Episode 3: What Does Your Dream Client Want?

In the first few episodes, I talked about what YOU want but what about what your clients want? Do they know what it is that you’re selling? Are you marketing in a way that’s compelling to your audience?

  • What do you think Crest toothpaste is selling? You’re probably answering that question with, toothpaste of course! But, they aren’t selling toothpaste, they are selling fresh breath and a clean mouth!
  • It’s so easy to get this wrong in your marketing messaging by creating one-sided messaging. That means that you are talking about all you… but (#truthbomb) your audience doesn’t care about you! The first thing they think about is, “What’s in it for me?” What they are really buying is better versions of themselves!
  • I explain the difference about features and benefits in detail. Features answer the question, “What is it?” and benefits answer the question, “What does it do?”
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  • Sell what your clients want and give them what they need. I don’t mean that to be manipulative… let’s look at the Crest toothpaste for example. We need that tube of sodium fluoride to brush our teeth with but that’s not what we want! We want fresh breath, clean and white teeth.

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