Episode 31: 3 Myths About Working With a Coach

How NOT to find a coach to Help You Grow Your Business

If you feel ready to find a coach who can guide you through growing your business, you need some guidelines as you go into the process. A lot of people like the idea of hiring a coach and it’s becoming more and more popular. But when it comes to coaching, there are always expectations going in and some of them are very unrealistic.

There are some beliefs out there when working with coaches that are just flat out wrong. With the fast-growing number of business coaches out there, you want to be sure you the one that’s the right fit for what you need.

Since it’s sometimes easier to look at what you DON’T need, in order to figure out what you do need, I’m laying out the top 3 myths that come up when new business owners are searching for a coach.

3 Myths to Consider As You Find a Coach for Your Business

Myth #1: Coaches Have all the Answers.

Some people hire a coach hoping they will tell you, step by step what to do. They hope the coach is going to make the hard decisions for them. But that’s based on a belief that there is ONE right way to do something. Truthfully, there is no one way that works. There are a million ways that could work; a coach’s job is to help you find what’s right for you.

On top of that, everyone has a different definition of success. So how could there be one way if there are an unlimited number of ways to describe success?

Coaching is not at all about having the answers, it’s about asking the right questions. If you hire a coach hoping that they are going to give you answers, you’re going to be very disappointed. If you go into the process hoping you’ll get answers, that’s fine. You ARE going to get answers, but those answers are already within you. YOU are the one who will make decisions and uncover the answers that you need.

'Coaching is not at all about having the answers, it's about asking the right questions.' - Kathryn Binkley #scaletosevenClick To Tweet

2. The Journey will Be Easy with a Coach 

If you’re looking for the easy way out, I am not your girl! I am here to push you, challenge you, and get you out of your comfort zone. Change is not easy, it’s freakin’ hard! If you think hiring a coach is going to be the “easy” way, it’s not going to happen.

We will solve problems together but don’t mistake that with your business being problem-free. In fact, the benefit of having a coach is to have support while things are tough. I am not here to make sure that your journey in entrepreneurship is without any challenge, trouble, or pain. If I could do that I certainly would, but unfortunately, that’s impossible.

'You have to ask for help. If you don't ask for help when things are hard, that's on you. Coaches can't help if they don't know.' - Kathryn Binkley #scaletosevenClick To Tweet

3. Coaches are Responsible for Your Results

Working with a coach will often very naturally lead to improved results and performance. Yes, you will meet or exceed your goals when you work with a coach, but simply hiring a coach will not make that happen. They don’t get the results for you.

You have to show up, you have to do the work and believe in yourself. You have to get results! Coaches can’t do it for you. Yes, I’m going to provide decision support for you, push you out of your comfort zone, call you out on your BS, but I will never take full credit for your results. That was all you!

Listen to today’s episode for tangible to cross coaches off your list as you narrow down your search to find the right coach for your business growth.

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