Episode 16: Stop Hiding Your Scars

A few months ago, I broke my arm. I mean, it was shattered! That’s the word my surgeon used. After two plates and eleven screws, I was out of surgery. I had a cast for a while but weeks later, it was removed and for the first time, I saw two scars on my wrist. The surgeon did a beautiful job, but I still hid my scars. I’m not interested in drawing a lot of attention to them. I don’t want to answer a million questions about the accident and so I keep them covered up. And while these are visible scars that I’ve chosen to hide, I have many others that I’ve hidden as well. 

  • There are a lot of things in life that I haven’t talked about. From a really early age, I felt like we just don’t talk about those things and so, I haven’t talked about the Dad that walked out or the youth pastor that took advantage of me at the age of 18, or when I was laid off unexpectedly. I haven’t talked about the pain of endometriosis that led to a full hysterectomy at the age of 30. I don’t talk about the pain of no longer being able to have kids. Although I am so grateful that I’ve had two of my own before. It’s been so much easier to just tell others that “I’m fine” or hop online and act as if everything is incredible. But, that’s all changing now!
  • Over the last year, I’ve felt an urge to share more and more about my story. It’s something that I’ve thought about, debated with myself about and hesitated on multiple times… but I started to take baby steps. I started sharing with people who I would consider close to me, yet still didn’t know some of the things I’ve struggled with most. Over time I put in the work to get ready to share in a bigger way.
  • I decided I would no longer allow my past to get in a way of my future. Is your past holding you back from your future? Have you become a prisoner to it? Are you hiding your scars? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Here are a few things I want to share with you to encourage you and let you know that it will be ok if you choose to share.
    • Your past doesn’t define you! What happened to you, happened. You can’t change it, but you can change how you move forward. You don’t have to live your life as a victim of your past. You can choose differently.
    • Your fear of what people will think is holding you back. But it can only hold you back if you let the stories that you’re telling yourself keep you quiet.
    • To get over that fear, you have to share your story. Talk about it. Stop hiding it. Make is a part of your message. There is nothing to hide. The fear, shame, and all of the emotions that you feel, grow when put under the pressure of starting in hiding, but when you open up and talk about it, they lose their power over you! So, share your story.
  • If you could help just one person, would it be worth it? Will you join me in committing to stop hiding our scars?

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