Episode 40: Finish What You Start

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re probably a visionary with tons of ideas! I know I have no shortage of ideas and I get really excited about them! That’s a great thing unless you’re great at starting but not so much at finishing. Do you start so many things it takes far too long to finish them? I’ve been guilty of both! Just a few weeks ago, I found that I was overwhelming my team with the number of active projects! I had so many things that I wanted to accomplish; I kept starting new things. It all made sense in my brain but I wasn’t slowing down long enough to help my team have what they needed in order for us to finish all these things.

I had to take a step back and look at what we could do. We needed to finish what we started without limiting our creative vision. That was key! As the visionary in my business, I don’t want to stop dreaming and planning what’s next. I want to continue that while also allowing my team to keep moving. 

I decided on a few things that we needed to do and here are the steps we are taking in my business to help us finish what we start!

Create a Container for New Ideas

I’m really good at coming up with a lot of ideas and I’m a quick start but that doesn’t serve my team and me. What I’ve had to do is create a place where I can store all of my ideas without losing them! I plan on a quarterly basis and re-evaluate each month. I have a place where I can brainstorm ideas and drop in all of these ideas that I want to do and save them for the next month or quarter.

Start What We are Committed to Finishing Now

You have to decide what to start right now. Because I plan on a quarterly basis, I have goals in mind for each month. I determine which ideas align with my goals for the quarter, and we give them deadlines! We only start a project if we can commit to finishing it!

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Invest in Your own Leadership Abilities

I’ve had experience managing team members in the past, but now, I have a smaller team and there is still room for improvement. I found that I was handing off a lot of tasks without explaining the bigger picture or giving a clear scope of responsibility. Now when I hand off the responsibility, there is that measurable goal that’s attached to it. I will occasionally bottleneck the tasks in my business, but I can try to remove myself as much as possible. I don’t have to do everything. Now, I focus on the things that only I can do.

Create the Project Plan

When we commit to the project, then we can create the plan! From beginning to end, we lay out what will happen and when. We think through all the tasks to make sure I agree with the approach and we know who will do what by when.

Batch Work

We are batching/automating all the recurring tasks that happen in my business. This is a game changer! This will allow me space to focus on the important things.

Scrum Methodology

We use sprints to tackle projects from beginning to end in a very focused manner. This is the Scrum Methodology. Essentially, rather than working on 10 different priorities all at one time, we are tackle one at a time or a couple at a time to make sure we are getting things done!

Done is Better than Perfect

While I know that I may have big dreams, we make sure that in these sprints we are determining what this phase looks like and leaving space for improvements.


  • Asana – a project management tool

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