Episode 2: Your Business, Your Rules

In the last episode, I talked about how to figure out what you want… but what about when you know what you want and feel like you have to ask for something in order to get it? Well, there are two things that I bet you’re asking for in your business or you think you need to ask for that are holding you back!

  • Are you waiting for permission to get what you want? I share a story about holding back from a massage that I needed because I felt guilty for allowing myself some self-care. This is something that so many of us struggle with in life and in business, and it’s time to stop asking for permission for the things that we want!
'You don't need to ask for permission do to things differently.' - Kathryn Binkley #scaletosevenClick To Tweet
  • The second thing you may feel you need to ask for in business is forgiveness! You don’t need to ask for forgiveness for unintentionally offending someone on your email list. If they don’t like something you’ve said, they can unsubscribe!
'You don't need to apologize for setting boundaries!' -Kathryn Binkley #scaletosevenClick To Tweet
  • Stop saying your sorry. Stop asking for forgiveness when you don’t have to. Remember, you’re the boss and YOU make the rules!

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