Episode 28: Finding Clients in Your Own Backyard with Mallory Schlabach

How to Get Clients for a New Business

Figuring out how to get clients for a new business can be tricky. You’re inundated with information on what to do, but you’re not sure which information will actually work for you!

Today’s guest Mallory Schlabach shares that the best way to find clients (whether you’re just starting out or you’re already established) is to attract local customers, right in your city. Not only is this a great way to network, get referrals, and build a reputation, but it’s also a way to build a community of like-minded local friends into your otherwise virtual lifestyle.

No matter what type of business you have (service based, consulting based, or product based), this advice can be applied to help you establish your client base.

Mallory’s Top Tips on How to Get Clients for a New Business

  • Mallory shares her journey from starting out in marketing, becoming a life coach, and back into marketing. When she originally became a life coach once she became a mother, she had this dream of wanting to change the world! Things have shifted for her since then and she talks on how she is still able to change the world by helping mom business owners.
  • When you go from working at a corporate office and chatting with people you see every day, to becoming an entrepreneur alone in your home office, it can make you feel really lonely. Even if you are chatting with others online. Mallory and I chat more on how you can build a community right in your local surroundings.
  • Having virtual and local clients can feel very different. Mallory has both types of clients! She talks on how she started creating a local community and the difference she sees with having online clients. Mallory says that attracting the local client is a great way to test the waters and gets you faster data.
  • Mallory shares ideas about where to start when it comes to finding a local community.
    1. Collaborate with local businesses.
    2. Attend local networking groups.
    3. Just reach out! (Create flyers to post on local bulletin boards, for example.)
    4. Does your inner circle know exactly what you do?
    5. Ask for referrals after delivering results.
    6. Make sure you’re listed in local directories!
    7. Promote other local businesses.

Listen to today’s episode to get the methods and strategies that Mallory has used to get herself (and her clients) a solid local community and client base.

About The Guest:

Mallory has been helping business owners increase their leads, revenue, and profit for more than 10 years in businesses including entrepreneurs, authors, tech companies, artists, dance studio owners, and health coaches around the world. She’s from North Carolina, has four kids under 9, loves bright lipstick, high heels, and tacos.

Where to Find Mallory Online:


Hey there, and welcome back to the podcast. Today, I have Mallory. Mallory has been helping business owners increase their leads revenue, and profit for more than 10 years in businesses, including entrepreneurs, authors, tech companies, artists, dance studio owners, health coaches, and more all around the world. She's from North Carolina, actually right near me. I'm from just below Winston Salem, and you're in Winston Salem. Is that right?


I'm right. I just moved out of it, so I'm just a few minutes ahead of it now. But yeah.


Okay. Got it. So we're right in the same area, Miles away. We have met in person, but never Not locally? Yeah. Not here. So that's funny. She has 4 kids under 9. She loves bright lipstick, high heels, and tacos.


Awesome. Thanks for joining me today.


Thank you. I'm so excited to be on your path. 1st, I'm just so excited you started a podcast because you're amazing, and so this is super exciting. And thanks for having me on.


Yeah. Absolutely. I'm really excited to chat and, more excited even afterwards to figure out a time where we'll actually Meat


up. Back. Life. Yeah. So,


we're gonna talk a little bit about that today. But before we get to that,




you just tell me a little bit about your entrepreneurial journey and How you started your business?


Sure. So I, gosh, I think I started my own business. Really, I'm gonna tell you a date that's a lie, but this is what I'm gonna probably the most. About a year and a half ago is when I pivoted what I was doing online, and so I kinda start that as, like, my new birth date or whatever Mhmm. Start date of the business. And so I had been doing marketing since college. So since I got out, I've been running the marketing for my parents' small business, actually. It was a software company, so we're in the tech world.


He's got clients across the whole country. I pitched him on these are all the holes. This is what I can do right out of college, and he hired me. And so it's been really awesome to kinda have carte blanche, you know, trying to do whatever I wanted to expand the marketing. So that's kinda where I cut my teeth on everything, and I was really getting hired by, you know, our clients to kinda come in and do their mark help with their marketing and their websites and their kind of stuff. But about Two and a half, 3 years ago, I was gosh. Maybe it was 4 years ago because I my about the time when my last my 4th baby was born. I was like, oh, I don't know if I wanna do this anymore.


It's like a niche old boy industry that we're in, and I was like, I really feel like I wanna change the world. So I went and got certified as a life and business coach. And I was like, I am gonna help moms. I'm gonna help moms who have businesses, who just want help with their life because that's what I wanted. Like, that's what I needed when I was raising all these little tight children. They're still really tiny, but we're in a good spot. We're almost out of diapers. And so I Tried that for a while, and, like, nobody wanted to hire me.


Moms don't wanna hire help for moms. Really, it was more like event session, But that was really hard because I was like, no. Like, I this is me wanting to get back. I need to do this. Right. And, people kept hiring me to, write the marketing plans and audit their websites and write their copy. And my husband was finally like, here's your sign. Like, Right? The thing you're really good at, and stop worrying about it.


You're still helping moms because all these moms have businesses. And I was like, I don't know. So about a year and a half ago, I just put out a offer on us in a couple Facebook groups, and I was like, let's just see. I've been, like, podcast binging on the beach, to BizChicks, which I love her podcast, and all these I have all these ideas going. I was like, I'm just gonna throw out this starter session and see what happens if people actually bite. So I did, and I got, like, 55 people in, like, 2 days to apply to get a starter session. I booked a ton of them in the next 2 weeks. I did, like, 30 plus of them, and I was like, I think I'm on to something Yeah.


If I get a crazy amount of response like and so that's kinda when I shifted everything to focus. Okay. Let me just do what I've been doing the past 13 years and just do it for Kinda how it was born, and it's kind of just kinda grown and evolved since then.


Awesome. Okay. So you mentioned something about wanting to change the world. Tell me more about that. What does that look like now? I know it looks different than you originally thought it would.


Yeah. Yeah. So I think, I don't know if I just am I getting more nostalgic the older I get? Like, I'm not that old, but I feel like feel like the older my kids get, I'm like, oh my gosh. Things are changing. And, I think I just I was introduced to, like, the online industry and all the stuff going on, and it was just, like, mind blowing to, like, see all the people and the impact they're making. And I was like, I'm not really doing that in my job right now. I feel like I need to be doing more. So that was the initial kickoff.


Well, now that it's morphed, it's This thing where what I realized I'm truly able to do, which I wasn't able to see. It's always hard to see it when you're in it. Right? Now that I'm, like, little bit removed. I'm like, well, duh. Let's just give a, like, face job right here. But what I'm seeing is that women who are coming to me are on the brink of quitting, Which sounds really sad, and it is. Like, it's it's so common. Like, entrepreneurs don't last that long.


I I don't even know the stats right now of how many they turn over, but It's hard. I know I know you know it or y'all anybody you worked with. It's just up and down all the time, and people think it's gonna be, like, this overnight success. You're gonna make $100,000,000 in, like, 2 years or less and have that yacht and that kind of stuff, but that's just not reality. And so women were coming to me, and they were like, I just you know, I'm gonna have to quit. I'm gonna have to go back to getting a job, and that was really the breaking point for them. And I was like, listen. Like, these people have phenomenal businesses.


Like, I've seen some people who are, like, 6 figure, 7 figure businesses, and I'm like, how do they how are people buying, like, this stuff? Like, this doesn't like, if they can do it, anybody can do this. And so what I realized was, like, you don't suck at what you do. You don't have a bad business model, or anything. You just don't know how to get people to your business, which is what I'm really great at is shining the light, getting that visibility, and that kind of thing. That's what we do in marketing, really. It's just, like, getting people's attention so that they know you exist and can buy the stuff from you. And so when I really started to change my focus to, Okay. I can still help people.


I'm still making a difference because of I'm helped that woman not shut down her business and that woman explode her business and that woman have financial freedom and all the things that they're achieving by our work together, then that's then that's fulfilling, and that's gonna, like, make me feel good when I sleep at night.


Yeah. I love that. That's incredible. It's this bigger sense of purpose that drives you, but ultimately, by doing the things that you love. So What particularly lights you up in your business as far as the things that you actually do? Because we talked about the results that you get, and, of course, I know that lights you up to see those changes for all the women you work with. But what lights you up as far as what


you're doing now? I think 2 things. So I'm kind of shifting My focus this year, I'm realizing, like, I I am a very deep and respected person in December. In December, I go, like, way down and think about all the things happening. And so when I when I emerge in January, it's like, yes, world. We're gonna do it. Mhmm. So what we're gonna do in the world this year. As I'm realizing what's most important to me out of my business and what I really love doing the last year and a half when I changed it was The community.


Like, the Yeah. The community aspect is, like, so I'm realizing, like, it's almost vital. Like, if I don't I keep creating these little communities, I'm realizing. I was writing on my email sequence this morning, and I'm like, oh, I need to tell them about this thing and they could do this thing. And, like, I have a book club and, like, I have a Facebook group, but I just these little things. Not like anything's like, I don't have an agenda. Most of them aren't even, like, logically planned out, but it's like, I need people to feel safe in community with each other And so they don't feel so lonely because it's really lonely on this journey. So what I think I'm realizing I love I'm really excited about are the communities that are forming on how that's becoming such a pivotal part of my business.


So he'll come to me for marketing help. Basically, how do I get more leads? Right? That's the number one you probably hear all the time too. Like, nobody Nobody thinks they have enough business, and that's which is common. Like, I get it. So that's what I kinda focus on, but what I'm really helping women do is, okay, what's the bigger picture than just this? Like, beyond just getting people into you, we're looking at, like, how are you converting them, how are you attracting them, what are you doing afterwards, and then kinda why. So that's where I'm coming to. Like, what's my why? My why is that I need to have these women in community with me and help them grow and succeed because that's how we grow and succeed. Right? It's, like, in community with each other, the whole rising tide, like, lifting boat Yeah.


That I can't remember ever. Like, that whole thing. And so that's what I'm excited about is bringing people into this community environment, whatever, however they drop into my world, and then helping everybody raise each other up, And that's kinda what we do. So that and then, like, if I had to get really specific about what I do, it's probably like you. I think we must have strategic minds. It's like Seeing all the pieces from above, it's almost like a puppet master. Like, it's a big puzzle. Yeah.


See I can see the pieces that are missing that they don't even know exist. I'm like, like, this is what this is This is the puzzle. This is the piece. We must do this. That's what gets me excited, like, out of my bed each day. I'm like, what are we gonna figure out today? Because every business is different. I was even if I have a client for a year I'm working with, every session is different. Right? Like, things are changing and moving so quickly.


They're always changing up what they're doing, so it's fun. Like, everything is fun do.


Yeah. Okay. So talking about the community piece because that's so, so important, yet it's tough to find, maybe for some of us. I don't know. Maybe it's an introvert extrovert thing, but or maybe not. Maybe that's even a myth. But for me, I know that it's hard to find that community where I feel really comfortable to open up. And I found that through some paid groups when I am a part of a mastermind or something like that.


But, it's really difficult for me to just, like, find that community and open up, but it's so important because all of a sudden I am I say all of a sudden, but however many years ago that I started my business, I went from talking and chatting it up at work and, you know, building this really close knit group of people that I saw every single day to doing it all alone, essentially.


Right. And I I well, yeah, this I was thinking about this exact thing because, Really, it's so deceiving. Like, you think as an entrepreneur, like, we're surrounded by people all the time because, basically, we have a mazillion conversations online all day long. Exactly. But at the end of the day, I'm still in my office with my door shut by myself with the lights out right now talking to a computer. Right? It's still like, As much as I love chatting with you, it's not the same as, like, having that real, like, we're on the phone, we're in that person at the comp shop, which we're gonna do. Yes. It's just different.


And so I think it's you don't realize how lonely you get until I think you kinda hit a point where you feel like you're drowning, honestly, and I want people to not feel that way.


Yeah. Yeah. And and to go deeper because I have lots of conversations to your point every single day, and They're great conversations, but a lot of them are still surface level in that they see they see what I want them to see. And I try to be very vulnerable and and show up authentically, yet at the same time, there's a lot that we never get into because we just don't go deeper. We don't have that amount of time to spend where it feels safe or comfortable to go deep, so that's really important. So I'm glad that you're I'm glad that you're focusing on that. I think that's gonna be huge for a lot of people, and I'm really excited to see what that morphed into your what that looks like.


I know. Thank you. I know. It's it's hard as a, like, Control freak and, like, perfectionist. That's how I would label myself today is that to not know where to stop worrying about the outcomes of things and just to put them out there and see what happens. And that's kinda where I feel like the like, I have a group. Honestly, I think about shutting my group down every other week just because it's Facebook. But, really, like, I I can't.


Like, I love like, I just need to figure out that's my thing is coming back to is how do I just make it a community that I wanna hang out all the time in? Not, like, all the time, but you know what I mean. And so it's that same thing. It's, like, just leaving space to be vulnerable and leaving space to be open and, Like, allowing those conversations to kinda flow through, because you're right. Like, I I have some clients like that too where it's, like, pretty much like, and here's our testicles. Let's go run and play. And some words like, no. No. We're not even talking about business today.


This is all life stuff that's actually which is why I love the business and life thing is because people People think they're hiring a business coach, but you're gonna talk about everything. Oh, yeah. You cannot unblend business and life. It's like they're they're combined, like, We'll move back into the flew last week. That was a big conversation on my calls. I was like, I'm sorry. There's vomitters around my house. I'm wearing a mask right now.


Like, It just happens, and so you just need a space to do that. So, yeah, I'm excited too.


Okay. Cool. That's that's amazing. So You also mentioned something about getting more comfortable with not knowing that outcome, and so I think just as a valid point to highlight here, The clarity comes through action, and so I love too that you don't know what it's all gonna look like, but you're just going for it. So important.


Right. Otherwise, you just stay on, like, planning mode, and planning mode is so awesome except for nothing actually gets accomplished. Right? It's, like, all in your head. So To combat that, we're just gonna jump in with both feet without even looking, and let's do it.


Love it. Love it. Okay. So I know that when we've chatted, we both operate in this online space. We market ourselves using online tactics and strategies and all this stuff, and that's all incredible. But at the end of the day, There's also a difference in serving clients in person and face to face and local and building those relationships. And and it doesn't all have to be face to face, but just local with the opportunity to meet once in a while versus having clients that are all virtual. What's the difference there? I know that you actually have a good majority of clients that are local and serve more beyond that, but It's incredible to see that.


So how tell me a little bit about the difference and why you enjoy that.


I think I Kinda fell into local marketing. Again, honestly, it started out of community. So when I pivoted the business, I was like, I am looking for this type of entrepreneur, and I don't see anybody around here that's doing that. And so I was like, well, I'm just gonna put something up on Meetup because Someone was like, have you heard of Meetup? And I was like, no. Right. They live in a box, people. And so I was like, what about Meetup? And I started having this thing, and I started having these women show up for me to talk about, you know, how to market their business once a month. And I was like, this is the craziest thing.


I'm being, like, under the stairs at a really sketchy. I was a sketchy, actually, like it. Coffee shop, but, like, no one had ever met before. They had no connection to me. They were showing up, and I loved, like, Month after month after month, people were showing up, and I was like, this is so cool. And so I kinda got a taste of what it's like. Like, when you meet someone in person and you can meet someone locally, it supercharges your relationship. Like, I think that's why I love it.


It's addicting almost because I know that if I can just meet somebody and talk to them about x y z, So I have an exponential chance of signing into something at some point in my thing, whereas online people, they come and go. They're so fickle. I think I keep drawing back to this local, and that's a huge piece of what I do as well is because it's it's nice. It's easy. It's that relationship building. And so that's kinda how it started with just meeting people locally, but it's also just, Having to go out and meet people, which I don't sound like I'm an introvert today because I can be really excitable, but I am, and it's kinda hard to get out there. And so forcing myself to go to meetings and and be that person allowed me to, like, own that I could be that person. You know what I mean? I feel like we label ourselves.


So that's kinda how it that's kinda how it morphed with local marketing, and what's really cool is that, honestly, most people, even my most of my clients even, they totally don't do it at all. But it's the fastest way to really grow your business and to test out your business, especially if you're in, like so most of my clients kinda fall into the two to the 5 k range, which I consider just about almost out of DIY. They're not ready to hire the team and the stuff yet, but they're afraid to go local. Oh, and I'm like, There's so much more you could expand yourself if you just kinda test the waters and see. One, it's a great place to test out offers quickly. It's a great place to even test out your messaging to see if you really have the true ideal client, just because you get data so much faster than you would if it's online or through an automation, which, trust me, I love those too. Mhmm. So I love to kinda invite the clients that I work with to, Let's go try this.


Let's go be this here. Let's, you know, put this out there just so you get faster data because it helps you. It's kinda like the Jumping in with both speed thing, it forces you to take action a whole lot faster than you would if you're like, well, let me build this funnel first and create this opt in and then write the sequence and then That's about great and well. But if you don't even know it works, then you might be wasting a whole bunch of time. So that's kinda why I love to draw people to it is because it's The speed of it and the and the way you can build relationships faster.


I really like that you said that. I know for me, just a few minutes ago, I was thinking to myself about how This whole online space makes it really easy to to hide. And even though you're quote, unquote, air quotes here, putting yourself out there, You're still saying behind the scenes are only showing up to show what you wanna show and to go live when you wanna go live, if you even do that. But it's so easy to just stay hidden versus the local market. Like, you're you are forcing yourself to get visible. So Right. I think there's there's value in that. And then, also, I wonder I mean, it sounds like and you can verify or elaborate here, but it sounds like you can build that know, like, trust factor even faster being face to face and meeting someone.


Oh, yeah.


That is almost is this differentiator of You've got someone right in front of you with the skill set versus searching online and googling and a 1000000 results come up.


Mhmm. Yeah. Because I think it's it's almost like If you if anybody has, you know, had to have sales conversations with people, it's really the aspect where you're able to, like, draw out the answers you need quickly to decide, are these is this someone that could be a good fit for me or not




In person instead of, like, having to have this long, again, long kinda drawn out conversation thing. So what I what I think is really fun about local marketing, also, like you said, is the is the exponential factor of this know I can trust, it's that the reason people love everybody who goes crazy on social media and, like, Instagram and, like, puts out stuff, like, prolifically is because You get to see all the nuances, well, as much as you can when they're putting on a thing. But you get to see the people, and they feel really real to you. Like As much as we like the online the tech world, we're still drawn to people as people, and there's like you just can't avoid that connection. And so when you, like, meet me in person, kinda like you're seeing me on video, like, I sometimes I appear like a complete fast. Right? Like, I'm like, what? Excitable. But, like, you either like me or you don't when you need that energy, and so it helps people be like, oh, she's real. She does like, I'm not intimidated by her because I can see her in person.


You know, she's, like, asking me questions. She can actually she knows exactly what I'm talking about, hopefully. Right? Like, that's That's the whole point of me being able to talk to people is really to find out, is this a good fit or not? And so it helps really everything. It helps with research and how I how I talk to people and how I ask questions, and I just I can't talk highly enough about it, honestly.


Okay. Well so, I mean, that's amazing because I I wanna hear more. So my experience has typically been meeting people online and then maybe a select few, having the opportunity to meet up in person. I've traveled to meet people, gone to conferences, and been like, oh, I know you, and you're going. That's great. Let's meet. But I haven't really done the opposite. So for the person who's listening right now, for the woman who's listening, and she is saying, okay.


This sounds cool, but how do I even get started? What do you what do you tell her?


Excellent. I actually am looking at my notes because this is a great Question to ask, ma'am. I have about 6 or 7 ideas that I'll throw out to you. Okay. So first one is collaborate with local businesses that meet similar like, this is, like, exact same thing you would say to someone online. Right? Like, Who could you collaborate with? Who could could you do something like a summit with? That type of thing that works the same locally. Like, who could you either connect with or who can connect you to more ideal clients. So think about, like, locally businesses that come to mind, you guys serve the same type of audience, or there's some kind of crossover.


That's a great place to start. The 2nd place to start would be connecting, like, where can you find kinda like what I did with the meetup group. Like, where can I find ideal clients? Where can I find influencers in my city? Mhmm. Those are 2 places that I hang out with. So I either, 1, create my own group or go networking groups where my plans are Mhmm. My go to meeting and then networking staff where I know people who know the people. Right? Like, they still quote where, like, your net Worth is network. Whatever.


You know what


I'm talking about.


Network is your net worth. I keep hearing that quote last week. So it keeps coming to mind, but it's so true. Like, It is. Make sure like, I I have specific friends locally who legit know, like, everybody. Like, I don't know how. I don't even know how people know all these people like that, but that's someone I wanna and so just making those key connections and relationships, and it's not like I've been doing this 18 months, so it's not overnight. Like, it's not like a, oh, she knows me now.


She's gonna, like, farm me out to the directory. It's like I genuinely, like, try to build relationships with people that I like to hang out with. That's super important too. Like, locally, You don't wanna just snooze people. Like, that's not my style anyways, but for people who are like, that sounds like I'm good. It's gonna be really hard. Like, Just show up and be at an event and talk to someone you actually would like to meet in person. Like, rule of thumb in life.


Just just be yourself and talk to people you would wanna be friends with. Like, I think about it like this. I see that girl over there. When I invite her over to my messy house so we could drink wine out of cups that our kids don't realize are wine, like, That's a good filter for me because


I love it.


One, she's not gonna judge me. Right? We probably have some more interest. I can probably help her. Like, all those things. That's really how I kinda look at it, and so it takes off that kind of fear of, like, oh, I have to go and meet strangers in my own city, which can put a whole another thing. Like, what if I run into them and they think I'm down. Like, that's not gonna happen. They're actually gonna be really excited they saw somebody they know, and they're like, oh, yeah.


We Yeah. Like, that's what actually happens in case anybody has these negative thoughts running through your mind as you listen. Mhmm. So finding those places are gonna be really, really key because it's kinda like a breeding ground. That sounds like an awful analogy, but but, like, a warm breeding ground of, like, where you can have these wonderful relationships kinda bubble out and just see what happens.


That's amazing because I think there's I've always had this idea of not logically, like, not actually, like, a firm belief. But as you speak, I'm like, Oh, you mean I don't have to force a conversation with someone I don't like? Oh, right. Okay. And it's it just reminded me, oh, yeah. Like, I love that I have the freedom and flexibility as an entrepreneur to not only work when and where I want, but with whomever I want. And so I get to choose. And so, Yeah.


If I


don't feel like the the things are going well or it's not resonating or I don't like the person, I don't have to keep having the conversation. So Right. Anyway And


you're gonna run into people, like, at networking events, especially, like, there's some that are way more gonna be way more professional in your area, and they're, like, all business and, like, here's the business cards and, like, Give me all your leads type thing, which those make me feel a little icky sometimes. But, I still go because you never know what's gonna happen, but it's like, I don't know what to do. I can literally trash these on my way out to the car, all these cards, if there's nobody in there I genuinely connected with. But I have to at least see. Right? Like, There's no nothing no one like, we didn't sign a blood contract that I'm gonna follow-up to anybody. I don't have to make appointments to anybody and follow-up. So just Putting yourself out there just allows you to have you open to all the opportunities. Love it.


Yeah. Okay. Next thing I would recommend, what could work? Now this one, I'm gonna like this is like a ninja technique. It's not for everybody, especially starting out, but it would be like just reach out. Like, there are so many ways you Like, local printers, local do local mailings, and that kind of thing put when I first started, I legit went to, what do we have over here? Staples. I printed out this flyer that I had made on Canva, and it just had the meetup. And I posted, like, every restaurant that had a bulletin board in Winston, like Dunkin' Donuts and Dewey's, and I handed out the library, like, all the places just to try to get some like, I would never do that normally. Like, who am I? But you never know what's gonna happen.


Right? It's like the new mantra. Like, if you take nothing away from our talk, it's you never know what's gonna happen. Just try it. But there are such, Like, people still get mail. I still get mail. I still look at all the junk mail even though I know it's junk mail coming in my mailbox. So People say, like, mailers are dead and that stuff. They're totally not dead.


You just need to be targeted. So it's definitely an option if you have a good business where it's local, you need to come to an event. You need to drive traffic to it. Just a potential. The next one would be, does your inner circle know exactly what you do. I go over this over and over and over again with all clients across the board who are like, I need more clients. I'm like, You should start with your warm list. Does anybody does your husband even know what you do? Your husband tell anybody what it is you do.


I don't know. My husband does know because he's been on the podcast, and he's listened to all my podcasts. But most people like, my mom doesn't really know what I do. My brother doesn't. You know, like like, there's so many people most people don't know. My best friends cannot tell you what I do probably, and that's like well, shoot. So I would say pick 5 friends and literally ask them. Be like, what do you think I'd do? Just so you get a feel for what's coming what are you putting out there into the world? Mhmm.


It's also a good way for you to gauge, like, are you on point with your mark marketing messaging? That's a good And you can go talk to Katherine and be like, Katherine, I'm not on point anymore. But, like, that's the fastest way also. So not only influencers, but your warm network. So how do you use that locally? Well, you have to legit have people understand what it is you do. So when they meet somebody, they can be like, oh, you need my best friend, Mallorie, or You're my best friend, Catherine, because she does that exact thing. Mhmm. So that's really easy. It's just like prepping people.


Like, oh, that's what you think I do. Oh my gosh. This is what I actually do. Or I was helping so and so do this the other day. We you know, like, just tell it in a story. People love stories. You don't have to be all, like, sales y. Like, Well, I help clients get 6 figures in 22 days and like, just be like, help this girl who had a website, and she wanted, like, more people to come to our website, and we did this thing, like, Super easy to explain.


That kind of thing.


That way, they could easily refer you to others, mention you to others, and it first of all, they just think about you. And what you're saying totally reminds me of those memes where it's like, what you think I'd Yes.


I love those. I love those. They're cracked me up. It's so true. Like, seriously, you can go here's one idea. Everybody for your social media, you go ask your 5 friends, and what they tell you, you then make a meme out of it about what your friends think you do, and you can post that on your social media. Yeah. Because you're gonna get crazy answers.


You really are about what you do. And you're like, how do you not under Like, thing the thing is you're gonna be, like, angry, honestly. You're gonna be like, how do they not know what I do? Right. And it's like they just they live in a bubble. They do, honestly. Just gotta keep poking that bubble some more. Okay. A couple more I wanna tell you.


The next one is ask for referrals right after dealing with results. Especially locally, it's even more important because it spreads like wildfire. Once you know 1 person, they tell somebody, then they tell the next 3 people and. That's, I think, how I get traction so quickly locally. It's because people talk. Everybody knows each other. Even if it's a big town, it's a lot smaller than you think it is. Even like the Internet.


Like, we ran into each other and from, like and it where where are we? We're in a different state then? And we're in I can't remember.


We were, like, a couple hours away. Okay. Yeah. Yeah.


But we had never, like I should like, we're in all these different circles together. We should have run into each other a 100 times. So It really is a small world, and so just asking people for that for the referral and, like, connect you or, you know, don't don't forget to talk about me or don't keep me a secret or we're We're gonna find more people like you. It just helps people be like, oh, well, she likes me or, oh, yeah. So and so could probably use your help too type thing. Right now. Ever heard to ask ever.


Oh, of course not. Yeah. No. I love that point, and especially how you added right after you get results.


Yes. That's when they're happiest, and they're also like Exactly. Yes. Somebody else wants this exact thing I do. Mhmm. Because people forget. Like, We're not done. We're just so crazy busy in our brains that we can't remember all the things.


We may have the best intentions to, like, shout your name from the rooftop, But if you don't catch us at the exact moment that you have our attention, we're like, gone. Like, squirrel, like, we can't remember remember what we're having for breakfast. You know? I don't even know what I had for breakfast today. So that's just people. People being people. The last 3 ways, they're more like, like, tiny, like, local things would be make sure you're listed and, correctly, local directories online. Okay. That way you can show up on local searches.


Like, people typing in, you'll kinda show up first in Google. So, Like, you can Google Google for your business, Yahoo local, Bing pages, Yellow Pages, Yelp, Manta, if it fits your industry. Because your name likely will show up in some way. It's probably gonna be an incomplete directory, so just go in. It's free. You can just change the details in it. Make sure that way it helps you kinda local searching wise. Same way in online would be collect Google reviews from happy clients as well, especially if you have a local presence and you have a local business.


That also helps in search, which search makes a world go down. I Google something in about 18 seconds or every 18 seconds. So Yeah. Other people do too. And then promote other local businesses. It's the best way to help you kind of go going back to that, you know, find complimentary businesses. Just businesses supporting other businesses makes the world go around locally. Like, it's why you see, like, support small business signs in the window.


So If you can help other people grow, it's a natural like, they just feel compelled to help you as well and reach out, and it does not hurt you to, you know, lend a hand to go promote someone else's business because they're gonna reciprocate it in some shape, form, fashion, and you just never know what's gonna happen. So that would be My rundown of how to get started was like a it was like a word vomit rundown. Y'all, if you have ever met me before, I do say that word a lot. It just happens. It just comes out


with Yeah. Same.


So, like, go back and put this on, like, half speed, to listen to me talk in normal speed about those last 6 ideas.


Awesome. That's some incredible advice, and I'm sure that it's gonna help people both the thing is those principles work both online and offline.


They do. They do.


And so it's gonna help no matter what your goals are locally or not. It's still


And you're probably not doing All of them. And you don't have to do all of them. They're just ideas for you to get started. Like, start picking them off the list. Even if you just focused on one thing right now to focus on, you're gonna see results from it.


Love that. So if someone wants to learn more from you, where's the best place for them to find out more? Do you have some resources you can point them to?


Yes. So I have a couple things. If you want more visibility, like, something Catherine and I work on a lot, I have a get visible guide. It's the step by step plan that I walk clients through. It's up for opt in on my website. You can go to I'll you can probably have the link for this since


my email drop it in the show notes.


Weird, but it's a get visible guide. It kinda walks you through like what I did today, but it walks you through thinking through because for me and Catherine, probably you probably need access to our brains to understand how we see strategy, and so that's kinda like what I like to map out on the opt in type things I create is, like, This is literally how my brain works. So when you approach me, here's how I'm gonna dissect the whole visibility plan from all the angles in my brain. And then at the end, also gives you a 63 options, like, ways to get visible today, like, things you probably have not thought about to just dive in. So that's kinda the best place to kinda get introduced to me because then also it tells you about the Facebook community I have, which tells you about the podcast. It kinda gets you warmer sneeze, But I'm on Facebook. Come find me.


Okay. Awesome. And, man, 63 ways? No more excuses for hiding.


That's That's right. That's right. Come out of your shell. People come play with me.


Yes. Okay. Awesome. Okay. So I'll definitely drop that in the show notes. And Whenever you're ready, I'll bring some wine in solo cups. And


Oh my gosh. Yes. Yeah. So we're doing it. We're so doing it.


Okay. And then


we're gonna post pictures. We're gonna put it on your community and say local marketing works. Perfect.


Awesome. Okay. Yeah. That sounds that That sounds amazing. I really am looking forward to getting together, so I know we'll chat about that. And I just wanna challenge everyone who's listening to take that step. Find someone local and meet, and you never know what'll happen. It's worth it.


It's always worth it every time. It's always been worth it. So okay. Again, thank you so much for joining me. It's been a pleasure to have you, and look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you so much.

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