Episode 19: Being Coachable

Not many people know this but, I’ve directed several weddings over the years! Never as an actual business venture but simply because people know that I’m super type A, organized, and reliable. I’ve never charged for my time as it’s always been for close family and friends and while I’ve been told that I’m great at it, it’s just not something that I plan to do again. So, this past weekend, my cousin’s wedding, may have been the very last wedding that I ever direct.

The real challenge was directing a wedding when some didn’t want to be directed at all! My patience was certainly tested, but I was grateful because this wasn’t my normal gig and, in my coaching business, I get to choose my clients. I don’t accept everyone. I’ve spoken with some women on a consultation call and never even offered my services. Why? Well, there’s one specific piece of criteria that is critical for me in helping women achieve high results in their business, and that is being coachable. 

Symptoms of someone that is not coachable:

  1. They are someone who always thinks they are right.
  2. They are not open to learning anything new.
  3. They have low self-awareness.
  4. They have no desire to improve.
  5. They blame others and make excuses.
  6. They don’t take action (even when they say they will).

Symptoms of someone that IS coachable: 

  1. They desire to learn and continue to learn.
  2. They are open to changing and improving.
  3. They take action and do what they say they’ll do.
  4. They ask for help! They realize they need help to get where they want to go.
  5. They trust their coach/mentor and the process.
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