Episode 52: A Simple System for Social Media Content

Creating A Simple System for Social Media Content Creation

If you don’t have a SIMPLE system for your social media content creation, you need one asap! When social media channels are looking like a ghost town, it’s time to shake things up a bit by keeping your social media content flowing!

Coming up with fresh content to publish on social media can be a struggle, and being consistent is another story. So much time can be consumed if you don’t have a surefire system for continuously posting new content on your channels.

In this episode, I’m sharing four types of social media content which can work together as a simple system to maximize your reach without taking a ton of your time.

My 4-Part System for Social Media Content Creation

  1. Newly published content from other platforms
    • If you are consistently publishing new content on other platforms such as a blog, podcast or even prerecorded video series, let your audience know through social media! This is great to keep them in the loop about what’s new to check out.
  2. Recurring content
    • What’s amazing about this type of content is once it’s set-up, you’re good to go! This is a no sweat way of stretching the reach of your existing content and posting consistently without too much effort because the tool automatically does it for you.
  3.  Themed content
    • This type works best if you want to promote a free or paid product or service, and drive leads and sales to your business. I recommend choosing one specific theme each week that is aligned with your offer and revolve your content around it.
  4. Repurposed content
    • All you need to do is be creative when repurposing your old content. For example, share a clip of your Facebook Live on Instagram Stories or a quote from a blog post on your Facebook Page.
'You need to know where your audience is and focus in on one or two social media channels. It's better to focus on one channel and do it really well.' - Kathryn Binkley #scaletosevenClick To Tweet

All four types of content together make planning out your content a repeatable and simple system. But here’s the thing, social content is only one aspect of content marketing.

If you want a system for all of your content that connects and converts your audience, the Content to Cash mini-course is perfect for you! I’ll teach you step-by-step how to create a plan for your content marketing that converts to cash. Grab your copy of the Content to Cash 5-Day Challenge here!


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