Episode 47: One Why Isn’t Enough


When Business Is Tough, You Need Entrepreneur Motivation

Entrepreneur motivation is something deep and strong that keeps you going, even when business is tough. ‘Willing’ yourself to work harder or keep going is not enough! This type of motivation has to be rooted and grounded in your ‘why’ behind your business. 

I want you to think back to when your first started your business. What was your reason why?

Maybe it was to get away from an awful job or to spend more time with your kids? Maybe it was because you were tired of working crazy hours or on the weekends? 

Whatever the reason for initially starting, I want you to ask yourself now, is it still the reason that you have your business today. Because here is what I know to be true. Often times, the reason that you started your business, isn’t the reason that will sustain you. You need a stronger why to carry you through. 

It was enough of a reason for you to take that initial leap into starting your business, but it might not be enough to keep your going. Sure, it lit that initial fire but you need two different kinds of whys to keep you going! 

The Two Types of ‘Why’ You Need for Entrepreneur Motivation

1. Generous Why

  • Your generous why is the why you do what you do for others. This could be for your immediate family or your target audience and the impact that you want to make in the world.  I’m sure you’ve heard of many different companies that donate their proceeds to charity or use their free time to volunteer. There are a lot of ways to express your generous why and that can be really exciting! It can really drive you and give you that sense of purpose that we all need in our business. 

2. Selfish Why 

  • Having a generous why is not the only why that you need and it’s not going to help you sustain the toughest times in your business. The times where business is freaking hard! There are seasons of business where you have to press on and you need a selfish why to keep you going. 
  • When I talk about a selfish why, this can be anything that is the reason for YOU to keep going in business. It can be based on your passion because you get to do what lights you up. It can be the freedom that you create for yourself. It can also be the financial gain. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to make money in your business! I encourage you to dig deeper to know how you’ll spend that money once received.

Once you know your generous and selfish whys, be sure to revisit them at least quarterly. Once you achieve the why you set out initially, celebrate and think about how you can play bigger. When you think you’re playing big, you can play bigger!

Listen to today’s episode to get clarity on these two types of ‘why’ to build up your entrepreneur motivation and resilience! 

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