Episode 5: Content Marketing From the Inside Out

Today, we are chatting about how to get the most out of your content so you can stop creating new content for every single marketing channel. But first, what is content marketing? According to The Content Marketing Institute, it is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and ultimately driving profitable customer action.

  • It’s really all about providing value throughout a buyer’s journey from free access to paid services.
  • There’s a lot of content that we need in our businesses every single day. Just think about the content that you create for every social media channel. This can get so overwhelming.
  • Today, we are going to look at a different approach to creating content. Instead of starting by focusing on each marketing channel, you’re going to focus on the message and offer you want to share.
  • Once that is all clear, you’ll create and repurpose your content, and then distribute it to each marketing channel. One of the ways I like to approach my content creation is through journaling. Each morning I journal right from my heart. Usually, there’s some message that I feel will resonate with my audience and I pull it straight from my journal and repurpose it for each platform.

Hey. Hey. Welcome back to the podcast. Today, we're gonna chat about content marketing and how to get the most out of your content. So what is content marketing? That's a great place to start just to make sure that we're all on the same page. Content Marketing Institute has a definition of content marketing that I love. So here it is. A strategic marketing approach Focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience, and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

We could really break that down. But in essence, it's all about providing value throughout a buyer's journey from free access to paid services. There's a lot of content that we need in our businesses every single day. Just think about all of the things that you need to create when it comes to content. Maybe even sometimes you feel like you can't keep up. I think we've all been there at times. There's so much content that could be created and sometimes that we feel like should be created, and it can get overwhelming. I want you to imagine a wheel with hub and spokes.

And on the outer edge of each spoke, Imagine that that's where each marketing channel is placed. Will, you have every marketing channel from email and Instagram stories, your Instagram feed, your blog, Facebook page, Facebook lives, Facebook group, podcast, website content, live videos, YouTube, Pinterest, lead magnets, live events like webinars and challenges, Anywhere and everywhere that you distribute content is on the outside of this wheel. Now imagine the spokes as you're messaging. This is your actual content. And it all leads to the center of the wheel, to the hub of the wheel where your offer is. Now many, many business owners start on the outside of that wheel and work their way in. Imagine waking up each day, looking at your to do list, and realizing, okay. I need to Post something on Facebook.

What am I gonna post? And coming up with a message. And, hopefully, it leads to an offer. You may not even know what that offer is, but you know that You gotta get something out there. You need to be consistent. So you're just gonna put out some content, and you're gonna hope that it'll make sense with the call to action that you decide to promote. So you come up with some content for social media for the day, and you're really just checking it off of the list. And then you realize, okay. Now I need to do a weekly Facebook Live, for example, and you gotta come up with a topic for that.

And then You continue around your will, and sometimes you completely misspokes because you don't have all of the time to get it all done. You run out of steam. You're starting from scratch for every single channel, and it's overwhelming, inefficient, and, quite frankly, ineffective. Today, I wanna share with you a different approach. We're gonna look at your content marketing from the inside out. So first, I want you to think about the center of this wheel. What's at the hub? And I want this to be your offer, but I also want this to be the impact that you want to make. I want the center of your hub to be all about your core message, your mission, and your vision, and ultimately, the offer that you're going to promote.

And you're not gonna start creating any content and definitely not sharing any content until you're clear on what's at the hub. The hub is what holds all of those folks together, and you've gotta have that figured out first. So what is it that you're gonna offer? What is the message that you feel so passionate about that you want to share today? One approach that you can use that I actually love is to journal each day. I do that as a part of my morning routine. It's part of my mindset work. But then I take what comes out of my heart in my journaling and turn that around into my content. I know that when I journal, that's what's coming from my heart. It's super aligned.

There's this emotional connection. And the content that comes from that is so much more compelling than when I try to force messaging for each platform. So, again, get clear on your offer. What are you gonna sell today? Get clear on your mission and vision, which will be constant. And then each day, look at what's really inspiring you, motivating you, or coming from your heart that you feel that you wanna share. And that's all going to be in the center. Then you're gonna take that message, and you're going to look at the same message and how to repurpose it and then distribute it to each channel. So rather than coming up with a different message for each channel, You're gonna have a consistent, constant message that's repurposed for each platform.

So you're gonna work your way from the inside out. And, of course, your message will be different on Twitter than it will be for a blog post. But they can still be aligned, and that's what we want. So maybe you write the blog post, and then you do a Facebook live on this same topic. And you pull a quote to post on Twitter. And then you repurpose that Facebook Live into a YouTube video. And you pull that Facebook Live content and turn it into a podcast, and then you pull out key pieces and turn it into an email, you can see how you can take 1 piece of content. One message that really comes from your heart that's also super aligned with what you're offering.

And rather than Starting from scratch with every single marketing channel, those become the places where you're distributing the content. The same content just repurposed. This makes all the difference in the world. All of a sudden, your message is aligned on all platforms. And when your ideal clients are interacting with you, it's likely they're going to come across your content in more than 1 place. And that's a good thing because they're gonna see a consistent message, and it takes more than one time for people to hear something before they react, before they respond, before they take action. So when you're putting consistent content and messaging out there that all leads back to this offer, the same offer, then your audience is much more likely to actually take action. You're building up that frequency.

Also, your marketing is going to be much more efficient and cost effective. You will be less overwhelmed. You'll get things done faster, saving lots of time and energy. There are so many incredible benefits to working on your marketing from the inside out. So to get the most out of your content, start from the inside, work your way out, and share that message that's coming from your heart and aligned with your offer. You have an amazing message to share, and the world needs to hear it. So let's do it in a way that's the most effective. Let's preserve your energy and make a bigger impact while you're at it.

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