Episode 4: Your Journey to the TOP

In our digital world, you are going to hear advice that can be contradictory! So, how do you deal with it and how do you decide which path to take? I recently spoke to two clients that were at a fork in their business and they asked me for advice. I told one gal to only choose one path and told the other she didn’t have to settle and could take both! Confusing, I know… but I explain the difference between the two and why my advice to both women isn’t really contradictory.

'Are you even on the right mountain?' -Kathryn Binkley #scaletosevenClick To Tweet
  • Imagine that your goal is a peak of a mountain and maybe you have some new ideas about how to get to the top. Do you go for it? There are so many ways to get to the top! The reality is, all of these ways can eventually get you to the top but some are going to take more time, some are going to require more effort, and some are going to require more resources.
  • All of these methods could eventually work, but you know what won’t work? What won’t work is starting to climb and then deciding that it’s too hard so you try another way. You continue with this repetitive routine of starting over again and again.
'There are all of these ways to get to the top of the mountain but you need to choose and you need to commit.' -Kathryn Binkley #scaletosevenClick To Tweet
  • Now, when I spoke with one client, I realized that she wasn’t even on the right mountain! So, that brings me to six questions for you to answer yourself!
    1. Are you on the right mountain?
    2. Which mountains do you want to climb?
    3. Do you actually believe you can get to the top?
    4. What equipment do you have?
    5. How big is your mountain?
    6. How many bridges have you finished building?

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