Episode 28: Finding Clients in Your Own Backyard with Mallory Schlabach

How to Get Clients for a New Business

Figuring out how to get clients for a new business can be tricky. You’re inundated with information on what to do, but you’re not sure which information will actually work for you!

Today’s guest Mallory Schlabach shares that the best way to find clients (whether you’re just starting out or you’re already established) is to attract local customers, right in your city. Not only is this a great way to network, get referrals, and build a reputation, but it’s also a way to build a community of like-minded local friends into your otherwise virtual lifestyle.

No matter what type of business you have (service based, consulting based, or product based), this advice can be applied to help you establish your client base.

Mallory’s Top Tips on How to Get Clients for a New Business

  • Mallory shares her journey from starting out in marketing, becoming a life coach, and back into marketing. When she originally became a life coach once she became a mother, she had this dream of wanting to change the world! Things have shifted for her since then and she talks on how she is still able to change the world by helping mom business owners.
  • When you go from working at a corporate office and chatting with people you see every day, to becoming an entrepreneur alone in your home office, it can make you feel really lonely. Even if you are chatting with others online. Mallory and I chat more on how you can build a community right in your local surroundings.
  • Having virtual and local clients can feel very different. Mallory has both types of clients! She talks on how she started creating a local community and the difference she sees with having online clients. Mallory says that attracting the local client is a great way to test the waters and gets you faster data.
  • Mallory shares ideas about where to start when it comes to finding a local community.
    1. Collaborate with local businesses.
    2. Attend local networking groups.
    3. Just reach out! (Create flyers to post on local bulletin boards, for example.)
    4. Does your inner circle know exactly what you do?
    5. Ask for referrals after delivering results.
    6. Make sure you’re listed in local directories!
    7. Promote other local businesses.

Listen to today’s episode to get the methods and strategies that Mallory has used to get herself (and her clients) a solid local community and client base.

About The Guest:

Mallory has been helping business owners increase their leads, revenue, and profit for more than 10 years in businesses including entrepreneurs, authors, tech companies, artists, dance studio owners, and health coaches around the world. She’s from North Carolina, has four kids under 9, loves bright lipstick, high heels, and tacos.

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