Episode 27: 6 Steps to Increase Your Conversions

How to Increase the Conversion Rate on Your Offer

To increase conversion rates on your offer, you might be going at it with more marketing or implementing new sales strategies. But before you get into that, you have to take a step back and look at how you’re talking about your offer to your ideal clients.

I know you’ve got some incredible offers, and you have some dream clients who are looking at those offers. But if they’re not moving forward, you’re wondering what’s going on and how to get them to take that next step.

First, reframe this idea of getting them to buy and shift things from convincing – to simply giving them what they need to make the right decision for them. In order to do that, I’ve got six elements that are going to boost your conversion rates by helping your dream clients make a decision NOW.

6 Ways to Drastically Increase Your Conversion Rate

  1. Increase the Clarity of Your Offer
    • If you’re not converting, take a look at the clarity of your offer. Is it actually really clear what you’re offering, what they will get, and what they should expect?
  2. Increase Relevancy
    • This is all about aligning your offer to your audience. The key here is getting to know your audience. What are they struggling with? Why is this important to them? How is this going to help them? Align your messaging and your offer to your dream clients so that they feel like you are speaking directly to them.
  3. Improve your Value Proposition
    • Make your offer even more attractive to your audience in one of two ways:
      1. Share the benefits of your offer and make sure you’re highlighting how it’s going to help your audience get what they want or avoid something they don’t.
      2. Add value by offering bonuses! Use bonuses to tackle their biggest objections related to your offer, to give them the information they need as a prerequisite to your offer, or simply to give them some extra support.
  4. Increase Trust
    • When it comes to buying, someone has to really trust you. There are a few ways you can make sure that this happens.
      1. Show testimonials and results from real clients. You want to show them that it’s possible for them too!
      2. Create some kind of guarantee. An example of that would be a 30-day money back guarantee.
      3. Ensure a seamless and secure checkout. Keep them on the same domain and make sure your branding is consistent throughout. You want them to feel comfortable.
      4. Answer the most frequently asked questions.
  5. Remove Distractions 
    • Give them an offer without many choices. You don’t want to give all kinds of different upsells, downsells, payment plans, etc. Offer some payment plans, but not too many. Maybe have one payment plan and the offer to pay in full.
  6. Increase the Urgency 
    • Here are 3 ways you can do this:
      1. Limit the availability of your offer. For example, only 3 spots available.
      2. Create a limited time offer. For example, for a limited time, the price is less or there are extra bonuses available.
      3. Most importantly, help them understand the cost of waiting. If you’re going to increase urgency, this is the truest and most motivating urgency and that is helping them understand what they are sacrificing if they do not move forward now. How is it hurting them? How is it delaying their dreams?

Listen to today’s episode to find out what’s stopping people from buying from you, and how to increase those conversion rates!


Hey there. I know you've got some offers out there, some pretty incredible offers. And your dream clients are taking a look at those offer, but sometimes they're not moving forward. And you're wondering why that might be, what's going on. I want you to reframe this idea of getting them to buy and shift things from forcing and pushing and persuading and convincing to simply giving them what they need to make the right decision for them, to make a decision now and to make the right decision. And in order to do that, I've got 6 different elements that are going to help them make a better decision and to go ahead and make that decision now, but also 6 steps to boost your conversions, and they're 1 in the same. These same exact things are going to increase your conversions and aid your dream clients and making a decision about your offer. So the very first step is to increase the clarity of your offer.


If you're putting something out into the world and it's confusing or someone looks at it and they're like, okay. It kinda sounds okay, but I don't really understand what it is. I don't know if it's for me. I don't know what I get. I don't know what to expect from this. Like, it sounds good, but what do I get? What's gonna happen? What's next? How is this going to actually be delivered? There are some basic questions that need to be answered. So first and foremost, If you're not converting the way that you want, I want you to take a look at the clarity of your offer. Is it actually really clear what you're offering, what they'll get, and what they should expect.


The 2nd step is to then increase relevancy, and this is all about aligning your offer to your audience. The key here and even in subsequent steps is really truly to get to know your audience. What are they struggling with? Why is this important to them? How is this going to help them? In whatever way is possible, you want to align your messaging and your offer to your specific dream clients so that they feel like you're speaking directly to them. Next step is number 3, and that's to improve your value proposition. This is all about making your offer even more attractive to your audience. And this can be done in a couple of ways, 1, by talking about the benefits of your offer and just making sure that you truly are highlighting exactly how it's gonna benefit them. It doesn't matter what you're gonna do or how it's gonna help you or why you love this offer. Why does it matter to them? Why should they choose your offer over something else for them, not just because you have more experience? It doesn't matter.


What matters is what's gonna be different for them, why they should choose your offer because of some kind of a benefit to them. Another way to improve the value proposition is to add some bonuses. And while I encourage you to be careful not to overwhelm them with too much content because Sometimes you feel like it's actually helpful to add more and more and more, but that actually minimizes The value from a client's perspective, a potential client's perspective, they don't necessarily want more or complex solutions. They want a simple solution. So where it makes sense, include some bonuses that speak to their biggest objections related to your offer or that give them what they would feel like Is missing, would give them the prerequisite, something that they might need to do before they're ready for your offer, There are a few ways you can use bonuses, not to mention, of course, giving them a little extra value. The 4th step is to increase trust. Now this is huge for the decision making process. When it comes to buying, someone needs to really trust you, and there are a few ways that you can make sure that This happens.


1st of all, over time, through your content and especially on your sales page and in sales copy, showing testimonials and results from real clients, real clients that they can relate to. You wanna show that it is possible and that it's possible for them, and that these other people who are much like them struggled with the same things that they did We're able to overcome those things and get results. You may want to include some kind of a guarantee, whether it's a no questions ASP 30 day money back guarantee or maybe a do the work guarantee. If you show up and you actually do the work and you can show evidence that you follow the process and it doesn't work, then you'll get your money back, kind of a guarantee. By making some kind of a guarantee, making it clear what that refund policy is and if there is a guarantee in place. Of course, you wanna have A secure checkout, ideally, have everything linking in the same area, same domain, not jumping around to different sites. You don't want it to look sketchy or for the checkout page to look completely different from the branding on the sales page that starts to raise red flags. Right? So you want secure checkout.


You want them to feel comfortable. And you may even, in some of your marketing messages, show them what this checkout process is gonna look like so they know what to expect. And you can also increase Trust by answering some frequently asked questions. If you know that they are common questions that your audience is asking or even just thinking but not raising their hand, but they're wondering, then go ahead and answer those questions for them. That will help build that trust and help them make that decision about whether to move forward. Number 5, remove distractions, any and all distractions. So That means giving them an offer without too many choices. The fewer choices, the better.


You don't wanna give all kinds of different upsells, downsells, payment plans, all of these things. It is a good idea to offer some options to give a payment plan, but not 15 different payment plan options. Right? Maybe just a pay in full or 1 payment plan. Maybe not 15 different options for support, either just self study and group coaching as an example. You wanna give just a couple of choices. You also wanna remove distractions by removing links and other things from a page so that there's 1 single call to action on a dedicated page with your offer. You don't want a page that lists all the ways to work with you and links to learn more about you and to visit all of your social media profiles and to do all the things. The only links that you want on your sales page or the links to purchase.


You wanna keep them focused on your offer so that they can decide whether they are ready to move forward without going down some rabbit hole and looking at everything else that you have on your site. The last step To boost your conversions and to aid someone in making that decision to move forward is to increase the urgency. And there are 3 ways to do this. You need to be really careful with the first and the second options. They're both great, and I definitely recommend them, but not without the 3rd. The 3rd is a must. So first, limit the availability of your offer. Create some urgency by saying only truthfully, always in integrity, that there are only x number of spots left.


So if you do truly have limited availability, you can only take on a certain number of 1 on 1 clients at a time, There are limited number of spots in a program, then share that. That will increase the urgency for someone to make a decision right now. Number 2, it's a limited time offer. And at the end of that time, maybe the offer completely disappears, maybe the price increases, A bonus disappears. There are several things that can happen at the end of this limited time offer, but that will help increase urgency. And you can She'll use a countdown timer in your marketing, in your emails, sales page, all of that to show and emphasize that this isn't going to be available forever. Now as I said, if you increase urgency with option 1 or 2, you also have to have option 3. This is the must, and that is you have to explain to them the cost of waiting.


If you're going to increase urgency, this is the truest Urgency, the most motivating urgency that there is, and that is helping them understand what it's gonna cost them If they do not move forward, if they do not invest right now, what's gonna happen? How is that costing them time? How's that hurting them? How's that delaying their dreams? That's gonna bring up the emotion, and that's gonna actually move them forward faster than even limited availability or limited time offer, but pair those for a really winning combination there to get that urgency up. So again, if you have an offer and you're putting it out there, but you're ready to boost your conversions and you wanna help people and and you wanna come from a place of service to help them make a better decision, then these are the 6 steps you need to take. These 6 steps, When done in integrity, coming from a place of service, we'll help them make the best decision for them. It's not simply about, again, pushing or persuading them to move forward with you. It's simply to get them to make a decision now. Most people have a gut feeling and can make a faster decision, But by giving them a deadline, by giving them the information that they need to truly make a decision, they'll actually move forward and make a decision right now. And I've always felt myself and my clients have told me the same thing. It's better to have a yes or no than a maybe, and that's what you're going for here.


You're giving them the information to tell you yes or no, but not to sit and maybe, Liam. But the great thing is that when you do these 6 things, you'll actually get more yeses. So again, as a quick recap, Six steps to boost your conversions, 1, increase the clarity of your offer, 2, increase relevancy. That means aligning your offer and your audience, 3, improving your value proposition, telling them why it's valuable to them. 4, increasing trust. 5, removing distractions, and 6, increasing urgency.

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