Episode 43: 3 Simple Ways to Eliminate Tire-Kickers

How to Deal With Tire Kickers in Your Business

Knowing how to deal with ‘tire kickers’ will save you hours of time and a lot of frustration. If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you’ve probably experienced people who inquire about your services and never pay you. They take up your time, ask a lot of questions, but never move forward.

It’s frustrating, right? You’re putting out all of this content and spending all of this time marketing your business.

There will always be people who do not become paying clients. It is frustrating, but there are things you can do to keep these people from moving forward and taking up more of your time.

How to Deal With Tire Kickers: 3 Simple Methods

1. Post Your Prices on Your Website

This can be controversial and many people debate whether they should share their pricing. My recommendation is to not share your prices for everything you offer but only some of your most popular services.When people visit your website and your prices are well above what they will pay, they will not move forward. That’s a good thing! There is nothing worse than having a conversation with a potential client only for them to realize that you are out of their price range. Hedge that off from the beginning by sharing your prices.

2. Create an Application Form

Before I ever get on the phone with anyone, I require them to put in a little work to start. You want to make sure you’re only getting on the phone with the right people. By putting a form into place, you capture information about your potential clients’ business goals, pain-points, commitment, etc. This will help you weed people out based on how serious they are about working with you.

3. Change The Language You’re Using

I recommend that my clients do target audience research. Speak to real dream clients, document the words they are using, and use that language in your marketing.

Listen to today’s episode to learn how to implement these 3 methods on dealing with tire kickers in your business for good!

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