Episode 4: Your Journey to the TOP

In our digital world, you are going to hear advice that can be contradictory! So, how do you deal with it and how do you decide which path to take? I recently spoke to two clients that were at a fork in their business and they asked me for advice. I told one gal to only choose one path and told the other she didn’t have to settle and could take both! Confusing, I know… but I explain the difference between the two and why my advice to both women isn’t really contradictory.

  • Imagine that your goal is a peak of a mountain and maybe you have some new ideas about how to get to the top. Do you go for it? There are so many ways to get to the top! The reality is, all of these ways can eventually get you to the top but some are going to take more time, some are going to require more effort, and some are going to require more resources.
  • All of these methods could eventually work, but you know what won’t work? What won’t work is starting to climb and then deciding that it’s too hard so you try another way. You continue with this repetitive routine of starting over again and again.
  • Now, when I spoke with one client, I realized that she wasn’t even on the right mountain! So, that brings me to six questions for you to answer yourself!
    1. Are you on the right mountain?
    2. Which mountains do you want to climb?
    3. Do you actually believe you can get to the top?
    4. What equipment do you have?
    5. How big is your mountain?
    6. How many bridges have you finished building?

So today I had 2 conversations, 2 different conversations, and I gave advice that might sound a little contradictory. If these 2 women spoke to one another they would definitely be questioning my advice because I told them completely opposite Thanks. Now I told 1 of them that she didn't need to settle. Yes, that's an incredible idea. Go after that, do more, Add something else to her plate, right? And then I told someone else, Nope, sorry, you gotta choose 1 path and stick to it. You need to choose 1 path. And those definitely are contradictory, but the circumstances are so different. And first, before I get into explaining why I gave the different advice and talking about your journey to the top, I want to explain that sometimes you're gonna get contradictory advice even tuning in online, consuming different content from different people.

You might listen to 1 person and they tell you, this is the latest and greatest strategy and it helped me make a massive impact. Right? And then in the same hour, same same minute for that matter, you switch over and you hear someone else say never to use this, that it does not work and not to do it. So what do you do? You're out there. You're trying to learn how to grow your business, and you're hearing this contradictory advice. Well, one reason that that might be happening, One of the main reasons is because the advice that we all give is based on our experience. And some people have more limited experience. They only have their own experiences to go off of. Right? So some people are going to give advice based on their own experiences.

We're all gonna give advice based on our experience, But some people only have their own experience. And they're gonna teach you how to do things the way that they did them. And that may not work for you. And someone else may have had a different experience. On the other hand, some of us have experience working with a lot of different clients, a lot of different Size businesses, types of businesses, and we're gonna be able to give advice that sometimes does sound contradictory because It's unique to each circumstance. So in other words, there's no one size fits all cookie cutter approach. And there's Not going to be a time or place where I'm just teaching you exactly how I have grown my business because that might not work for you. And I realized that.

So I wanted to get that out of the way first because that can be just absolutely downright confusing whenever you're tuning in and listening to All of this advice online. Right? So again, the women that I talked to today, the 2 women that I coached, They probably would think that I lost my mind if they talked to each other because I gave them both completely opposite advice. So let's dive in to why I would do that and how this applies to you and your journey to the top. Okay. So what does all of this have to do with business? Well, imagine that your goal is the peak of a mountain. Okay? Imagine that your goal is the peak of a mountain, and maybe you have some new ideas on how to get to the top of the mountain. Do you go for it or not? You wanna get to the top. Right? Imagine there's a mountain and you need to get to the top of the mountain.

There are so many ways to get to the top of the mountain. Here are just a few. You could climb straight up that mountain, Literally look up and just straight pass to the top. Now that could be a difficult climb, right? Is it faster? Maybe it's a direct shot. I don't know if it's faster or not. Depends on how hard the climb is. But it's straight shot to the top. That's one way.

Another way might be to hike around And around and around, slowly making your way to the top, but that's an easier hike, right? It's just a hike, it's not a straight up climb. Right? And the reality is that maybe there's multiple paths. There's all of these ways to get to the top of the mountain, Even by hiking, there's no one way. Maybe you decide. I'm just going to take a helicopter. To hell with hiking. To hell with climbing. I'm just going to take a helicopter straight to the top.

And that's great if you have the resources because all of these methods would work. Some are gonna take more time, Some are gonna require more effort and some are going to require more resources. That helicopter ride, You better betcha that's gonna require a little bit more resources versus walking around and around and hiking is gonna take more time. Right? And that straight up climb, that's gonna take a lot of effort. So there are a lot of ways to get to the top of the mountain, And any of them could work. Any of them could work. But you know what won't work? What won't work is you start to climb and you decide that that's too hard. And so you you step back, right? You climb back down and you say, okay, I'm gonna try something different.

And so then you start to hike and you start down the path, but then you backtrack, or you decide to take a different path and then you start over on a different path. Or after all of that You circle back and you say, you know what? I'm just you see all these people. They're, like, flying over you in that helicopter And you're like, okay, clearly that's the best way to get to the top. I'm just gonna go back. I'm gonna go back to camp. I'm gonna save up, get my resources ready. I'm gonna set up. I'm gonna, you know, pay to get this helicopter ride or whatever.

And you go back down to the bottom, but you find out when you get there, you don't have enough fuel to get to the top. So you spend all this time starting to get things set up, getting it all lined up, but you don't have everything you need. So that's not gonna work. And essentially it's this idea of shifting strategies, shifting gears. There are all of these ways to get to the top of the mountain, but you need to choose and you need to commit. And so today, going back to the Advice that I gave 1 of the women, I told her you need to stick to 1 path. You need to choose one way to get to the top. She built actually, she had started to build all of these bridges, but she hadn't finished building any of them.

You know, imagine on this mountain that we're talking about, that there are all these streams and waterfalls and beautiful sights. Don't get me wrong. But She started to build bridges across so many of them and didn't finish any of them. So all of these half built bridges. So I told her, okay. Let's choose 1 and let's stick with it. Versus the other woman, as I spoke to her, I realized that she really had this dream or this journey, and you know what? She wasn't even on the right mountain. She wasn't even on the right mountain.

And that's my first question for you. I've got Actually, several questions for you tonight. The first one, are you on the right mountain? Are you on the right mountain? So if your goal is to get to the top of the mountain and you know that not every path is right for you, they'll all work but not every path is right for you, then we're gonna chat about the right strategy for you to get to the top. But none of that matters if you're not on the right mountain. None of that matters if you're not on the right mountain. So before I recommend any specific strategy to you, these are the 6 questions I'm gonna ask. One again, are you on the right mountain? And I talked about this in episode 1, all about making sure that you're clear about what you really want. So what is it that you really want? Because if you're at the bottom of a mountain and you're staring straight up and you don't even want it, You're looking up and you're like, why am I gonna do all of this? I don't even wanna get to the top of this mountain.

This isn't the mountain that I wanna be on. You're not gonna do it. You're not going to commit. You're not gonna follow through. You might try for a little while, but you're not going to succeed. So first, you gotta know, are you even on the right mountain? And then 2, Which mountains, if there are multiple, do you wanna climb? Which ones do you wanna climb? And I say mountains because sometimes we have Multiple things that we want to do in life. But the thing is, you can only climb 1 mountain at a time. Now if you have the right mountains that you wanna climb and they're somewhat related.

It could be kinda like a mountain range. I'm gonna keep running with this, analogy here. It could be like a mountain range and you can climb 1 mountain and they're all kinda connected. So once you make it to the top, it's very easy to then step over, right, to hike over just on the ridge of the mountains to get to the others. That is amazing but you gotta know which mountains you actually wanna climb so get clear on which mountains you want to climb Number 3, do you actually believe you can get to the top? Do you actually believe you can get to the top? Do you think it's possible for you? You're gonna need to believe in yourself, of course. You need to know that it's possible that you have the potential, because if you don't believe in yourself fully, then you're also gonna hold yourself back. You're not gonna make it to the top of the mountain if you don't believe in yourself. So do you believe you can get to the top of the mountain? That's the 3rd question.

Now, once we get through those questions, then we get to talk a little bit about strategy. So 4, what equipment do you have? What equipment do you have? That might help determine which path you should take. I wanna know because of the type of work that I do. When I say equipment, that means like, what offers do you have? Do you have an email list? How many people are on it? Do you have a Facebook group? Do you have social media profiles? What's the size of your audience? What's your current revenue? Do you have a team? How much time can you commit? All of these Things are important before I can recommend which path that you should take, before you can figure that out. And all of these might be the reason why I recommend a different strategy for you than someone else. So what equipment do you have? Number 5, how big is your mountain? You're like, what? Yeah. How big is your mountain? Because I have some clients who come to me And they have these massive mountains. Right? These huge mountain.

Like the like Mount Everest. Like the tallest Mountains. And that's gonna take some serious like, we're gonna pull out the big guns, big strategies to get there. And then some people have mountains who are no less important, no less incredible or amazing. They just define success differently, and their mountain may not be as big in comparison with regards to size, but it's just as big with regards to impact and importance to them. But if their mountain isn't quite as big, we don't need the same strategies. Here's an example. If you have a huge mountain, you're ready to scale, You really wanna scale exponentially? Let's pull out some sales funnels, right? Some massive funnels, not just a small funnel because sales funnels can work at any stage, but I'm talking like the Mac daddy sales funnel, multiple steps, All of these offers, upsells, downsells, all of this stuff, let's go for it.

Let's do it. Let's pull out a big advertising budget too while we're at it. But what I see sometimes is that some women take all the time to try to build those things out. And really, They're taking more time trying to build something that could work to help them get to the top of the mountain. They don't take it if they just started walking. Like, just start walking. You're gonna get to the top beforehand. Right? If you only need a handful of clients to be fully booked in your business, There's a very different strategy I'm gonna recommend for you versus someone who needs to pull in lots of clients every single month to meet the same goal.

So more specifically, let's say that you need to book in 2 clients at $25100 a month in 1 package and 2 clients at 10 k a month in another package versus another client who is selling a membership site and they need to bring in multiple clients every single month. You know, 20, 30, 40, 100 clients every single month at $27 a month, $47 a month, $97 a month. That's a different strategy. There are lots of different ways we can handle that. It's based on a ton of factors. Okay? So how big is your mountain? You don't need to overdo it, right? Okay, number 6. And I talked about bridges already. How many bridges have you finished building? Not how many have you started? How many have you finished building? This comes into play with offers, especially.

It comes into play with different strategies that you might try as well, but let's talk about offers. I spoke to a woman yesterday and she had all of these different ideas for offers, And she was not making any money in her business yet. She had created 1 on 1 packages. She had group packages, she had ideas for courses, and she had all of these things that she was working on. She was gonna promote this and then she was gonna do a challenge to promote that. And she was just throwing spaghetti at a wall and hoping something would stick, but it wasn't fully cooked. Right? Spaghetti has to be cooked to stick to the wall. Right? Bridges have to be built in order to get to the other side.

You've gotta follow through. You've gotta commit in order to get clients. So Let's build 1 bridge. Let's choose 1 bridge and get that working for you. Get the clients coming in and then less, add some more bridges. Okay. So in summary, as I wrap up, here are a few parting thoughts for you. Some of these I've already said and I wanna reiterate.

You can climb any mountain that you want, but you can only climb one at a time. Right? You can climb any mountain that you want, but not at the same time. Your journey is not going to look like anyone else's. Your journey to the top will look different than everyone else's. So stop looking around, stop Comparing yourself to what you see other people doing and stop with the shiny object syndrome because all that's doing is sending you back to the bottom of the mountain to start over, or that's starting to build another bridge. You can take any single path that you want, but you have to commit to finish it. There's no point in starting if you're not gonna commit to finishing. So that's why it's so important to set the strategy from the very beginning, to get the strategy right.

There are times where you might need to turn around. You might have chosen a path that wasn't the right path for you. So you might have to turn around and start over. Go back to the beginning. But if you take the time, you do your due diligence upfront, you look at the strategy for how you're gonna get to the top, You analyze the equipment that you have and make sure you're on the right mountain and that you believe you can get to the top of the mountain. Then You're gonna be in a much better place and you'll more likely actually make it to the top because you're actually gonna choose the strategy that's the best fit for you to help you in your journey to the top.

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