Episode 45: Stop Being Your Own Worst Client

A client once said to me, “I know what I’m doing. My clients get results, BIG results but why am I not getting results?”

Have you ever felt that way?

Or maybe you see someone else with less experience than you who is killing it and you’re wondering what you’re doing wrong!

In either of those situations, the difference may be in knowing versus doing. Both are important. Yes, it’s important to know what to do but knowing what to do is not the same as doing it! You have to do the work!

Imagine with me for just a moment that you have a client who knows it all. Or perhaps every time you recommend something, she tells you she’s tried it and didn’t work. Or she knows that she should do something but was too busy to find the time to do the work and makes another excuse the next time you speak with her about why she didn’t get it done.

This kind of client can turn into a nightmare client. It wouldn’t take long before you sat down and had a serious conversation about her progress. Maybe you would give her some tough love but if it continued, you may end up firing that client.

Now, I’m curious, why do you continue to accept excuses from yourself?

Why do you not take your own advice?

Why are you your own worst client? 

If you’re ready to change things, there are two steps!

1. What Would you Tell a Client?

  • Sometimes we are so close to our own situation, we struggle to look at things objectively. I know I’ve given clients advice only to turn around and have my coach give me the same advice! We have to take ourselves out of our situations and imagine that we were a client asking for advice in order to more clearly view the situation and decide what to do.

2. Take Your Own Advice!

  • Take the advice! Once you know what to do, DO IT! If you have to, schedule time in your calendar to get it done. Block off time as if you were your own client booking time with you and take action! You can stop being your own worst client. You deserve better!
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