Episode 25: 4 Reasons Your Content Isn’t Converting

In our last episode, we talked about 3 reasons why marketing may not be working. We talked about bigger picture strategy and approach. Today, I am going to dive in even deeper and talk about 4 reasons why your content may not be converting. You may feel like you’re taking the right approach by showing up and delivering value but still hear crickets and you may start wondering what’s wrong. 

Here are 4 different reasons that your content may not be converting into clients for you. 

  1. You don’t know your audience well enough. 
    • You don’t know their pain points and desires, and you’re not using the language they are using. If you are showing up consistently but you’re talking about things that aren’t top of mind or really important to them, you’re not going to catch their attention. You have to figure out what their pain points and desires are and talk about those! Nothing else is going to matter except what they are struggling with and desire the most.
  2. You’re giving it all away! 
    • Your audience doesn’t need to pay you for help because they are getting so much from you for free and they are going to implement your tips on their own. I’m all for giving value, so I’m not saying that you shouldn’t show up and help your audience… content marketing is incredible! BUT, you have to give the right kind of value. Think about other types of content that will open their eyes, help them, and point them in the right direction but not teach them how to do it all. Talk about the what and the why, but not the how!
  3. You’re not giving a call to action. 
    • A call to action means an invitation to take the next step. Maybe you’re spending all this time creating incredible content and you never ask your audience to do anything. Maybe you feel sales-y promoting anything at all!  No matter the reason, if you’re not giving a call to action, you’re not going to convert. You’re not giving them a reason to move forward.
  4. You’re moving too fast! 
    • When someone hops onto your facebook live or blog are you jumping straight into selling? I’m going to encourage you to slow down. It’s just like a relationship! You have to take it one step at a time. So, instead of moving too fast, nurture that relationship. What is the next step that they need to take to get to know you a little bit more?

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