Episode 44: How to Know Your Dream Client’s Personality with Sarah Arnold

If you enjoy personality tests, this episode is for you! Sarah and I dig into how our personality types affect our business relationships, and our goals!

Episode Summary:

  • Sarah speaks about why it’s important to know both our clients and our own personality types. She says that we have to work with people we are compatible to have a great working experience.
  • Before you can find your dream client, you must understand and know yourself well. Sarah shares her tips and tools on how to best understand your personality type.
  • There are 16 different personality types, but do you know what all of those types mean? Sarah educates us on what they all mean and what it means to be an introvert versus an extrovert.
  • Sarah reveals why it’s important to know how your personality type plays in when working with your dream clients.
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About The Guest:

Sarah Marie Arnold is a numbers storyteller and personality profiler who removes the mystery from numbers and changes how her clients communicate to build a complete story that hits their dream clients at the most personal level. Her background in politics built her communication skills, and when combined with her certification in data analysis from Cornell University and her obsession with personality profiling, it creates a bit of magic. Sarah is an Army wife and mom to 3 boys fueled by tea, more pens than a reasonable person could ever use, and true crime podcasts.

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