Episode 35: Build to Last

4 Long Term Strategies for Building a Business That Lasts

Building a business that lasts is a long term game that not many are willing to play. A lot of people want overnight success and quick wins.

In our world today, most people want instant gratification. The thing is, you can build your business in one of two ways:

  1. You can build your business with quick wins and pray for longevity,
  2. Or you can build slow and steady to win the race.

This is one of my core values in my business, and I make all of my decisions with this in mind.

Building a Business That Lasts: 4 Long Term, Strategic Decisions You Need to Make

  1. Know Right from Wrong 
    • Do what’s right! Ethics and integrity in business should be a no brainer, but many people will sacrifice these values to win. Letting go of your core values is never a good idea. Make the commitment in your business never to do so.
  2. Faith or Fear
    • Make your big business decisions based on faith rather than fear. Fear-based decisions will not help you build a business that lasts. Typically, decisions made in fear are due to desperation rather than strategy. Operating from desperation clouds your judgment and puts you in a negative energy.
  3. Proactive vs. Reactive 
    • When you get into the zone of business, things are thrown at you every day. As the CEO of your company, it can get tiring to make decisions every day. If you make decisions as they come at you versus anticipating what the future may bring, your business will suffer. If you find yourself making decisions after the fact, then you are reacting to the curveballs thrown your way. A business built to last is a business built on forward thinking and intentional strategic planning.
  4. Long Term vs. Short Term
    • Always play the long game! Sure, you might get fast cash today with a quick win, but that may not be sustainable or scalable. You’re likely using a strategy that you can’t maintain. You will end up burned out with a business that is not making money. Instead, play the long game. Building a business that lights you up is a long-term business strategy that requires sacrifice in the short-term in order to build repeatable and lasting results.
'I truly believe that long-lasting success stems from making a decision every day out of a place of faith and not fear.' - Kathryn Binkley #scaletosevenClick To Tweet

Listen to today’s episode to find out how to implement these 4 strategies as you’re building a business that lasts.

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