transformation and knowing that they are achieving the results they crave. But what makes it more lit is that her business gives her freedom and flexibility to follow her passion on her own terms.
  • Eden and I talk about her journey from planning to attend law school to being a “digital product lady”, and what it really takes to be a “rebel woman”.
  • Discover what a tripwire is and how you can enjoy earning passive income online and convert your audience into customers faster.
  • Eden shares the step-by-step guide on how to utilize tripwires in your business, and the tools you need to make it more effective.
  • Learn some tips on how to make your tripwires successful and get instant results!

About The Guest:

Eden Fried is the “digital product lady!” After bailing on her plan to attend law school back in 2016 (despite paying her seat deposit, securing an apartment, dropping thousands on textbooks), Eden decided to try her hand at entrepreneurship instead. Since then, Eden mastered the art of making a full time income with digital products (things like ebooks, courses, workshops, etc.) Eden is a rebel – she believes you shouldn’t need to work for someone else in order to pay the bills – so she’s dedicated her life to inspiring and teaching other rebel women how to turn their passion into a digital product they can sell and make an income from online. She’s the host of the Rebel Boss Ladies podcast and the founder of Rebel Boss University, a membership community where she teaches rebels how to create and launch a digital product within 90 days. When Eden’s not at work, she can be found at the gym throwing around some moderately heavy weights (emphasis on the word moderately) or rewatching an episode of Friends or How I Met your Mother for the millionth time. 

Where to Find Eden Online

If you want to learn how to turn your brand new leads into customers instantly with a tripwire, check out Eden’s Instant Customer Guide which includes bonus images and process maps that will help you get your tripwire off the ground and running in no time! Grab it for free HERE.

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