Episode 17: The Struggle Doesn’t Have To Be Real

I have a question for you… what is your biggest challenge in your business? This is a question I ask every potential client and I’ve heard many answers! Most say their biggest struggle is finding and booking clients. Many say confidence or time management. Some say, balance or fear. You name it, I’ve heard it. Well, there is one thing I haven’t heard. I haven’t had a single person tell me that they have no challenges. Most would identify multiple challenges if given the opportunity and maybe even proudly display, #thestruggleisreal BUT I’m here to tell you that the struggle doesn’t have to be real! So, I’ve got a little tough love for you and everything is truly meant with love.

  •  Your business is designed perfectly to get the exact results that you’re getting right now.
    • Are you not getting clients? Maybe, there’s something that needs to change with the way that you’re operating your business or there is something wrong with your marketing strategy. If you want different results, you’re going to have to change something.
  • Your present circumstances are a reflection of your past thoughts.
    • Your thoughts create your reality, but your current reality is based on the thoughts that you’ve had in the past, not your current thoughts. Just because you’ve done some work and addressed your mindset doesn’t mean that that’s going to be reflected in your current reality… instead that’s going to impact your future. If you haven’t done the work yet and you want to see something different in your future, that means you need to examine and change your current thoughts. You have to change your beliefs now in order to impact the future.
  • Struggling is a choice. 
    • You don’t have to struggle, you get to choose and you are not a victim to your circumstances. Take the responsibility and realize your part in your life. No matter what happens, you have to see your role in it and know that you have a choice. If there were a reason that you were choosing to struggle, why might that be? Here are some examples.
      • Is it easier to say that you’re struggling with time management or that you don’t have the time when you’re really choosing to waste time because you’re scared of what’s on the other side of success?
      • Do you complain that your spouse isn’t supportive  verses choosing to do whatever it takes because you know that it’s easier to say that it’s his fault than it is to face the decision on the other side of success about whether to get a divorce?
      • Do you say that you struggle with visibility when you actually choose to play small intentionally because you worry about what people are going to think of you?
You have the choice to let go of the struggle. The struggle does not have to be real.' - Kathryn Binkley #scaletosevenClick To Tweet

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