Episode 36: Content Creation Doesn’t Equal Profit Creation with Haley Burkhead

Episode Summary:

  • Haley shares the biggest time-stealers that entrepreneurs spend massive amounts of time on in their businesses that do not lead to profit!
  • Are you in the content comfort zone? Does going after the sale give you anxiety? Haley talks about what it means to hide behind your content and not make profitable moves.
  • We share our thoughts on what it means to hire a business coach, and what your role is in that relationship. Your coach is going to cheer you on but it’s going to be YOU who makes your business profitable.
  • Work because you want to, not because you have to. Haley shares how it’s so important to work when you feel inspired and not when you feel overwhelmed.
  • How do you grow in your business when you’re dealing with your own personal issues? Haley gets vulnerable with us and talks about a time she became an unhealthy workaholic. It was then that she realized there were things that she needed to heal before her business could grow.
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About The Guest:

Haley Burkhead is the founder of Profit Planner and the host of the CEO Vibes Podcast. She helps emotionally drained, workaholic women find which tasks drive profit so they can transform the hamster wheel they call their business into something simple and automated.

Haley is a consultant, podcast, speaker and educator who has been featured in the Huffington Post, Thrive Global Magazine and Medium.

Find free business automation secrets at profitplanner.co.

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