Episode 46: Identifying Victim Mindset with Molly Sapp


How to Stop Playing the Victim in Business

How to stop playing the victim in business is simpler than you may think. It’s not easy, but Mindset Coach Molly Sapp shares examples of ways to identify the victim mentality and how to change those unhealthy habits. 

In this episode, learn how to identify the victim mindset and the payoffs that may be keeping you stuck.

Molly’s Top Tips on How to Stop Playing the Victim in Your Business

  • Molly’s interest in the mindset field started when she was very young and she shares her journey into creating a career in helping others with their own mindset work. 
  • Creating a business online is actually possible and some may not realize that. Molly shares what lights her up about her business and how she not only has the pleasure of helping others but she also enjoys learning new things from her own clients or people she gets to surround herself with.  
  • Molly and I talk about how you don’t have to stay stuck when you feel like you are struggling with something.  
  • Have you been trying to manifest something and feel frustrated? Molly talks more about having a victim mindset.
  • What’s your payoff to staying stuck? Molly shares what she means by this and how there could be a payoff you don’t realize to your struggles.
  • Molly explains the difference between the work that she provides and when she suggests a therapist to her clients. It’s ok to have both working with you simultaneously. 

About The Guest:

Molly Sapp is founder of mollysapp.com, mindset strategies for high performance females.  She works with female entrepreneurs on everything mindset, whether it’s their bodies, their relationships, and of course, the favorite for entrepreneurs, money.  Molly has been studying personal development for over 20 years, starting with several different religions, finding new age philosophy and spending 10 to 15 hours a day crafting techniques and strategies to transform herself that not only have transformed her life but her clients as well…  She’s helped multiple people make an extra million or two in her first 15 months of business. She went back to Christianity after studying new age philosophy and incorporates many of her strategies to help women heal their connection to God, the universe, or whatever one wants to call it, in order to manifest their deepest desires.

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