Episode 49: Protecting Your Brand with Joey Vitale


“How Do I Legally Protect My Brand?”

Knowing how to legally protect your brand (and taking the action to do it) will save you so much stress and heartache in the long run. So many entrepreneurs talk about building a brand, but unless you want to waste a ton of time and money, you need to also make sure you’re protecting your brand.

Joey’s Top Tips on How to Legally Protect Your Brand

  • Trademarks are a complicated aspect of the law that has a lot of gray areas, and many business owners tend to overlook it because of the misunderstanding of what trademarks are.
  • Joey is passionate about helping online business owners get peace of mind by proactively spreading the message about how trademarks work.
  • Passionate online business owners spend a lot of time and thought into creating a brand which is deeply rooted from their vision. Joey and I talk about why investing in protecting your brand at the start of your business is vital in its success.
  • Joey explains that one of the biggest misconceptions about trademarks is that it’s something you have to decide “to do or not to do”. Once you start to use your brand, you are either claiming trademark rights that are limited or infringing somebody else’s rights without really knowing it.
  • I personally share how I faced a legal issue on trademarks, and how Joey has helped me with it.
  • Don’t know where to start? Joey shares the steps you need to take in order to protect your brand.
  • Discover how social media scammers may attack you and your brand! Joey talks about the compelling details in this episode.

About The Guest:

Joey Vitale is an attorney and customer experience strategist for online solopreneurs. With his law firm, Indie Law, Joey keeps your business protected so you won’t get your entire brand taken away from you. In addition to his law firm, Joey can also keep your business safe and thriving through his online courses and private Facebook group. Joey has spoken in front of thousands of entrepreneurs all over the country to share his expertise and insights on how to build a business that puts you first.

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